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How does malic vinegar protect skin to raise colour? What effect does malic vinegar have?

We had seen draft fruit hairdressing is raised colour, but have had seen drink beverage hairdressing to raise colour? What beverage be after all can is hairdressing raised colour? The answer is malic vinegar, malic vinegar is a kind of common beverage, can help you discharge poison to raise colour. Malic vinegar still can make Facial mask besides can feed in order to. When doing not have a thing to do at ordinary times can oneself start work do malic vinegar, so how is malic vinegar to protect skin to raise after all colour? What effect does malic vinegar still have?

How does malic vinegar protect skin to raise colour? What effect does malic vinegar have? (1)

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One, abstain malic vinegar to protect skin

Oneself start work will make malic vinegar, what data to need? Beautiful eyebrow people can prepare right amount rice vinegar, apple and honey first, clean the apple clean, after flay, cut small chip, put pyxis next in the center, put an apple to put a honey again, after that its sealed be in shady and cool place, unseal after a week, enter rice vinegar again, continue to place again in shady and cool place sealed the time that saves a month is OK.

Does the method that make go to the lavatory very simply? Because self-restrained malic vinegar was not added among them any antiseptic and chemical preparation, so, beautiful eyebrow people no matter be drinkable,still do Facial mask to use, want to give out inside 3 days two, deteriorate easily otherwise and lost protect skin to raise colour the effect.


2, the edible method of malic vinegar

Use apple vinegar protects skin, can edible, also can protect skin with the film that make a range. Will a few malic vinegar comes with right amount warm boiled water attenuant, drinkable after eat, the toxin inside body of path of OK and moist bowel, eduction, make thereby the skin also becomes smooth and delicate. Because self-restrained malic vinegar compares acid, so, must after dilute passes again drinkable, avoid to stimulate and injure intestines and stomach. Tipple apple vinegar, can drive away constipation, promote digest, the shading on purify face.


3, film of malic vinegar face protects skin

Use apple vinegar will make Facial mask, the effect that protect skin is more wonderful. Malic vinegar can match together with a variety of material that protect skin apply is used, the result that makes tender skin moist increased greatly a lot of.

1, film of malic vinegar face. Film of pure malic vinegar face, OK and effective clean skin, restrain grease to secrete, can drive away facial acne and blain again at the same time. Immerse paper of film of a piece of face between malic vinegar, after clean skin, take out Facial mask paper, apply is on the face, gentle massage, after ten minutes, reoccupy warm water is cleaned clean. Film of pure malic vinegar face, suit oily cutaneous relatively beautiful eyebrow people apply is used.

2, malic vinegar pearl powder Facial mask. Will a few malic vinegar and fresh pearl powder mix, agitate becomes slimy state, the skin surface that apply is in clean, gentle massage, after 15 minutes, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing. Pearl powder of malic vinegar collocation, bilge of OK and effective cleared cutaneous, drive away stain, suit neuter skin the qualitative, dark heavy skin that has melanin deposit is used.

3, film of face of malic vinegar glycerine. Between self-restrained malic vinegar, join a few glycerine, mixture mix is even, next the skin face that daub is washing clean, gentleness is massaged, after 15 minutes, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing. Glycerine was added among malic vinegar, rose moist degree, can enhance cutaneous flexibility effectively, suit dry and coarse skin to pledge the film that make a range is used very much.

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4, the effect of malic vinegar and action

1, take malic vinegar to enhance body immunity power effectively, think inside rich vitamin and amino acid are contained in malic vinegar, can synthesize acetic acid calcium character with calcium inside body, enhance the absorption with qualitative calcium, make the body more strong rise.

2, female friend is in perfect drink malic vinegar to be able to help hairdressing. The many vitamin antioxidant in malic vinegar can promote metabolism, the United States removes nutrient of ageing cutin, compensatory skin and moisture melanin of antiseptic, desalt, quickly in vain, invigorate the circulation of blood is changed ache, contractible and coarse pore, fight oxidation, prevent splash, beautiful white tender skin, can make the skin more smooth and exquisite, hair is qualitative complaisant.

3, vinegar of a bit apple is drunk before drink, effectively help protection liver prevents Bacchic wait for effect.

4, malic vinegar still has stimulative digestive effect, eating a meal malic vinegar is taken to be able to be promoted after half hour digest.

5, the oxide crosses in fighting oxidation material to be able to restrain human body formation that contains in malic vinegar, alleviate cellular consenescence, have fight anile action very well.

6, malic vinegar is a kind of acetic acid, after entering human body, can remove bate blood vessel, add the effect of hemal flexibility, the friends of a lot of hemal sclerosis, can try malic vinegar, can provide many helps to disease of heart head blood-vessel.