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Is milk apply face beautiful white? Milk beauty white effect how?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Milk has to the skin protect wet moist effect certainly, knowing this view because of a lot of people, the skin that so a few people think through answering the means of the apply face ministry of milk lets him becomes whiter, and milk is apply face beauty's white foundation stuff only, he still can mix other thing to come along moist skin, is face of that milk apply true can beautiful white? Milk beauty white effect how?

Is milk apply face beautiful white? Milk beauty white effect how? (1)


One. Milk apply face can be beautiful white

Milk is the good thing of apply face, can beautiful white, composed skin, use exaggeration of losing of the skin after compensatory insolation possibly in sorching summer especially, digestive stain. Nevertheless the thing that one kind contains to call milk acid in milk, the fruit acid that compares cosmetic is gentle, after giving out cannot insolation, so apply face must in the late evening, apply face is basked in to pass wrinkle mark again by day. Because weather is dry and OK,use common pure milk in the winter, moist effect is better, summer is best can use defatted milk, lest grows blain.

Many microelement is contained inside milk, this kind of natural microelement is hairdressing cream inside be added very hard euqally euqally, and the animal fat of the one ration that contains among them, can proper moist skin. Inside many high-grade hairdressing cream, it is animal oil mostly with what will undertake ensuring wet moist result, wait a moment e.g. sheep oil, still have the natural accretion such as honey besides.

These animal oil can give facial undertake one is protected wet and moist effect, but jam not easily again pore. To a few cheaper cream, it is namely inside 50 yuan of the following cream, use it is mineral oil mostly. Of course, mineral oil is not it is bad. Nevertheless for the cream to petty gain, very difficult complete dispel drops foreign matter the extract of mineral oil, can have the risk of frowsty blain so.

Accordingly, want to get ensuring wet result goodly, can use more expensive cream only, the animal inside is oily or the mineral oil with clean extract won't stimulate the skin, stimulative ageing. However milk apply face had this kind of natural good thing that contains oil, use apply face to be able to be protected not only wet do not leave blain, and still can make person Bai Xi bright.


2. Milk apply face has what profit

1, maintain wet function

The protein in milk, amino acid, polypeptide is natural keep wet agent, have profit to protecting skin to protect a law, can add the water content of corneous layer, delicacy suckles medium albumen, polypeptide, candy cent is very good keep wet agent.

2, cleanness skin

Bright grandma still can use clean skin, if the skin works quite, more sensitive and OK with make up cotton dips in a few bright grandmas massage the skin slowly, rush with Wenshui next clean, help your cleanness effectively one day leave the soil that come, and very gentle, without stimulation.

3, protect wet area film

Add honey to add a few green melon to extract content to immerse with Leng Xiannai compress 10-15 of face of Facial mask apply minute, rush clean with clear water next, pat dry---Can improve the skin dry, cross sexual dropsy (period) , skin glossiness is poor, can make skin softness smooth.

Before remembering sleeping everyday so when, take a cup of milk, want a Facial mask paper to leave in the bubble in the cup next, absorb milk adequately. You can be Facial mask apply finally on the face, make milk OK fill minute of ground ooze to take the skin of facial ministry. If insist to use this kind of method the word of half month, the stain on the face can have fade of obvious pass the time in a leisurely way, cheek also can become for nothing tender tender oh!


3. Milk washs facial method

The first action: Use milk to wash a face directly

1, wash facial ministry bilge with clean face serum first.

2, put milk of right amount delicacy into face basin inside, touch milk with towel (need not mop does towel) .

3, imprint gently face, thresh makes an appointment with 5 ~ 6 times.

4, let milk be on the face apply 3 minutes, reoccupy clear water is rinsed can.

The 2nd action: = of milk + flour is high grade Facial mask

The grandma can give skin sufficient nutrition not simply, the ferment component that it contains, still can achieve antiphlogistic, detumescence and slow cutaneous effect; Accordingly, skin is like the red phenomenon that appears to arise because of insolation, can use milk to undertake nursing. Wash a face in order to put milk on the ice, the makeup that puts dip on the ice milk too next cotton, the place that apply irons in red hair, can get slow and acetanilide result instantly.

The 3rd action: Salt milk bath leaves scurfy

Milk and salt go, can improve your coarse skin, what effective take out perplexes you is scurfy, leave smooth skin only. Melt in a young pitcher beforehand a cup of salt, enter already in the bath crock of put away warm hot water, rejoin 4 cups of de-fatted milk powder that wait for a quantity. Such you can lie in this to be your in tailor-made bath crock, after immersing 20 minutes, have the your daily flow that wash bath again. A week is used, you can leave scurfy.

The 4th action: Dimension E yoghurt law

Vitamin E, you should remember buying when buy sufficient the dimension E of 400 international unit, enter empty bowl in, add honey of 2 spoon yoghurt, half spoon and lemon juice, harmonic mix divide evenly. Want to wipe slather of this secret recipe the face in you to go up next, and set is good period of treatment of 15 minutes. Time arrives, wash with Wen Shui immediately clean. See a mirror in you, be day " new " month " different " ? After can washing a face to pass, massage gently with the yoghurt that contains active lactobacillus, with respect to OK and thorough skin, the bilge of thoroughly cleared pore.