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Do mom protect skin what to skill there is? What does middleaged female protect the skill of skin to have?

Loving the United States is feminine nature, no matter be the right that the female of what age has pursuit beauty, loving the United States is not a youth any more is exclusive, part any age level, to middleaged female friend, what is there to protect the subtle move of skin in daily life? Below, introduce mom to protect the subtle move of skin to old furniture body, hope every woman can keep beautiful.

Do mom protect skin what to skill there is? What does middleaged female protect the skill of skin to have? (1)

1, skin nurses piece

The facial skin of middleaged female is opposite for the youth, skin skin fat is secreted reduce moisture to lack, stretch fiber is metamorphic, the surface appears dull, lose burnish and wet sense, the skin is flabby, stretch and abate, furrow appears, add gradually much. So, middleaged female wants special attention to cutaneous nurses and maintain.

1. skin is massaged

Because blood is reduced circularly,skin consenescence is, leather fat is secreted decrease, flexibility drops wait for an element, accordingly, summer of the old people in the proposal insists to do the skin to massage every night, massage correctly, can accelerate skin metabolism, increase cutaneous smooth to spend, usable late frost or as massage cream, in facial ministry, cervical make a group, strength does not pass big, next, should choose nutrient component a few taller protect skin to taste. As a result of the characteristic of eye ministry, even daub eye frost in order to reduce pouch.

2. summer is much water

The summer waters more appropriately, it is very important that employ keeps wet agent. To in for old people, assure everyday enough sleep, build good dietary convention, reduce the drink dosage of smoke, wine, with the hopeful state of mind that keeps healthy, it is to maintain good cutaneous premise.

3. Facial mask nurses

Conditional in senile friend should be done every week more one to quadratic moist sex, nutritional Facial mask nurses, hold on, will surely get result.

2, prandial hairdressing piece

Bean is a selection that old people protects skin nutrition to be opposite. The sort of bean is much, nutrition is rich, often eat bean to have profit greatly to the body.

Rich protein is contained in bean, can complement the openly energy that skin needs. Eat bean products to be able to increase the female sex hormone inside body more at the same time, also have huge profit to the skin of middleaged woman. Accordingly, small write a proposal middleaged female drinks the legume food such as soya-bean milk and bean curd more.

Small make up send word: As age growth skin how many conference appears the old state issue such as furrow, belong to the order of nature. When because this becomes a female to discover this skins,losing burnish and flexibility gradually, do not worry too. Dietotherapy and the use of the explicit product that protect skin double union, can the tarry of utmost is green. Actually beauty is not must if skin coagulates fat, trifling vicissitudes of life can highlight the woman's individual glamour more.