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How does tomato do Facial mask to protect skin? How does tomato protect skin Facial mask to do?

Tomato is the life in very common feed capable person, the flavour acid of tomato is sweet, nutrition is rich, can make a lot of delicate cooked food, and tomato still can use the hairdressing that protect skin, do a few tomato Facial mask and other material collocation, have more effects that protect skin, so how does tomato do Facial mask to protect skin? How does tomato protect skin Facial mask to do?

How does tomato do Facial mask to protect skin? How does tomato protect skin Facial mask to do? (1)

1, tomato protects skin Facial mask

1, film of tomato honey face prepares data: Paper of film of tomato, 5ml honey, face

The method that make: Tomato mediates with honey after abluent flay, smash slimy record with spoon. After clean face its even apply at facial, on lid of paper of reoccupy Facial mask, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing after 10 minutes can.

Effect: Honey has very tall hairdressing to raise colour value, cooperate the hairdressing effect of tomato again, this film can make the skin moist, white tender, soft, insist for a long time to use still can effective dispel spot is divided knit, remedial skin acne.

2, film of face of egg white tomato prepares data: Qing Dynasty of tomato, egg

The method that make: Put tomato juicer to extract juice, lie between with gauze except fecal, mixture mix of rejoin chicken egg white is even. After clean face its apply at facial, wash with clear water after 20 minutes clean can.

Effect: Egg white is had tighten up the skin, reduce the furrow, effect that absorbs grease, again the tomato on collocation, can make at the same time in contractive pore the United States skins in vain, it may be said is kill two birds with one stone.

3, film of tomato yoghurt face prepares data: Paper of tomato, yoghurt, Facial mask

The method that make: Will put into juicer to extract juice after the tomato is abluent, 8 milliliter yoghurt mixes rejoin agitate mixes divide evenly. After clean face its apply at facial, jing Fu is cleaned clean with clear water after 20 minutes can.

Effect: Tomato is OK and white skin, and the lactic acid in yoghurt has chamfer qualitative effect, still have protect wet effect well, can make skin restores quickly burnish, tender slippery. Both collocation can make beautiful white effect more distinct.

2, the nutrition of tomato is tie-in

(1) tomato burns aubergine

Doing the thing with the most painful aubergine is it very easy oil absorption. But tomato differs. The acid of can shirt-sleeve tomato mixes this dish of aubergine tender, add up to both nutrition 2 for one, already eliminate of aubergine of braise in soy sauce fat, the acid that counteracted tomato again is angry, delicious look is welcome.

(2) tomato potato chips

This dish can treat hypertension in case, because two kinds of raw material have a common characteristic, contain rich potassium, potassium can promote the eduction of salt of the natrium in blood, have effect of step-down, diuresis, detumescence, have favorable auxiliary therapy effect to disease of hypertensive, kidney.

(3) tomato fries shelled fresh shrimps

Flesh of shelled fresh shrimps is qualitative loose, digest easily, containing protein is fish, egg, grandma is severalfold to a few times, fry together with egg tomato, whiteness of shelled fresh shrimps, the egg is tender yellow, tomato is bright red, colour and lustre is beautiful, nutrition is balanced, smell is nice, still can be good at lienal appetizing.

(4) tomato fries cauliflower

This dish suits old people to eat very much, it is a appetizing cate. Tomato has disappear of be good at stomach to feed, the effect that raises shade to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, cauliflower contains a large number of Potassium, calcic, folic acid and Selenium, also be the admirable origin of cellulose, helpful digest, the effect that enhances constipation of appetite, prevention and cure.