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What does the measure with facial simple chamfer have? Facial how to go effectively corneous?

Corneous layer can let skin look sordid afterwards, and the absorption that still can affect skin to be tasted to maintaining is used, a lot of people are met periodic chamfer is qualitative, chamfer needs to master accurate method character, lest cause undesirable effect to the skin, bring about the skin to become too sensitive, what does the measure with so facial simple chamfer have? Facial how to go effectively corneous?

What does the measure with facial simple chamfer have? Facial how to go effectively corneous? (1)

1, the method with facial simple chamfer

STEP1: Cleanness of the grandma that wash a face is facial

Clean face as the first pace that protects skin, importance clearly. The proposal chooses to contain the grandma washing a face of salicylic composition, after bubbling, notice T area position undertakes making a group from next upgrade, t area nose ala two side criterion from nose ala the bottommest make a group toward knead of nose pointed direction, two buccal undertake washing a face with making the way of the circle from next upgrade, final reoccupy lukewarm bath is clean can.

STEP2: The 2 second cleanness of bright skin water

The makeup that chooses to have contractive pore effect water, with make up cotton is touched take right amount, with be being undertaken brushing a face by the means of next upgrade, after wiping 30 seconds gently, reoccupy hand flaps gently till it is OK to absorb

STEP3: Evaporate face, bate cutin

Evaporate face can make skin pore is opened, still can push the grease inside pore and dirt, be helpful for from the back protect skin. Prepare the hot water that a 50-60 spends, mouth of basin of facial press close to, should maintain 20-30 centimeter distance, make steam straight attack on the face, maintain 5 minutes of or so effect that can have bate pore about.

STEP4: With gentle chamfer simple product

Will facial a little embellish is wet, choose a gentle cutin to cream daub go up at facial ministry skin, should note T area position particularly, the grease of this position is secreted more exuberant, so need is massaged a bit longer, and cheek photograph contrast is drier, cutin is less, do not need to be massaged substantially.

STEP5: Convergent water and protect wet breed

Because go,corneous process can let skin become more dry, pore also becomes bigger. With make up cotton is touched take right amount convergent water to wipe facial skin, convergent pore, and it is OK to protect wet latex the moisture that compensatory skin place needs.

2, the accurate method with simple chamfer

1, normal metabolic

Cutin is the important and natural protective screen of human body, every other metabolizes 28 days. Cutin is formed is the metabolic procedure with healthy normal skin, old useless corneous cell is pushed gradually to skin, become dry fall off naturally; Should skin excessive and inflammation, dry when, cutin criterion will be unusual add large accumulation, cannot metabolize normally, appear easily for a long time so all sorts of skin problems.

2, cutin too Bao Taihou is bad

Too thin or cutin is not complete, skin is stimulated easily by the outside and sensitive; Cutin is too thick cannot fall off naturally, skin is easy coarse, itching, agnail, appear the skin problem of long blain, unripe acne, dark heavy person waiting for faze, fear badly causing pigment precipitation, take the issue such as scar, sunken hole.

3, excessive look is changeful sensitive flesh

A lot of people can use chamfer to pledge the product will quicken corneous metabolization by oneself. The way with general simple chamfer can divide the reason that it is content and chemical sex two kinds, physical sex has the attrition that occupies the home or adsorptive kind, if grind arenaceous cream, soft bead, pull out type Facial mask, or phototherapy of the diamond small carve of cure beautiful period of treatment, laser, overspend causes skin cutin easily to be short of caustic, ju Rouzhu decomposes meeting pollution environment not easily; And chemical sex is to pass through deliquescent means, wait for acid like A acid, fruit acid, salicylic acid kind composition, remind skin sensitive person should take care to use, also do not suggest to go every day corneous.

4, neuter chamfer pledges product

How is correct chamfer qualitative? In choosing, the gender goes to corneous product blandly, ferment like neuter bacili fluid, have microbial ferment composition, but effective bate cutin falls off naturally, action at often abandoning corneous cell not cell of action Yu Jiankang, won't excessive attrition causes harm to skin; And can use every day, the condition with the most sensitive and weak skin is after using, must strengthen protect wet, rehabilitate, prevent bask in, keep skin normal metabolism, shine naturally in vain it seems that luster, maintain also can get twice the result with half the effort.