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What does skin protect wet skill to have? Does skin maintain wet presence what error?

A lot of people pay attention to skin to maintain quite at ordinary times, skin filling water is protected wet be comparing a foundation also is the mainer job that protect skin, skin defends wet water tender, just can look more Bai Xi is too busy, the skin is dry can appear a lot of problems, protect wet need to master a few methods, so what does skin protect wet skill to have? Does skin maintain wet presence what error? Everybody introduction is below.

What does skin protect wet skill to have? Does skin maintain wet presence what error? (1)

1, skin protects wet little skill

STEP1: Blandly face of discharge makeup clean

When washing a face, often be the moment of truth of skin moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year, no matter be clean face,still be discharge makeup accordingly, strength should keep gentle, begin cleanness from T area, next two buccal, finally is the flimsiest eye week. Discharge makeup when, to reduce attrition and exciting skin, the proposal chooses the quality of a material such as frost of discharge makeup breast, discharge makeup to compare rich and generous and silky discharge makeup article, dosage cannot be saved, discharge makeup process had better be finished inside a minute, create unnecessary burden in order to decrease to the skin.

STEP2: Make up water is prevented dry

Want to have those who defend wet action to make up on the besmear on the face as soon as possible after clean face water. The proposal is used dip in satisfy those who quantify makeup water to make up cotton, it can brush corners of the mouth and the corner such as nose ala carefully, and can use brush hard of hearing and neck to wait often uncared-for place, conduce is farther clean skin. Additional, you also can put a few to make up on the face cotton, spray next protect wet sparge or make up water comes apply face, conduce instant strokes smooth Gan Wen.

STEP3: Keep wet noodle film repair skins

Because of the change of temperature and humidity of change garments according to the season, cutaneous cutin layer cannot suit in time, it is easy to add epithelial skin condition to be mixed flimsily quite sensitive, occurrence itchy of very easy meeting, desquamate and extensive are red wait for a problem. If indoor if opening air conditioning, dry air also can be divided from water of the loot in Facial mask, because this suggests velar hind is wrapped again above apply,one lasts film, in order to avoid moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year, promote cutaneous to draw strength through tepid skin at the same time.

STEP4: Layer upon layer on protect Shi Shuang

A sign of disturbance or trouble of the outside can is opposite sensitivity skin produces an effect, then appears glowing, red or wait for a problem smartly, what be aimed at sensitive skin and set should be choose to protect below this kind of circumstance wet article, drying skin can be used more character accumulate the frost protecting skin that contains crude oil, protect wet while strengthen cutaneous moist degree, conduce increases to suffer a gender to the outside is able to bear or endure excitingly. Additional, one wants when besmear protects wet cream one goes up, it is scumble to also want cascade, first-rate of such ability play is repaired protect effect.

2, 3 protect wet error

Error one: Feel skin doing fills with respect to gush water sparge

C calls animal to know, absolutely stock fills inside office of very much beautiful eyebrow water sparge, when feeling the skin works, meet gush one gush, but why always feel the skin jumps over gush to but why always feel the skin jumps over gush,work more? Filling water sparge contains the active ingredient of compensatory moisture, but do not contain what can lock up water to keep wet part however. Everybody gush is over filling water sparge however whats are brushed, moisture evaporates the skin is entered with respect to meeting defect dry wet relapsing vicious circle, the skin is more dry of course.

Accurate method: Gush is over after filling water sparge, keep 30 seconds, absorb redundant moisture with paper towel next, the cream of water fills on daub.

Error 2: It is good to protect wet product to brush more profound effect to jump over

When the skin is dry, a lot of MM like the smear on the face to protect wet cream thickly, feel to be able to alleviate so facial and dry state, so true correct? The answer is not of course.

Accurate method: Like protecting wet product to follow common product actually, daub is thin thin, it is OK to massage the skin to absorb, if the heavy panel of daub, jam very easily pore, pose the problem of blain blain and acne.

Error 3: Mad apply fills surFacial mask

A few beautiful eyebrow feel the skin works, skin of film of a few days of filling surface can ameliorate even apply. Filling surFacial mask really the can rapid condition that improves skin, but if maintain follow-uply,the job was not done good, of occurrence problem of skin or meeting.

Accurate method: Advanced 3 days, film of face of OK and successive apply, but C calls animal not to suggest successive apply a week, skin also needs to have an absorption process. Do not want spread one week more than 3 times. Apply is over after Facial mask, must use protect wet elite to still have a latex, such ability chain moisture.

3, have what food filling water

(1) avocado

Rich vitamin C and vitamin E are contained in avocado, still have unsaturated fatty acid, these can help the skin chain water is divided, strengthen cutaneous flexibility. Can mix olive oil and salt to eat together at ordinary times, perhaps mix directly salad eats.

(2) grape

Everybody loves grape most propbably eat, taste not only goluptious and still have very high nutrition value. Contain in mature grape conserve 20% right-and-left dextrose and a variety of vitamins and mineral, be absorbed very easily by human body, help body complement moisture. Additional, many Yuanqing is contained to spend element in grape seed, it is the giant that fights oxidation, the effect is admirable.

(3) yam

Yam flavour pleasant and the gender is smooth, can beneficial kidney gas, be good at taste, stop fur of have loose bowels, expectorant saliva, embellish. Contain a large number of starch and E of protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin, dextrose, thick protein amino acid. Among them yam black component is synthetic female's hormonal precursory substance, so can filling this world of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, enhance hair of metabolic, alimentary skin.

(4) carrot

The turnip contains a lot ofcellulose and many vitamin C, heat having Qing Dynasty promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, the action that method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises essence of lung, beneficial to enrich the blood. The turnip has the effect that reduce weight, the amylase in the turnip, oxidation is enzymatic wait enzymatic kind, peptic function, the starch in can promoting food, adipose decompose those who make get be absorptioned adequately. The carotene that abounds inside carrot and vitamin B help us improve eyesight and moist skin, autumn eats carrot to be able to prevent the skin more dry, it is very good fight dry provision reducing weight.

(5) fish

Fish of salmon, herring, mackerel, pilchard, anchovy and rainbow trout have alimentary effect to the skin, it is OK that fatty acid is contained in cruelly oppress aggrandizement skin, the harm of counteractive radiate and ultraviolet ray, also can eliminate cancer of inflammation, precaution. Selenium still is contained in some fish, selenium can make the skin more smooth and delicate, bouncy.

(6) honey

Common saying says " day day salt solution, late late sweet soup " , drink brine in the morning, drink honey in the evening, water of OK and effective compensatory human body is divided, prevent autumn dry. The edible method with best honey is " eat raw " , namely direct edible (dipping in to eat with the steamed bread pretty good also) , need not use water take medicine with water, with conserving nutrient composition is not damaged. If use water to send,take, must make sure water is warm it is under 40 ℃ . Adult takes highest quantity not to exceed 100 grams everyday.