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How does summer protect skin correctly? What is the point that the summer protects skin?

In the summer when, the skin gives oil easily, and perspired circumstance also can be compared much, need to master the accurate method that protect skin in the summer, improve problem of a few skin, the summer can use a few filling water to control the oily product that protect skin, prevent basking in also is the key that the summer protects skin, so how does summer protect skin correctly? What is the point that the summer protects skin? Everybody introduction is below.

How does summer protect skin correctly? What is the point that the summer protects skin? (1)

1, the knowledge protecting skin of summer

1, filling water still is mainly

We are filling all the year round water, why the summer protects skin to still emphasize filling water! Because summertime temperature is a lot of more elevatory, bring about cutaneous moisture to volatilize extremely easily, so the skin can appear the state that lacks water, want to maintain health of skin water embellish, we always must prepare skin filling water. Besides water fills when morning and evening protects skin, should standing sparge of a bottle of filling water, go up with respect to gush when daytime skin is dry, additional and OK a few cucumber contain spread of Facial mask and so on, these can help honey, milk skin filling water, still have beautiful white effect!

2, dry hair enters the sea most injury hair

If you go seaside or the swimming-pool swims, must not do a hair to jump down to swim. Because the salinity in seawater is mixed,the alexipharmic water in the swimming-pool is met enroach on hair is healthy. If before swim gangmaster hair uses clear water to wet, there can be a diaphragm on the hair, resist harmful material the enroach on to the hair.

3, go swimming return make up

Go swimming not to make up, come to the seaside or swimming-pool, in enter before swimming, the business that should do finally is! Hit calm idea to swam not to make up actually.

4, oversight scalp maintains, best often wear a hat

Summer sorching, to scalp protection, a lot of people object. Intense sun's rays can injure a hair, and destroy scalp, so the most healthy kind goes out namely wear a hat.

5, hairdressing protects summer skin should eat vegetable more fruit

Eat vegetable, fruit more: Eat more contain vitamin C, E, β the food of carotene, can help beautification skin, make you fast come back in vain.

Very popular mango puts summer on the ice, although mango has rich β carotene, but lest skin hair is yellow,also cannot eat excessively. Additional, eat much caraway (coriander) , the skin that 9 leek, towers, ormosia also can let you is easy and sensitive, suntan easily or be to bask in a stain. Offer you incidentally here heat of a disappear the United States is white sweet soup, gram Yi benevolence soup or it is lotus seed Yi benevolence soup, wanted Jia Yi benevolence to be opposite anyway, yi benevolence is particularly helpful to skin hairdressing.

6, a day prevent with respect to daub bask in frost

A lot of females are in only daub is prevented in the morning bask in frost, lean from morning till night in the morning of daub prevent bask in frost, this does not have the effect. Actually accurate method should be every other a hour is about daub! Of SPF15 and above prevent bask in exponential product to just have the effect.

7, ignored hair is prevented bask in

A lot of belles are only right frost of facial ministry daub, but oversight to the hair prevent bask in. If you all the day outdoors moves, so prevent in summertime daub hair basking in is very necessary, appropriate time uses hair of cap cover in will be pretty good safeguard.

2, the fruit of summertime beautiful Bai Yangyan

1, cherry

Fresh cherry contains candy, protein, β the rich nutrition such as carotene, iron. Iron can make person color ruddy character, and β carotene and vitamin C can be beautiful white skin must much more additional, eat cherry to be able to make skin truly exquisite, bouncy more!

2, litchi

Litchi contains C of candy, protein, pectic, vitamin, phosphor, iron to wait. Vitamin C and iron are the nutrition that lets a person have Bai Li to show red color, eat litchi nevertheless easy get angry, anger is so great, the beautiful the top margin of a page that grows blain blain easily wants stop where it should stop, do not want excessive.

3, guava

Guava also is the fruit that eats Duomeibai more, it contains the nutrition such as vitamin C, fructose, dextrose, light is vitamin C it is other fruity several times, the beautiful eyebrow that loves the United States can eat more.

4, tomato

The beautiful white effect of tomato and thin body result are euqally strong, it has very rich vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate, organic acid and protein, tomato still has the effect that protects vitamin C, can absorb many vitamin C and fight oxidation, want to become a white fair-skinneding beautiful woman, have tomato more everyday surefooted.

3, the doubt that protects skin about summer

1, how to increase the strength of skin calmly

Promote the resistance of skin, want to let skin absorb full moisture like sponge namely. After because become,the cell of corneous layer is shot by strong illumination, water of can many inside short time prediction of a person's luck in a given year is divided, ability will be overwhelm the ground is aglow. This moment needs syncretic of 3 a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center (close lotion of agent, skin of hygroscopic agent, embellish) of composition keep wet product, but the composition watch that when buying, should notice to pack a box to go up.

2, how to build again skin fights red breeding ground

The summer perspires an oil, can let healthy skin lose enough moisture " hotbed " , skin so ability is very easy change one's countenance, the method that can use spray of cold in season, Shi Fushu delay is used in extensive red place, can alleviate so capillary haemorrhage is outspread. Nurse daily from wash a face to begin, each pace nurses use by pressure go finishing, the disappear of ability of anger of skin be pacified of intense letting dry stops!

4, the summer how beautiful white skin

Besides everyday thoroughly clean discharge makeup outside, use even protect skin effectively to taste bright white color of skin. Should choose melanin of can fast effective antagonism, carry bright color of skin. Should choose melanin of can fast effective antagonism, carry bright color of skin, very the beautiful Bai Cheng of on the safe side is divided. After clean skin, with cotton piece clean water of skin of beautiful Bai Shuang, can remove the beauty to defend wet action in vain, can 2 cleanness, the feculent content on purify face. Then, daub beauty white cream, the cotton water of Bai Rou skin of dip full beauty piece by press in yellow gas particularly heavy two buccal, keep 30 seconds above, but of aggrandizement beauty white cream absorb the effect. After period of time, you shine truly with respect to visibility card white beautiful flesh.

Daily fight oxidation not lazy and special remind, cause because of computer radiate " dish face OL " , before going to work, must daub fights oxidation to prevent bask in segregation frost, if can every other 3 fill to 4 hours besmear, the effect is better. In the area with easy heavy An, also but local daub. Additional, a green is put before computer small potted, also can raise Yan Kang radiate.

Drink water not to stay up late more, eat deepfry food less, maintain cutaneous clean. Drink water more, retain the moisture inside the body enough, lest cause the skin to lack water, skin is qualitative coarse. Staying up late is schoolgirl cutaneous natural enemy, mean good skin, control as far as possible slept before at 10 o'clock, because the skin also is of need breath oh! Deepfry food eats much easy get angry, the quantity of heat inside body is accumulated much, the skin grows blain easily, maintaining cutaneous is a long-term and formidable problem completely.

Ultraviolet ray is beautiful white killer, this word is false not at all, the United States closes in vain build in bask in at preventing, no matter the skin has much Bai Xi before you, oversight is prevented bask in, be a mistake lift, the beautiful woman with again beautiful no less than also via removing years like elapsing, again good skin also the torment via removing sunshine, we not only should face up to prevent bask in a problem, should choose more bask in to be being prevented suitably article.

Light color spot, desalt wants seasonable. Blain scar, blain imprints belong to pigment spot, if seasonable beauty is white, it is to have very large possibility of dispel. Why the time that stain keeps on skin heals long, eliminate hard more? Because be in the stain part that contains pigment of many Mai Laning to gather,that is, the most rock-bottom segmentation can become slow, bring about the melanin eduction that skin will collect hard. Accordingly, for deposit to coloured element skin, undertake beautiful Bai Danban earlier maintain, the possibility that stain disappears is taller.

Protecting skin is in the surface daub maintains not just article enough, from inside recuperation also is a key. The major fruit on market has the effect that protect skin, but, also want to noticing season to eat, cannot eat turn over seasonal fruit, because turn over seasonal fruit is course hormone accelerate the ripening for the most part, do not have advantage to human body. Eat pair of season fruits, recuperate the body, skin nature can become better.