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How to contain the Facial mask of dispel spot? What does the practice of film of dispel spot range have?

Very much now personage love the United States is in contain a few film, a lot of common food in the life can use the film that make a range, long spot is the problem that a lot of people encounter on the face, the Facial mask that passes spot of a few dispel can help the stain that improves skin, make the skin bright and clean be too busy, so the Facial mask that how contains dispel spot? What does the practice of film of dispel spot range have? Everybody introduction is below.

How to contain the Facial mask of dispel spot? What does the practice of film of dispel spot range have? (1)

1, the method that contains film of dispel spot range

1, milk film of range of spot of olive oil dispel

Stain of beautiful white skin, purify, how can you get milk less? The effect of beautiful white weak spot of milk is very powerful, contain Facial mask via commonly used milk, but effective spot of tender skin dispel. Want to drive away stain quickly, light relies on milk still is far insufficient, mix milk and olive oil rise, the effect of dispel spot tender skin is more apparent.

Prepare right amount olive oil and fresh milk, will both mix, mix is even, take a piece to compress Facial mask paper to immerse next amid, after paper of the film that treat a range is soaked, take out apply to go up at clean facial skin, after 15 minutes, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing. Weekly apply two, in purify skin stain while also can effective tender white skin. The main effect protecting skin of olive oil depends on it OK and moist tender slippery skin, and be united in wedlock with milk photograph, added the effect with dispel moist spot. Have dark Huang Ju of stain, skin's dry beautiful eyebrow people OK often apply this Facial mask.

2, spot of dispel of yoghurt lettuce leaf Facial mask

All sorts of vegetable leaves are contained rich vitamin and mineral, vegetable leaf also is having the extremely powerful effect that protect skin actually. Among them, lettuce leaf can help beautiful eyebrow people effective purify stain, purify the skin. Yoghurt is the good choice of blain of beautiful white skin, cleared blain, lettuce leaf and yoghurt collocation, it is blain of dispel of spot of a dispel accuse oil clean white good side film.

Prepare leaf of a few lettuce and right amount yoghurt, purge lettuce page clean thoroughly, avoid pesticide remain to be above lettuce leaf, after be being cleaned clean, lettuce leaf dolly, mix with right amount yoghurt next, beautiful eyebrow people if feel Facial mask is a little thin, OK still interfuse a few flour, after mix is even, daub is on clean skin, after 15 minutes, clean clean with clear water. Weekly apply two, not only can effective dispel spot, and can help skin accuse oil. Suit the skin very much fat and flecked beautiful eyebrow people apply is used.

3, spot of dispel of wax gourd white vinegar Facial mask

White vinegar is having wonderful weak spot effect, beautiful eyebrow people often join a few white vinegar in the water that wash a face, OK and effective weak spot beauty is white, your skin is more tender white. Often film of face of apply white vinegar, dispel spot effect is much better. Because wax gourd is having the effect of clear hot detoxify, so, beautiful eyebrow people can match wax gourd and white vinegar photograph, the needle is long to skin agnail blain, dry long spot is having nurse wonderfully the effect.

Prepare right amount wax gourd juice and white vinegar, mix both, mix is even, compress a piece Facial mask paper to immerse next amid, after soaking, take out apply to be on the face, after about 15 minutes, reoccupy warm water is cleaned clean. This film applies to the skin to grow blain and dry the skin of long spot is qualitative, be like the blain blain damaged of peel skin, unsuited apply is used.

4, the aloe cucumber scale that how contains film of dispel spot range film

Aloe and cucumber are well-known hairdressing material, this Facial mask not only have certain effect to dispel spot, long do more can white tender skin, reduce weak wrinkle, your skin restores to send flexibility closely!

Material: Cut of fresh aloe Xie Yi (about 3 finger beam 2 point to long, had better choose to take spot the sort of) , root of small cucumber 1/3, unripe egg, pearl powder 2, 3 grams, flour is right amount.

Method: Aloe goes pricking wash clean, in clean container falling after putting juicer to extract juice with abluent cucumber, unripe egg is knocked defeat the gallinaceous egg white that takes 1/4, transfer into together with pearl powder, flour make mushy, it is with dripping toward indelicacy accurate. After clean face, film wipes the face mix up to go up in the face, wait for after working abluent, take soft skin water again, protect skin to taste can, every week 1, 2.

2, dispel spot is raised colour cookbook

1. Walnut sesame seed drink

Walnut 30 grams, sesame seed 20 grams, bovine breast, soya-bean milk each 200 milliliter, white sugar is right amount. Will introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad peach kernel, sesame seed grinds for delicate last stage, mix even with bovine breast, soya-bean milk, boil drink is taken, white sugar flavors, cent makes 2, morning and evening each 1, daily 1 agent. Can benefit empty caustic, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid embellish bowel, spot of embellish skin disappear.

2. Spot of black and white disappear medicinal powder

Black agaric 10 grams, tremella 5 grams. Grind 2 ear in all delicate last stage, every time 5 grams, daily 3, honey water pours water, successive January. But disappear silt changes spot, flesh of embellish skin grow.

3. White duck disappear spot soup

White duck 1, yam 200 grams, virgin soil 100 grams, medlar 30 grams, condiment is right amount. Will white duck goes Mao Za bone, abluent, with inside and outside of body of duck of daub of salt, pepper, yellow rice or millet wine, scatter on after green ginger bloats 1 hour or so, cut for man; Yam section. Virgin soil cloth is wrapped, by buy bowl, bring into man of yam, medlar, duck after that, on basket evaporate is ripe take feed, weekly 2-3 agent. Can benefit liver kidney, raise shade disappear spot.

4. Medlar virgin soil medicinal powder

Medlar 100 grams, virgin soil 30 grams. a surname child, virgin soil bakes dry, grind end, mix even, every take 10 grams, daily 3, warm boiled water or with liquor right amount take medicine with water, successive in January. Can fill liver kidney, go shading.

5. Be good at lienal disappear spot congee

Unripe yam 30 grams, red bean of lotus rice, bare each 15 grams, give birth to Yi benevolence, unripe Gorgon fruit, white hyacinth bean each 10 grams, big jujube 10, rice 100 grams. After adding all drug boil of water simmer in water 40 minutes, bring into rice to boil congee, cent makes 2, cent of morning and evening is taken, successive January. But be good at lienal scanty liver, go fat disappear spot.

6. Angelica hawkthorn tea

Angelica, hawkthorn each 10 grams, white moss skin, white puncture vine each 5 grams. In be the same as all medicine buy cup, irruptive boiling water, sealed immerse 10-20 minute unborn tea is drinkable, daily 1 agent, successive in January. But scanty liver be good at lienal, disappear spot changes silt.

7. Pig kidney disappear spot congee

Pig kidney 1 pair, yam 100 grams, yi benevolence 50 grams, rice 200 grams, salt is right amount. Go to pig kidney muscle film, abluent, cut man, add all drug, rice adds clear water to boil congee together, salt flavors, cent is made 2 times take feed, daily 1 agent. Can fill kidney be good at lienal, dispel silt changes spot.

8. Tuckahoe disappear spot soup

Sth resembling a net of white tuckahoe, the larva of silkworm with batrytis, white chrysanthemum, towel gourd each 10 grams, mother-of-pearl 20 grams, rose 3, red jujube 10. Medicine is the same as buy boiler on in, add clear water simmer in water of right amount water takes juice, cent makes 2, meal hind is drinkable, daily 1 agent, successive 7-10 day. But be good at lienal disappear spot, dispel the wind knows wind.