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It with what wash a face is OK to with what wash a face dispel blain mark? Go what does the small subtle move that blain imprints have?

On the face the skin problem that blain imprints is existence of a lot of people, blain imprints go up in the face commonly very apparent, although blain blain is gone to besides, but still can leave apparent blain to imprint, need purify, go the method that blain imprints also has a lot of, a few simple way are OK and efficient purify, so it with what wash a face is OK to with what wash a face dispel blain mark? Go what does the small subtle move that blain imprints have?

It with what wash a face is OK to with what wash a face dispel blain mark? Go what does the small subtle move that blain imprints have? (1)

1, wash mark of facial dispel blain with what

1, white sugar is washed the face goes blain imprints

After washing a face with the grandma that wash a face, reoccupy is white saccharic, put on the palm, add little water to knead, prevent to stimulate allergy too too, put on the face to knead next wash, a minute or so, wash clean with clear water, can dark sore blain imprints, the skin becomes tender slippery.

2, pearl powder + gallinaceous egg white goes blain imprints

Methodological: ? ? of saddle of dark male of Φ of  of ∫ post carve controls the interblend of officinal pearl powder of the quantity to close with 10 grams. Wash the method of Facial mask according to Tu Shui, escape eye ministry and labial ministry, even besmear is on the face. Besmear as far as possible a bit thicker, the meeting is very otherwise quick dry, 15 after arriving 20 minutes, wash, a week is done twice. Effect: ? Tip Yin is cut into parts dried meat accurate " ? blain imprints also can become weak, skin will be silkier and silkier.

3, pearl powder + yoghurt goes blain imprints

Use method: ? Coal benevolence? of teach of 5 carbon you Gu is decomposite a few divide evenly of pearl powder agitate. On the place that besmear imprints in blain having blain, OK and direct pass the night, wash the following day. Notice: ? Lest? of  of manganese of Nuo of grey  of Juan of Ju washing with watercolors jams pore, yoghurt chooses low fat as far as possible defatted perhaps, avoid nutrient to produce adipose bead too much.

4, algal film goes blain imprints

Use method: ? ?0 overcomes algal grain, mix with right amount clean water. Film of make it face, stick on clean face 10 minutes can. Wash clean skin with clear water next, the cream on besmear. Every two days can.

5, the apple goes blain imprints

Use method: ? Ran  promotes yellow  of  good show off to return  ? to till,wait a few minutes apple piece molten. Again will take out from inside water, wait for its refrigeration to come tepid when stick in blain blain to imprint on, maintain 20 minutes. Get off, wash clean face ministry with clear water.

2, the small subtle move of dispel blain mark

1, avoid radiation, play the radiant thing such as computer mobile telephone less as far as possible, because computer radiate can let the skin,blacken.

2, not crowded blain, if crowded blain blain disinfects measure to did not do with great difficulty to leave blain to imprint, if be special,blain should squeeze mature big blain to also need to had done disinfection.

3, it is so easy to need compensatory vitamin everyday take out blain imprints, at the same time still many have the in kind that contains a vitamin.

4, film of flour of weekly DIY2 second beauty, also can achieve so go the effect that blain imprints.

5, can wash rice bath face with the 2nd, a variety of nutrition material are contained to conduce to improvement skinning in the water that wash rice, make pigment even.

6, wash a face to use Wen Shui, on 1.2 white vinegar are added to be able to have the effect of desalt blain mark inside, need to hold to for a long time.

7, everyday drinking water is in 800ML above, one cup is drunk to be able to clear when rising in the morning intestines and stomach eliminates body endotoxin.

8, do not stay up late, stay up late to make cutaneous pigment becomes ad cool-headed easily, also can make blain imprints deepen, had better go to bed before 11 o'clock.

9, can be after evening cleanness skin, move water of a cup of white sugar, the autograph that use cotton touchs blain of butcher of white sugar water to imprint, pigment of white sugar desalt, eliminate blain to imprint, hold to in the evening everyday so, one week later you can discover blain imprints become weak, insist for a long time to imprint with blain meet slowly disappear.

3, the harm of blain mark

1, affect us beautiful

Be opposite especially for female friend, in oneself most beautiful age, can you let blain imprint to us to bring trouble how? In interview of to apply for a job when, the figure that meets us sells at a discount greatly the love that; also can give him brings; of very great resistance more serious is, attack the spirit of people and mentality. Does the closest person that studies discovery suffers from whelk have the following circumstance: more easily? Does black lofty ah does ψ of Song ⑷ Bei slaughter pregnant of Hui of parrot copy ⒚ to twist ⒏  to neigh ⑥ of cleanse ∠ toad is restricted Wen Ya ah province of heart of б of fine Ling of ⒔ of mansion of scald in order to remove hairs or feathers of ⒋ of  of Yin of ⒎ of ァ of ⒕ expostulate with?

2, harm skin health

Cause serious afterwards to send infection, make the skin each function is damaged, if fester infection sex is damaged, acute fester pathological changes can produce calorific, Wei cold, the whole body the symptom such as grow in quantity of unwell, lymph node enlargement, leucocyte.

3, permanent bruise (destroy allow)

After whelk disappears, can leave apparent scar. Because the long whelk on the skin makes cutaneous dermal,this basically is the organization got destroy, scar of the sex that destroy a look was formed after heal connective tissue is repaired. And if damage cutaneous is dermal, the skin can lose memory, scar of the sex that destroy a look is very difficult subsidise.

4, the error of dispel blain

1, oily skin accuses only oil does not fill water

Major blain blain flesh is oily skin pledges, the big oil field of be worthy of the name, accuse oil desperately for flesh of blain of this a lot of blain, do not do filling water good to protect however wet, little imagine can secrete more grease to protect skin when the skin is dry.

Countermeasure: Want to avoid to appear to accuse to jump over oily vicious circle more, accuse oil while also should notice filling water, had better be to choose to the filling water of function accusing oil protects wet latex.

2, " naked skin " ignored maintains

A lot of people thought to grow blain blain should whats do not besmear, actually " naked skin " prediction of a person's luck in a given year of moisture of meeting aggravate skin, can strengthen pair of cutaneous stimulation instead, let skin secrete more grease.

Countermeasure: Blain blain flesh should choose the Li daub with the relaxed quality of a material that do not have oil daily, secrete exuberant T area technically perhaps to undertake water is protected filling in the light of grease wet.

3, chamfer is qualitative behavior is not frequent

Overmuch old useless corneous accumulation can create skin burden on skin, because flesh of this blain blain also wants to use chamfer,pledge purify skins old useless cutin of the surface, make skin new breathe, go often however cutin also can damage corneous layer.

Chamfer is character must, but take into consideration the circumstances of flesh of blain wanting blain undertakes, most weekly, do not be in at the same time blain blain agnail is to undertake.

4, do not pay attention to cleanness or frequent clean

Cleanness is the base that protects skin, blain blain flesh should do very clean work more, but it is OK that this does not represent you a day of N second wash a face, let the aggravate of water oily unbalance of skin.

Countermeasure: Blain blain flesh must choose product of gentle face of dispel blain clean to undertake measurable cleaner is made.

5, adolescence afterwards blain blain disappears

Whelk gets a name at adolescence because of much hair, but this is not meant in other period can " escape by sheer luck " , cannot throw its more pay no attention to.

Countermeasure: The MM of blain of easy long blain wants daily commonly used go fat prevents blain product to undertake caressing; When blain blain comes, should be in for a short while inside the choice protects skin safely to taste undertake dispel blain nurses; If the miserably formed blain,imprint the product purify blain that also should choose to have function of beautiful Bai Quyin imprints.

6, do not brush prevent bask in frost

Partial person thinks to prevent the meeting that bask in frost to jam pore dare be not brushed completely so prevent bask in, in fact the ultraviolet radiate of excess load can let blain imprint the pigment precipitation of blain mark is aggravating.

7, squeeze blain with the hand casually blain

Squeeze blain with the hand, because the bacterium on the hand causes infection 2 times,meet, or it is to leave permanent sunken hole. Manage together, with the hand to pursue convenient direct daub protects skin to taste also can appear similar case.

Countermeasure: Blain blain is not crowded, use liquid of dispel blain elite more, make its flake naturally, the toothpick that when Tu Hufu is tasted, cooperates clean, make up the tool such as cotton, puff.