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It is good to make Facial mask or eye film first? What is the use order of Facial mask and eye film?

Face film needs to notice to avert an eye when use commonly all round, the skin of eye week and facial department are other place differs somewhat, want to use specialized eye ministry product when protecting skin, usage of film of eye film knead dough is a little similar, use in eye ministry nevertheless, so it is good to make Facial mask or eye film first? What is the use order of Facial mask and eye film? Everybody introduction is below.

It is good to make Facial mask or eye film first? What is the use order of Facial mask and eye film? (1)

1, make Facial mask or eye film first

Apply Facial mask and apply eye film are necessary without what secure sequential, both and OK undertake at the same time, or early or late informal oneself adjust, but should noticing had better be apply Facial mask and apply eye film should have noticed to use accurate method. It is an attention above all before apply Facial mask and apply eye film, must thoroughly clean skin, any cosmetic can be not withheld. The 2nd is to be before apply eye film, had better be to use hot towel to undertake hot compress to eye film, the loop of such eye ministries can increase, and had better be to be in what after Facial mask is taken, undertake 5 minutes to massage.

You know when to suit to make eye film most, when to suit to make beautiful flour film most, when to suit to do most maintain Facial mask? Want to find the right time that protect skin only, can take roundabout way less, get twice the result with half the effort!

2, the time of the film that make a range and eye film

1, time: ? White?:30 ~ 7:00

"Film " square: ? Xie?

Evacuated time: ? Grow Shou reason?

Right now, the proposal is chosen can enhance the skin to bear force, relaxed fight quick model eye film resists with helping the skin the descent of dirt, insolation. If eye ministry is bloated, also can using at this moment a few can enhance eye ministry loop, resolve eye ministry toxin and the key point that tighten up pouch film.

Get on eye film apply after clean face, dab with finger the skin is pressed gently in eye week point, accelerate blood to move, raise the skin to absorb ability. Attention! Apply eye film does not time in the morning a Yue Jiuyue is good, the skin can absorb the nutrition that its need only, time grows eye film to stick cloth too meeting desiccate, can come over to absorb facial moisture instead, to delicate eye ministry skin is brought unwell.

2, time: ? Hold?2:00

"Film " square: ? Does ripples drink Wu?

Evacuated time: ? Is haze of buffalo gnat of gourd ladle of Mian chair Yao bald?

Bear as a result of the skin of this period of time force is best, suit line of look of spot of facial desquamate, dispel and Wen Mei, article to wait for hairdressing project so. If use,contain a lot ofdispel spot beauty to become the Facial mask of cent in vain at this moment, the dispel spot nurture that contains a lot ofamong them is qualitative will by thirsty skin all " eat into " , maintain effect play comes optimal.

This paragraph of time to OL be lunch time, and to housework just finishing for full-time madam, suit to make a beautiful flour film most. No matter choose weaving type side film or it is film of daub type face, use frequency comes twice every week about can. If want to achieve fast beauty's white result, also can use several days continuously according to product specification.

Film of commonly used weaving type face. The face when using can get off on velar apply, again with making up clean or warm water rinses water mop. If skin is qualitative drier, can much apply 5 ~ 10 minutes, but do not exceed 20 minutes. Latex of the daub on the horse answers after Facial mask apply is over, prevent what water divides to evaporate, in order to lengthen the water tender effect after Facial mask is used. " recommend 10 par to heat up: of time of film of flour selling the United States? Fu? dot

3, " film " square: ? J  Wu?

Evacuated time: ? Wild rice ∈ ?

Right now, human body is hormonal secrete quantity and blood pressure to be reduced somewhat, accompanying the tired move of the body, skin appears easily also petty Gan Wen. Can use at this moment some have the flower that ensures wet result element or keep wet noodle film, add to skin bit " nutrient eat " .

The key that keeps film of wet alimentary noodle is wanting at ply enough, make the skin is maintained in " airproof " below condition 20 minutes, with reaching skin surface temperature dilate of elevatory, pore and olden abandon the goal that corneous bate shakes.

Accordingly, consider you busy to get on sb's head, also can do when bubble bath keep wet noodle film. The gain with the biggest film of this kind of face is, can bring skin rich moisture content, maintain skin humidity balance, remove the wrinkle that removes because of dehydration, powdery bottom goes up after been use also moist is comfortable, take docile note.

Additional, protect wet noodle film to be able to be used at any time, use midday postprandial 20 minutes for instance, on a few are taken when perhaps be away on official business, it is OK to use 15 minutes came back in entire complement of daylong losing moisture. " recommend 9 petty gain very used filling surFacial mask

4, time: ? Fu?1 dot

"Film " square: ?   Wu?

Evacuated time: ? Na big and thick?

Leather fat is secreted by day when increasing, increase of production of skin surface metabolization, overmuch sweat fluid causes cutaneous acidity to drop, disease-resistant ability is abate. Because this suggests to sufficient cleanness wants to skin before falling asleep, the reuse after best evaporate face makes pore 3 minutes sufficient stretch need not if the; of nutrient Facial mask of scour off does not have time evaporate face, also can pat make up the reuse after water avoids the film that wash a face. Make up water can promote skin alimentation, let you complement in nightly and sufficient ground moisture and oily cent. And the morrow early morning after the film that use a face, had better not use make up water, lest the skin appears " nutrition is superfluous " phenomenon.

3, how film of correct apply eye

1, the need before apply eye film is thoroughly clean skin

Do not be in charge of an eye to went up to whether make up colour, thoroughly clean skin is very necessary, this measure cannot jump over discharge makeup oil absolutely.

2, eye film snow hides

The eye that film can make the eye that puts ice on the ice bloated gets absolutely slow.

3, apply before eye film first hot compress

Before apply eye film, best can use hot towel hot compress first eye, when the eye film that ice puts on the ice on apply again so, can idealer to the loop of eye ministry.

4, apply eye film wants to have direction-sense

To the eye film of cloth pattern, want from eye head the directional apply to eye end, and lacteal eye film, also should besmear from eye head to eye end, never besmear velar position wants essence of life in order to make a round trip 5 times definitely

Eye film after all where is apply? The optimal distance of the proposal is an eye below the place of 3 millimeter, and the eye below be confined to. Because go up the skin of the eye is thinner, to nutrient absorption ability is compared finite. If want spread,going up eye, eye of antagonism of be confined to is bloated.

4, the use skill of eye film

1, refrigerate a film first

Put eye film inside freezer it is a lot of better that cold storage takes apply effect again. Can use hot towel spread first the eye film that the eye changes ice to put on the ice again, this appearance effect is best.

2, apply eye film optimal position

The beware of of 3mm is the optimal position of apply eye film below the eye, apply absorbs the effect in next pharynx very good, eye of OK and effective antagonism is bloated, restore skin luster.

3, come from the beginning end, cannot go against turn

If be lacteal eye film,should besmear from eye head end resembling an eye, at the same time if be the eye film of cloth pattern same also, arrive from eye head eye end direction, scarcely should answer besmear!

4, effect of tie-in eye frost better

Can besmear after film of the eye on apply the frost that burn a small hole above, can skin of ministry of better moist look. If use eye film only, get off the feeling that eye film can let the skin have take up.

5, the use that protects skin to taste is ordinal

1, clean face breast or the grandma that wash a face

Cleanness is the first step that protects skin forever, bilge of clean face ministry, those who be like cleanness is not complete, skin look is gotten changeably dry, coarse, bulky.

True clean face measure: Hit with Wen Shui wet dozen wet facial, take right amount clean face product to be in the hand, the rub that use a hand kneads a rich bubble; to give oily T word position easily especially, do not want direct knead, massage; to rinse clean; to use the exaggeration on towel blot face immediately with clear water next however, go up in facial gush finally mineral water sparge, work with towel mop again next.

2, bright skin water

Bright skin water also calls close skin water, make up water, its action depends on again cleanness is worth with restoring the soda acid of skin surface, recuperate corneous layer, make skin is absorbed better, maintain to use article prepare. After washing a face so, water of use bright skin, OK and rapid compensatory moisture. The expert suggests oily skin uses close skin water, healthy skin uses bright skin water, drying skin uses soft skin water, area of mixture skin T uses close skin water, sensitive skin chooses sensitive water, repair water.

3, the fluid end flesh

The fluid end general flesh, contain mostly kiss water already lipophilic composition, can distribute the moisture in protecting skin to taste and oil at the same time disintegrate, the absorption with better by skin then. Use before water makes up after washing a face, resemble " appetizing dish " same, can open the appetite of skin, the absorption that increases skin is spent, let what sequel uses protect skin to taste it is better to absorb the effect. Cooperate the composition with bate cutin, moist cutin at the same time, make what corneous layer absorbs sequel more easily protect nurturance to divide.

4, elite fluid

Elite fluid is the product that shows significant component concentration is higher commonly, between use process elite fluid can have high proportional significant component, elite fluid has those who strengthen special aim to nurse action, let skin achieve the clearer result that protect skin.

5, latex or cream

After using elite, OK the latex on daub or cream, if be oily skin,use a latex, if drying skin can use cream. Latex kind cosmetic calls honey apperception makeup again article, it is water bag oil emulsifying agent, water content is in 10% ~ 80% the left and right sides, have certain liquidity, appearance is like honey quite, get a name so. Latex water content is bigger, can be skin complement moisture. The latex still is contained a few oily cent, OK and moist skin. The latex has the effect of 3 respects, decontamination, compensatory moisture, compensatory nutrition.

Cream is the foundation protects the one step with the most important skin, the beauty in cream is white, fight the active ingredient such as consenescence to be able to be absorbed weller by skin, so, having a bottle of good cream can be very important!

6, prevent bask in breed

SPF30 chooses commonly when summer goes out, if go seaside, choose SPF50 of times. Defend the action that basks in breast to have certain segregation ultraviolet ray commonly.