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Does honey make Facial mask is the meeting allergic? How does allergy of honey Facial mask do?

Honey is commonly used a kind of food that will make Facial mask, the nutrient value of honey is very high, have the very good effect that protects skin, with honey the improvement with the OK and very good film that make a range skins problem, nevertheless some people concern makes Facial mask with honey, more sensitive skin may have allergic symptom, so does honey make Facial mask is the meeting allergic? How does allergy of honey Facial mask do?

Does honey make Facial mask is the meeting allergic? How does allergy of honey Facial mask do? (1)

1, honey makes Facial mask the meeting is allergic

One, honey makes Facial mask can allergic

Person of some of honey Facial mask will be allergic. Contain in honey a few protein and enzymatic kind of material, additionally the bee collects a process in pollen in, may contain send quick the belt such as factor enters honey in. Allergy is the abnormal reaction of a kind of airframe, it is a person to normal material (allergic source) a kind of abnormal reaction, when allergy of allergic source bring into contact with constitutional crowd just can happen quick, allergic source has albumen of pollen, dust, variant, chemical material, ultraviolet ray to wait for hundreds of kinds, some allergy do not investigate allergic source even. The incidence of a disease of irritability disease is occupied about there still is irritability syndrome in 20% people, be born anew to in each age level has old people happen, without apparent sexual feature but have the transmissibility feature that showing.

2, honey Facial mask is allergic how to do

Should clean Facial mask clean with cold water as soon as possible right now, undertake handling according to the serious degree of the circumstance next, if be only slight aglow, the word that Sao itchs or feels glowingly very slight is OK the Shi Fu after the towel dip cold water that oneself use clean is on the face, everyday two, every time about 30 minutes. If apparent red even tumid word should ask professional doctor to handle to the hospital as soon as possible, must not oneself buy bit of ointment casually for instance dermatitis makes the same score substandard to use, cannot use the Chinese traditional medicine with a few uncertain class status more the besmear outside ointment, cause new osculatory sex dermatitis so easily.

3, how to prevent allergic

1, prevent allergic Facial mask. Mediate milk powder of 2 small teaspoon and cucumber juice even, next apply at facial ministry, can prevent skin allergy.

2, antiphlogistic Facial mask. When applicable cosmetic undeserved and when causing allergic reaction, can come loose attune of egg white of a chicken, the apply after joining flour agitate divide evenly is in at allergy, have the effect of antiphlogistic detumescence.

4, film of face of the honey that make method

Honey protects wet area film

1, honey + milk powder + egg Qing Dynasty

Honey 1 spoon, milk powder 1 portion, egg is clear 1, mix to make Facial mask equably, with soft brush get on its in the face Tu Shangbao is thin one, go with lukewarm bath after 20 minutes. Once a week, use a month continuously, dry to the skin have apparent effect.

2, honey film of olive oil face

Take honey 50 grams mix 100 grams and olive oil, heat 40 ℃ , agitate, mix adequately what make even. When using, will mix cream besmear arrives on gauze, enclothe at facial, uncover after 20 minutes abluent. This film can prevent skin consenescence, eliminate speck of dispel of skin of furrow, embellish, the skin is dry person particularly appropriate.

3, honey milk Facial mask

Take honey 10 grams, xian Niu suckles 10 milliliter, yoke a mix is even, modulation is become cream shape, the Tu Yu after washing a face is facial, the scour off after 20 minutes, daily 1. This film can nutrient skin, reduce wrinkle, make the skin white tender.

Honey is tender skin Facial mask

1, honey + water

The amino acid that can be absorbed what honey contains by human body in great quantities, enzymatic, hormone, vitamin reachs carbohydrate, have nourishing the hairdressing action that protects skin. Add 2-3 with honey after times water is attenuant, daily besmear face, can make the skin bright and clean, delicate.

2, honey + vinegar

Honey and vinegar each 1-2 spoon, take medicine with water of warm boiled water, daily 2-3 second, take on time. Hold to for a long time, can make coarse skin becomes delicate moist.

3, honey grape juice Facial mask

Take honey 20 grams add grape juice 20 grams, edge agitate edge joins starch 10 grams, agitate divide evenly. The apply after washing a face at facial, with Qing Dynasty bath goes after 10 minutes. This film suits oily skin to use, commonly used can make skin smooth, tender.

4, honey yoghurt Facial mask

Honey and yoghurt with 1:1scale mixes together, besmear is on the face, 15 minutes of bath that use Qing Dynasty go can, this Facial mask is convergent pore.

Yoghurt, honey, lemon juice each 100 milligram, add 5 vitamins E smooth, apply face withholds 15 minutes, wash with clear water next clean. This law can promote a skin to express the dead cell that go up to fall off, new rejuvenesce, achieve goal of strong and handsome cutaneous thereby.

Honey is beautiful flour film

1, film of honey cucumber face (the United States is white divide knit)

Juice of cucumber extraction delicacy joins milk powder, honey right amount, wind oily essence counts side of the besmear after drop is smooth, 20-30 after minute abluent, or cucumber abluent cut chip to be stuck at facial ministry directly, have profit skin, whitened, except knitted action.

2, honey film of pearl powder face

Prepare a clean small bottle, enter most bottle pearl powder, again slowly enter honey, the edge pours edge agitate, make honey and pearl powder mix adequately, notice honey does not fall too much, tone is become mushy can. Such Facial mask had been done.

Before using, use Wen Shui first the face abluent, dipping in with small cotton autograph next mix up gets Facial mask to get besmear to be on the face equably, not too thick, thin thin can, after passing 30 minutes, wash, can make a face smooth, luster.

5, honey effect upgrades piece

1, protect a lip

In the lip exceeding and dry when removing a skin, get on honey slather in the lip, if be used very badly,heat up towel apply a little while.

2, do defend wet water

Need to mix two spoon honey and asepsis warm water only (the refrigeration after boil) mix, can regard as protect wet, antibacterial to massage fluid.

3, moist deliver remaining part

Shampoo hind wipes bit of honey in hair end, in a few minutes abluent, can alleviate effectively the bifurcate that delivers remaining part and wool dry.

4, alleviate dysmenorrhoea

Tea of bubble pleasant chrysanthemum, the honey that joins one teaspoon is the most natural anodyne.

5, treat small cut

Get on honey daub in cut, include to just squeezed broken blain blain to go up, effect of hemostatic, weak scar is being shown.

6, solution wine

Go up in system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan or add in tea, contain the fructose of honey, conduce quickens the metabolism of alcohol.

7, slow and dry elbow

Brush some of honey working hard elbow, after 30 minutes abluent, can bate skin.

8, alleviate exhaustion

Stay up late when you, work overtime when drowsy, physical strength is not raised, drink cup honey water, complement instantly energy.

9, help reduce weight

Honey can quicken metabolism, the desert can serve as during reduce weight, perhaps replace other saccharide, the attention wants right amount.

6, use honey Facial mask note

1, face velar avoid by all means every day apply

Note: ? に of acetic Pa Wu gets have a nightmare to mast the department is taken dried meat live Quan of ㈧ of ⒈ J  knocks at sparrow children's hair to stop π ? is eager to hope for success then every day apply, think in you skin is more fair and clear than before, moister when, your skin is actually flimsy with each passing day also. The frequency of apply of most Facial mask causes skin very easily too often Yi Min feeling, red wait for undesirable symptom, the cutin that makes have not mature is lost resist moist Facial mask uses the ability; of foreign invasion to cause film of filling surface of dark sore; easily everyday, can use everyday in dry season.

2, Facial mask is fastened lay out is too long

Next coming home a face is washed after eating a meal next apply Facial mask, sit at the television surely subsequently in front of, sitting is half hour above, forgot to there still is Zhang Ying to raise rich Facial mask on the face right-down. Be in you with pleasure the clue that the free and easy in studying theatrical work rises and fall while, you are facial the moisture of skin is in by prediction of a person's luck in a given year. The time of Facial mask apply is too long, cannot achieve the effect that you want not only, the water that can make you skin instead distributes prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Face film apply how long is talent the most suitable? General 15 minutes good.

3, Facial mask composition wants to distinguish

Its battalion nurturance distributes the Facial mask of distinct effect, promiscuous use already the effect of short of ideal, and film of the face that use a fault still can is opposite skin causes intense stimulation, injure skin.

2, the error that autumn protects skin

1, differ with beautiful white product Yu Meibai

A stain grows on face of the person that complexion of a lot of MM sends Huang Huo, begin everywhere collect all sorts of beautiful white products, but do not have any effects however, actually the United States is not so simple in vain.

2, with repair elite is not equal to repair

This are to be aimed at a lot of females to meet the problem with sensitive skin actually, begin to use the product of repair immediately, think to wanted to use repair elite only can repair skin, be really so such? The answer is negative. To the symptom with sensitive skin, cannot use repair elite to go directly repair, want to discover the germ of the problem is in however, next suit the remedy to the case solves this problem.

3, keep filling water is equal to protect wet

A lot of MM encounter the skin dry, when taking off bits, can think the skin too lack water, must ambitious force filling water, make Facial mask every day even, the result that does so actually can be brought about instead excessive protect skin. Actually skin appears because skin lacks water,such state is not simple, skin can feel dry, because skin protective screen is damaged,that is, or cutaneous is natural keep wet composition prediction of a person's luck in a given year, bring about oneself protect wet ability to drop, moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year is too fast.

Should do at that time with a few contain oily component, the product that has repair effect undertakes repair protects wet protective screen, notice to maintain environmental humidity even additionally, avoid moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year too fast. After letting skin protective screen restore to finish, these circumstance nature can disappear.

Protecting nevertheless wet when also want to notice, because skin is dry,cannot say and protect wet product besmear to get heavy panel. If because feel facial ministry,skin dry, keep the word of wet latex with respect to excessive daub, can create unnecessary burden to skin. Because fill,oily skin is met water is excessive, cause water oil lopsided and change skin to lock up water ability infirmly, and drying skins also because too of massiness protect Shi Shuang to reduce immune force, have adverse effect.