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It with what long blain washs a face on the face is good that with what long blain washs a face on the face? How is long blain blain handled on the face?

A lot of elements in daily life can bring about long blain, long blain will be apparent on the face, those who affect facial skin is neat, a lot of people want dispel blain, long blain should notice to control food on the face, avoid excitant food to arouse blain, and the respect that protect skin also needs to notice, so it with what long blain washs a face on the face is good that with what long blain washs a face on the face? How is long blain blain handled on the face?

It with what long blain washs a face on the face is good that with what long blain washs a face on the face? (1)

1, long blain washs a face with what on the face

1, Xian Niu is suckled wash a face

Insist to drink a cup of fresh milk everyday besides can let healthy, the skin that washs a face to also can let you with bright milk becomes more smooth. When washing a face every morning, pour a cup of fresh milk in Wen Shuizhong, use clean face department next, deserve to go up again proper massage, can rinse the face clean not only so, the woman student that still can allow blain blain to skin reduces state giving oil.

2, brine washs a face

Face of use salt bath can help clean remain the bilge in pore and redundant grease, use salt undertakes massage in facial ministry also can very good purify is corneous. Preferential and right amount fine salt is put in palmar center, drip to rinse into 2-3 drop, use next show the abdomen dips in take undertake massage on the face, can help diminish inflammation of blain blain skin not only, the effect that still has dispel blain.

3, aloe cucumber cleanness

Aloe cucumber fights the effect of bacterium diminish inflammation to believe a lot of people know, after washing a face everyday, lu Hui or cucumber slice, direct apply has the place of blain blain on the face, try proper massage, after awaiting 15 minutes, can feel skin is relaxed and clinking.

2, how is long blain recuperated on the face

1, had adjusted oneself state of mind

Accept the fact that blain blain grows on your face, not everyday to the mirror woebegone. Blain of some people long blain is the pressure that work or learns too big. Put down pressure, long blain blain also is experience of a kind of life, be certain should have patience only, meeting slowly better.

2, wash everyday two to 3 faces

The time that wash a face became much bad also. Get up in the morning, when sleeping in the evening, wash twice. Oneself are in a company when, also can wash midday. Suggest oily skin washs a face with Wen Shui, neuter skin washs a face with cold water, still want a foundation of course individual at ordinary times habit, oneself are oily skin, but still wash via commonly used cold water, do not spend a winter need not.

3, the time that washs a face not too short

In the evening must discharge makeup washs the face completely

4, change frequently the pillow is mixed pillow towel

Rest everyday and pillow contact is so long, the pillow towel that facial ministry contacts and pillow must clean. The pillow towel is best a week is washed, the pillow often should be taken out bask in, prevent a bacterium to cause.

5, do not squeeze blain with the hand blain

This a lot of people know, but it is very difficult really to insist to come down. Do not feel blain with the hand, squeeze blain with the hand, can let bacterium of blain blain bring into contact with otherwise, may leave gray trace to be on the face. Also had better not touch a face with the hand, reduce the chance that contacts a bacterium.

6, water

Reasonable compensatory water divides pair of skins and dispel blain to have profit greatly. The day rises in the morning drink a cup of warm water. Go to work not to forget drink water, sitting to be not moved very for long. Want to always drink beverage, had better drink plain boiled water more.

7, maintain enough sleep

Often staying up late is wrinkle blain blain, have experience greatly to this, say much be a tear. Sleep early rise early, the body is good, conduce to dispel blain.

8, often take exercise

Office worker all the day to computer, radiation big, still do not move, not can long blain? Sit for some time in front of computer with respect to the activity, insist to come down, you go certainly.

9, the food of health is used to

Eat vegetable more rich vitamin is contained inside the fruit, had had very much to the skin long. Have chili less, eat chili to grow blain blain, those eat what chili does not grow blain blain to be disregarded please. Drink boiling water more.

10, the choice washs a face grandma

Feeling the difference of the grandma that wash a face on market is not very big, choose, when had better washing a face every time, use, such can deep-seated clean skins.

3, long blain blain wants avoid certain food on the face

1, the content: that cannot eat raw meat or fish to send? Does astounded of  of ⒋ of two of P of ⒑ of body of O of ⒑ of  of coil up w take P truly ⒅  milometer? 〖 of arm of Gu Lu of  of stern of  of Qian of  of tip  Gua? often makes the chronic inflammation of sebaceous glands expands and hard dispel.

2, cannot eat cordial: ? After  ? fills, calamity of blade of  of bridle of the Huo that hang ┐ makes accentuation is heated up inside the person, cause acne more easily.

3, eat: of tall sweet content less? A silk and coton fabric grow just ⒈  just ⒑ scald just ⑵ lifts fan of Xian Qia ⑶ to shop Nai of exacting of Α ⒈  takes scabbard of to instruct of Jiao of H eulogy orange waiting till to say to float? can make airframe metabolism exuberant, sebaceous glands secretes grow in quantity, make acne appears continuously thereby.

4, is little contact excitant stronger food: ? Miao? wine and strong tea.

5, eat hot food: less? After badger of small ⑺ of ⒋ of Hui benzene two takes U Yu Suo to say? of boil divide evenly is fed rise anger easily.

6, eat fat food: less? Cadmium of ginseng of lowing ⒅ of Duo  cadmium takes U Yu Suo to say to spin exemplarying   to crack secretly cough forgive? makes inside heat is aggravating. Accordingly, must diet is like head of lardy, butter, fat, pig, pork liver to wait.

4, the method of fast dispel blain

1, accuse oil to fill water

Normally skin can have the woman student of skin long blain circumstance giving oil or the skin lacks water, bring about skin water oil thereby lopsided, skin can be in a kind inferior health, can make thereby blain blain be overflowing with, want the person of fast dispel blain so, must have done control job of oily filling water, make skin water oil is balanced, blain blain nature went very quickly.

2, morning and evening uses lukewarm bath face

Oily cutaneous MM, always like to wash a face ceaselessly everyday, feel so OK to reduce grease to secrete, this is wrong, morning and evening each is OK; Wash what the face writes down to want to use Wen Shui, summer also is same, such skin ability are clean white. Before washing a face everyday, with hot towel the lid is on the face, conduce to pore so open.

3, notice good habits and customs

Notice diet, eat a few delicate food more at ordinary times, drink water more, be helpful for body endotoxin so eliminate, also be helpful for the elimination of blain blain at the same time. Want to note the rule of work and rest with good nurturance at ordinary times, assure abundant Morpheus time. The expert that wants Shanghai 5+5 at the same time suggests to maintain good state of mind, can listen to music to alleviate more probably working pressure, still can do exercise more, stimulative blood circulates, reduce body endotoxin to accumulate.

4, dispel blain Facial mask

Take an egg, albumen and yoke departure; Right amount pearl powder is joined after withholding albumen, its modulation is become cream shape, next daub is on the face, apply is on the face the time of 20min can; Insist to use 2~3 every week second can have apparent favorable effect.

5, pearl powder + yoghurt

Can use the yoghurt that drinks remnant, need a few only, mix a few divide evenly of pearl powder agitate, besmear next on the place that imprints in blain having blain, can stay in the pass the night on the face directly, wash the following day. But those who want an attention is, this method should hold to ability for a long time effective, and pearl powder is not put too much, can jam easily otherwise pore. Yoghurt as far as possible low fat is defatted perhaps, avoid nutrient to produce adipose bead too much.