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How to make Facial mask with aloe glue? What does the use method of aloe glue have?

Aloe glue is a kind of when a lot of people can use things that protect skin, the function protecting skin of aloe glue is very good, and gentler, suit a lot of different skin to use, aloe glue also can use the film that make a range, the result protecting skin of film of aloe glue face is very right also, so how to make Facial mask with aloe glue? What does the use method of aloe glue have? Everybody introduction is below.

How to make Facial mask with aloe glue? What does the use method of aloe glue have? (1)

1, how to make Facial mask with aloe glue

1, how to make film with aloe glue

Aloe glue can make nutrient Facial mask. Aloe contains a lot of nutrition part in glue, a thick aloe mucus goes up to hit in the daub on the face directly after complete clean face wet next reuse is done not have other 20 minutes are made an appointment with to be taken off again after the paper film of excitant water water is enclothed can be skin complement nutrition to still can help repair skin damaged organize not only, let skin restore stretch, smooth. Aloe glue can treat as every day Facial mask is used. Everyday in the evening after clean face, thick on the daub on the face an aloe mucus can help repair effectively skin, especially summer, make film of aloe glue face after repair is basked in, still can skin, the help enhances the vigor of skin.

2, what is Lu Hui glue

Plant extraction comes out aloe glue, the harmful material that contains among them is little, excitant to cutaneous with side-effect lesser. Insist to use still can help go blain Yin Danban. But should notice to must buy quality to have assuring aloe glue, the material such as the hormone that quality contains in bad aloe glue is more, use every day harmful to the skin.

3, the effect of aloe glue action

Defer skin consenescence. In aloe glue mucous contain a kind of distinctive protein, and this kind of material prevents cellular ageing and the important part that treat chronic allergy just about. Aloe glue has activation cell energy, defer skin consenescence, convergent, harmonic skin.

Nutrition is protected wet. In amino acid and compound polysaccharide material were formed natural preserve wet element (NMF) , it can complement moisture of the losing in the skin, restore the function of collagen albumen, prevent facial furrow, preserve skin soft embellish, smooth, rich flexibility.

Dispel blain. Aloe glue but antiphlogistic and antiseptic, restrain inflammation, drainage secretion, promote local metabolism, moist skin, prevent horn to change, and can convergent the open part of a sore, stimulative rejuvenesce, decrease or avoid scar. Aloe glue still can prevent skin agnail allergy, the bacterium grows, stimulative cell metabolism and skin second birth, reduce ache and Sao to itch, the blister opposite side, whelk, allergic, red all have curative effect.

Beautiful spot of white, Xiao . As a result of its the factor of beautiful white white with natural connotation, can skin deep chain water is divided, and repair damage skin, restore the function of glue protein protein, prevent facial furrow, maintain the skin smooth, soft embellish, rich flexibility. Polysaccharide and stick an oar to regard as occlusive seal a layer to form solid overburden, can prevent what water of skin surface layer divides to evaporate.

2, how to choose aloe glue

1, when choosing aloe glue, we still choose a few old brands, such quality have safeguard a few. The proposal goes shop of a few commerce or brand shop, if we are on the net covet is cheap, 10 have 89 meetings to buy false product. Aloe glue which sign is good, I did not say good brand, baidu experience does not allow to send a brand. Besides still a few choose skill.

2, when we are choosing aloe glue, must see the part of his product. The composition of the Lu Hui in the product must is more than 70% , such aloe glue ability display his function adequately. The Lu Hui that we say is extraction content of Lu Hui actually, and when forming part, Lu Hui's composition must be discharged be in the first.

3, aloe glue should be more transparent better, what poor aloe glue colour and lustre can appear special is not cool and refreshing.

4, we can choose aloe glue through a few little skill, the technology that e.g. aloe glue medium bleb shows lesser to manufacturer makes Lu Hui gum more rigorous, not be to say aloe glue quality is better. But if manufacturer home craft is insufficient rigorous, that product also won't how.

5, of aloe glue stick consistency to go up bad appraisal, but it is to stick consistency certainly appropriate, too rare too stiff perhaps won't be good choice.

3, the use method of aloe glue

1, blain blain flesh

Have the blain of pustule maturely, you can be squeezed with the handgrip blain that washs clean, go up in cut next smear aloe glue, OK and a bit more multi-purpose, can help blain blain restore as soon as possible.

2, the ministry nurses

Do glue of a bit aloe to be in control, drip next olive oil, mix even, use when eye frost, moist defy knitted result very pretty good. Olive oil of this kind of usage is not used too much, enough, with much the skin is not absorbed the meeting is very fat.

3, segregation

After with segregation frost mixes, aloe glue can be used, such won't rub mud, and very moist, won't feel segregation frost is too thick too dry, and aloe glue itself also has certain segregation effect, effect of both mixture segregation will be better.

4, defend wet filling water

Aloe glue is present the word dosage of frost cannot too much, massage more make the skin sufficient absorb. Wet strength is maintained after brushing aloe glue in the winter the likelihood is insufficient, can feel to work a bit, the frost with other aspects of the reoccupy after glue of best and gone aloe or latex. Summer is used very appropriate, filling water and not fat, exceedingly relaxed, used very comfortable.

4, how to contain clean Facial mask

(Film of 1) gram face

Gram pink 2 spoon + albumen mixture agitate is become mushy.

Apply face 20 minutes, wash clean with Wen Shui, can achieve the result of deep-seated cleanness.

Apply is over abluent hind general meeting float removes the carbuncled on the face, can take out brow clip to place acne gently at this moment, hurt the skin not easily!

Blain blain skin can join one spoon the root of Dahurian angelica in this method (provide antiphlogistic, weak blain to imprint) , insist to use skin condition 2 times to be able to be improved slowly every week.

(Film of 2) mint face

Albumen 1 + 5~6 of fresh mint leaf piece + gram pink 25g washs field mint leaf clean pound, join albumen and gram white.

Apply at facial ministry 10~15 minute, wash with Wen Shui clean.

Have the effect that absorbs redundant grease, can deep-seated cleanness skins, the cool and refreshing action of field mint returns can contractive pore.

(Film of face of 3) Chinese flowering quince

The bubble in putting oatmeal water 6 ~ 8 hours, papaya extracts juice, add milk mix. After oaten filter works, enter papaya milk mix.

Apply at on the face 10 ~ 20 minutes, clear water is abluent.

Action can improve coarse skin, purify dead skin, make skin smooth.

The clay grain of kaolin is OK and adsorptive the grease of skin surface, achieve the effect of farther cleanness. The place in green tea contains some tannic acid part, can contractive skin, make heighten of intensity of leather fat film, and can strong and handsome skin.

20cc of milk of 35g+ of kaolin of 10g+ of green tea pink adds milk the attune in kaolin to become slimy state, join divide evenly of agitate of green tea pink.

Apply at facial ministry 10~15 minute reoccupy Wenshui is rinsed.

Tea dust has antiseptic effect, OK and effective clean skin, make skin close send bouncy.

(Film of 4) tomato face

tomato and lemon piece hit into mud, the agitate after adding a few flour is become namely equably. Besmear makes an appointment with 30 minutes of scour off on the face.

Purify often dies cell, deep-seated cleanness skins, convergent skin, particularly effective to blackhead and oily skin. Still have clean, beautiful white, calm effect.