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How to wash a face to maintain skin? How does outermost layer of skin wash facial ability clean?

Washing a face is the business that we should do everyday, but a lot of people however the cleanness that not very takes skin seriously, because can feel washing a face is very simple, without the thing of what technology content, can not think so oh, because wash facial knowledge but Where is much move? The difference of the effect protecting skin of you and others appears extremely likely in clean face on this measure.

How to wash a face to maintain skin? How does outermost layer of skin wash facial ability clean? (1)

1, the means that washs a face

Do leather MM

Do not think oneself give oily amount little, wash a face but optional, because corneous and same meeting is tired,add thick, the word of bad good metabolization does not give light fully. What ferment can cut off old useless cutin is concatenate, it is very mild metabolization kind. And massage through petty grain, the presence that also can reduce blackhead feels.

MM of outermost layer of skin

The radiation blue light of air pollution, high temperature and 3C product, allow modern oil increase, acne is great also. Wash Yan Pin because of what this contains part of earthy, mineral mud, OK and adsorptive grease, make skin fast empty feel well, achieve result accusing oil instantly.

Not only it is the skin simple case that wants him recognize, the choice fits his product that protect skin, know the method that washs a face even at ordinary times. You teach style of two big move here, let you wash the face get cleaner, cleanness enougher power!

Action type one: 0 failure " bare-handed and bubbly " art!

Gap is big, rare the hubble-bubble cleanness function of water is not big, but can informal rub rub can not have close and rich and generous hubble-bubble, teach you the big unexpected tricky move of much hubble-bubble of favorable balance of trade of can bare-handed rub now.

Step1: 5 yuan of quantities of coin

A breast that wash a face is squeezed on dry hand the breast washing a face of size of about 5 yuan of coin.

Step2: Knead in place of tiger's mouth-jaws of death

Bedew 3 fingers, go out to flap quickly from tiger's mouth-jaws of death bring air, knead the breast that wash a face.

Step3: Join water

Little water is added in the process, take care not to sweep hubble-bubble, repeat STEP2 again.

Step4: Blow hubble-bubble concentration

Often want to be centered with two handgrip hubble-bubble in the process, let hubble-bubble more agglomeration.

Step5: The centre of the palm big hubble-bubble

The big, hubble-bubble that is like the size like fist measures need the centre of the palm talent is enough, and also won't slide backhand character ability OK.

Step6: Lying between hubble-bubble rub is washed

There should be hubble-bubble slippage when rub is washed, point to an abdomen cannot skin of direct bring into contact with.

Action type 2: Carpet type is massaged, wash acne!

Between forehead (left)

Place of acne good hair is between brows, can draw round much rub a few times gently.

Nose ala and corners of the mouth (medium)

Nose ala often dark card is smudgy, regular meeting of corners of the mouth has a lot of paroxysmal acne.

Chin (right)

The chin since beat comes again rub. If have acne of sex of a lot of closedown, OK and tie-in acid kind shine skin.

2, the summer protects skin common sense

1, filling water

After the woman enters 30 years old, of skin protect wet effect to be able to drop apparently, the skin that a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of moisture can let you becomes dry do not have flexibility again, and still can appear very coarse, so light ripe female people what should do above all is filling water, the help skins compensatory and enough water is divided, ability yields skin water profit bouncy.

Countermeasure: Can often apply Facial mask has deep-seated filling water for skin, also can be carried or be to be in the office to put sparge of a bottle of mineral spring, when the sense is dry with respect to gush a few, tipple flowers and plants also is pretty good.

2, fight oxidize

The skin is oxidized to be the main reason that female people ages, the skin after ageing can appear naturally also dim wait for a problem, because the melanin of skin is secreted,this is, and still can form splash. In addition, oxidation still can decompose the collagen albumen inside the skin, make the skin becomes flabby, lose flexibility.

Countermeasure: Can use a few products that fight oxidation, fight oxidation purely to protect skin to taste the person that fits sensitive skin, product of medicine made of two or more ingredients suits all skin to pledge, and the time that fights oxidation is a few more protracted.

3, tighten cause the skin

The fleshy meat that the eye following that often the woman says him perception hanged down or is sensory face ministry is very loose break down, this also is to shift to an earlier date anile omen oh, antagonism skins ageing also is a part that cannot ignore flabbily.

Countermeasure: Often carry pull, massage facial skin to be able to make the skin is sent closely. Notable is, carrying when pulling facial skin, besides should carry the skin that draws two buccal position, carry even pull massage eye week, chin and cervical joint, lest these are sensitive the skin leak of place your age.

4, platoon poison

Long-term use is a few lead, mercuric content exceeds bid protect skin to taste, or it is long life not the rule, skin can be in imperceptible in become dark heavy coarse, give oil easily still, if appear such problem, can explain your skin is toxic so.

Countermeasure: Fruit juice and vegetable juice can make stockpile organizes the toxin inside the cell in human body deliquescent, attenuant, still can its outside eduction body. Juice of a cup of vegetables and fruits is drunk when breakfast, the constellation that can help body eduction of the previous night, thereby eduction toxin.