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What hairdressing protects the small doohickey of skin tomato patch? How to protect skin hairdressing to use tomato patch?

It is a kind of common vegetable in the life tomato patch, it is a kind of starch tomato patch kind material, the practice is very much, a lot of people also like to eat potato, say silk of acerbity hot potato for example, burn beef to wait tomato patch, very delicious dish, and still can make Facial mask tomato patch! Also be the material that a kind of pretty good hairdressing shields skin tomato patch, so, what hairdressing protects the small doohickey of skin tomato patch? How to protect skin hairdressing to use tomato patch? Will look below.

What hairdressing protects the small doohickey of skin tomato patch? How to protect skin hairdressing to use tomato patch? (1)

1, the method of potato hairdressing

1, film of immature soil bean flour makes a way: Match spoonful potato pink to give birth to yoke to be moved into only partly. Stick number 20 minutes with film of this kind of face, can reduce next eyelid dropsy not only, and still can stretch the skin, make whole face becomes smooth. If countenance appears tired out, also can use film of mellow soil bean flour, it can eliminate tired out feeling not only, and also can extend wrinkle.

2, film of milk potato face: Evaporate of will unripe potato is ripe, the potato after evaporate is ripe uses spoon or mixer, pound potato mud

Press potato next: Pure milk =5: The scale agitate of 1, of course you are OK make up scale according to his be fond of

milk potato mud, direct apply is on the face, 15-20 minute

15-20 mud washs the milk potato that gets on the face after minute can

Attention: Match next likewise filling water ensures result of wet bright skin water much better, using what use daily to protect latex of wet tender skin next can.

The effect: OK and effective beautiful white tender skin, be to want those who use to hold to of course! Want to see the effect is not actual, but after using, skin of can clear sense becomes water embellish is saturated, more show smooth, use for a long time more but perfect the formation that restrains melanin.

3, black rim of the eye of dispel of potato Facial mask: Committee of American country potato expresses in chapter of an a unit of length, it is the food with rich nutrition not only tomato patch, still pretty good hairdressing protects skin effect. Can do with potato " domestic SPA " , it can help you go black rim of the eye, can use absorb the skin to secrete overmuch oily cent.

4, skin of burning hot summer is basked in easily, suntan, potato juice can keep clear of facial splash and without side-effect;

5, youth skin grease is secreted exuberant, often suffer whelk, acne to perplex, touch affected part of daub of fresh potato juice to be able to solve this problem with pily club.

2, method of vitamin E hairdressing

Method one: Protect wet

Natural vitamin E+ latex or cream, dry season, need to defeat appearance of soft capsule of natural vitamin E with pinprick only, drop in be being mixed in latex or cream, its Tu Yu needs the place that maintain, particularly dry season, after bath, mix vitamin E the latex that protect skin to be used together, can avoid dry remove a skin, hold to for a long time, can make skin moist, Bai Xi. This law suits to be in for a long time particularly air conditioning is indoor beautiful fawn on of the job.

Method 2: Frost

Mediate with vitamin E and pearl powder, brush when eye frost. Next after many bits of time is massaged carefully, both hands points to mutual and fast attrition, after making finger calorific, cover to go up in the eye, keep a few seconds, move gently to canthus, repeat 3 after coming 5 times, accelerate the absorption of eye frost, the sense is good, the eye is not oily.

Method 3: Beautiful white

Natural vitamin E+ yoghurt + honey + lemon juice, take yoghurt two spoon, honey half spoon, lemon juice half spoon, with E of 3 natural vitamins tone is become mushy, apply face after 15 minutes, wash with Wen Shui clean, the attention had better not have been used very hot or the water of super-cooling, this law can keep clear of the bilge in wool stoma thoroughly, alimentary beauty is white, make skin glorious takes a person.

Method 4: Protect send

Beautify hair protect hair, natural vitamin E+ shampoo + protect hair vegetable, wash when hair, drip oil of E of a natural vitamin to mix in shampoo use, use when protecting hair vegetable such also, mix vitamin E together to be massaged gently, 3 minutes of fullback are washed clean, can make a hair moist, suitable slippery, get effective instantly.

Method 5: Protect a lip

vitamin E+ olive oil + honey mixes, brush next go up in double lip, thick Tu Yi layer, after 15 minutes wipe up of film of will redundant lip, can make a lip ruddy, bright lustre, suit dry Qiu Dong particularly.