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What congee does the female eat to you can discharge poison to raise colour? Is female hairdressing beautiful colour what does the method have?

Loving the United States is the nature of all female friends, and the appearance that each female friends hope to be able to have beauty, accordingly very much female friends can take some of hairdressing to raise colour food, below small made up female friends to introduce a few poison to raise colour congee, the hope can help female friends more beautiful and moving. So what congee does the female eat to you can discharge poison to raise colour? Is female hairdressing beautiful colour what does the method have?

What congee does the female eat to you can discharge poison to raise colour? Is female hairdressing beautiful colour what does the method have? (1)

One, platoon poison raises colour congee

1, yam ormosia congee of the seed of Job's tears

Raw material: Ormosia, the seed of Job's tears each one, yam 1 root, oatmeal right amount


(1) ormosia and the seed of Job's tears are abluent, in boiler medium baking temperature heats to be boiled to water, boil 2-3 again minute, involve fire, stew 30 minutes of;

(2) yam expurgation is cortical, abluent cut small, oatmeal is mincing;

(3) will yam piece and oatmeal enter stew enough in boiler of 30 minutes, build good top, firing continue to boil;

(4) boil after leaving again to the water in boiler, boil 2-3 again minute, involve fire, stew 30 minutes can.

Little hint: Because of Yi benevolence meeting makes the body cold empty, xu Han system is unsuited take for a long time, conceive pregnant woman and the woman that are worth period to should avoid edible so.

2, black sesame seed unpolished rice congee

Raw material: Unpolished rice, black sesame seed, water is right amount, white saccharic


(1) unpolished rice abluent drop works, water is added to be boiled in boiler, put unpolished rice agitate;

(2) in after waiting for boil, changing small fire infusion 45 minutes of;

(3) put add of black sesame seed to boil 5 minutes, add dissolve of white arenaceous candy can.

Little hint: Besides poison of platoon of unpolished rice conduce, edible black sesame seed still can fill calcic.

3, honey congee

Material: Rice 2 two, honey right amount

Practice: Wash rice clean first, put into boiler next, add right amount clear water, boil congee next, etc congee is ripe, honey is joined after refrigeration but.

The way of honey congee is exceedingly simple, but have effect of very powerful health care of preserve one's health among them, special feed more to the female of sedentary constipation still can remove embellish lung to relieve a cough, embellish bowel is aperient wait for action.

4, apple rice congee

Material: Apple, rice 150 grams, currant is right amount, honey

Practice: Wash rice clean first and drop works, wash the apple next nucleus of clean take out. Full water is added in past boiler next, this moment can put rice and apple to be boiled, proper mix wants in boiled process, ability won't be papered. Wait for congee to give out malic aroma, also pour currant into boiler next. Honey is joined after waiting for congee to cool a little then with respect to success.

The flavour of malic rice congee or perfectly, remind here after its must waiting to cool a little when adding honey, ability is added. Still this congee does not suit a diabetic.

5, ormosia wax gourd soup

Ormosia contains a lot ofvitaminic B1, B2, protein to reach a variety of mineral, have enrich the blood, the effect such as activation of diuresis, detumescence, stimulative heart. Eat more but precaution and remedial foot are swollen, have the effect that reduce weight. Its stone alkaline composition can increase peristalsis of intestines and stomach, reduce constipation to promote micturition, the itself of bloated; wax gourd that eliminates heart or nephrosis place to cause also is very good diuresis food.

Material: 200g of ormosia of wax gourd 400g, salt right amount


(1) wax gourd is abluent flay, ormosia of; of stripping and slicing is abluent, immerse reserve after 6 hours.

(2) right amount water is put to be burned in boiler, thoroughly cook into ormosia.

(3) will wax gourd piece is put into boiler, medium baking temperature opening a lid is boiled become transparent to wax gourd, add salt to flavor can.

Have a way: The edible when dinner, cooperate delicate food.

Besides a few kinds of congee above, still have a lot of can hairdressing is raised colour congee, for instance a surname child the beans suckles congee, its effect also is first-rate, and raw material is simple, wanted soja and medlar to go only, still have a lot of congee, differ one repeat, hope everybody often drinks congee finally, more and more beautiful.

2, female hairdressing is beautiful colour method

1, tipple lukewarm lemonade

One dock-glass lukewarm lemonade is drunk after getting up every morning. Besides compensatory moisture, lemonade can open those who use the body to purify a process, deliquescent and redundant adipose, the trash of all sorts of organs inside cleared body and toxin, purify blood, improve blood to pledge, stimulative metabolism, clean and repair is whole digest absorb a system, enhance digestible energy power, adjust draw a balance.

Tipple lukewarm lemonade

2, twist press " tiger's mouth-jaws of death " defecate is smooth

"Tiger's mouth-jaws of death " , point to the place between thumb of the back of hand and forefinger, in the middle of its have acupuncture point adding up to cereal. When using the toilet, can two side " tiger's mouth-jaws of death " across, with thumb above hand exerts oneself to do sth. a bit from artifice ministry to " tiger's mouth-jaws of death " edge forefinger brim twists pressure, every side is controlled 30 times turn over reestablish diplomatic relations to replace, because twist those who press is large intestine of hand Yang Ming the course of classics, because this holds to this habit, conduce to defecate unobstructed.

3, smooth foot is deferred on foot anile

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, in the 12 main and collateral channels of human body, thenar the sensitive area that has connection of photograph of as splanchnic as human body organ. Smooth foot walks, can pass into cerebrum through main and collateral channels, coordinate systematic organ function, rise to improve the health, delay the anile, action that prevents a disease, be beneficial to airframe to discharge poison.

4, massage lymphatic

Lymphatic loop owes beautiful, can affect the function discharging poison of the body, inside body of accumulation of easy generation toxin with oedema problem. Before sleeping, massage lymphatic, can guide element of body eduction much pernicious influence and moisture, not only hairdressing is raised colour, and still can decompose quickly adipose, the discovery after letting you wake up is bloated no longer, body also can appear some more lightsome. How to massage lymphatic? Lymphatic position basically is centrally on a channel and neck, accordingly you can use particular strength to massage 3-5 in place of this two place minute.

5, water rinse bowel

Maintain defecate unobstructed. 200 milliliter water should be drunk at least after early morning gets up, much activity activity, can have the effect of the clear bowel that brush a stomach, make relieve oneself eduction, cleared toxin. Replace finish machining food with natural food, fresh fruit is puissant purify food, pineapple, Chinese flowering quince, bizarre fruit, pear is right choice. In addition, eat more contain a lot offibrous food, for instance unpolished rice, vegetable, fruit, can increase alvine path peristalsis, reduce costive happening.

6, bubble bath discharges poison the most complete

Immerse to be able to have tepid effect when hot water is medium all over, right now temperature can rise apparently, sweat gland and pore are met later outspread, easy eduction is then many sweat be soiled, we know to discharge sweat is a kind of of a poison familiar pattern, the toxin inside body and rubbish are met as sweat eduction body outside. Then blood also is filtered clean, come so and, increase healthy while the effect that had to protect skin. Additional, leather fat and sweat can form a diaphragm on the skin, achieved the result that locks up water, avoid the skin dry. Of course, will tell compared with bubble bath bath, the effect of shower is not as apparent as it, suggest so everybody, if might as well conditionally,often choose the way of bubble bath.

7, poisonous law of the platoon that wash a face

Rise in the morning, wash a face with Wen Shui first, reoccupy cold water develops 30 seconds, reoccupy lukewarm bath, reoccupy cold water is strong, so cold heat is alternant, can promote haemal circulation. Such doing can promote facial blood-vessel and skin systole, it is a when eliminate facial skin toxin small doohickey.

8, eat acid to aid milt to discharge poison

For example Wu Mei, vinegar, this is to use the optimal provision that dissolves bromatoxism element, can enhance the digestive function of intestines and stomach, make the toxin in food is in inside the shortest time outside eduction body. At the same time acidity food still is had be good at lienal effect, can rise well " the food that fight poison " effect.