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What does hairdressing new method have? How to warm up protect skin?

The method of the hairdressing that protect skin also needs constant change, newer, especially change garments according to the season when, and the female friend of different age level is nursing cutaneous moment, the method also is different, also a lot of compare the new method that protect skin recently, so, what does hairdressing new method have? How to warm up protect skin? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

What does hairdressing new method have? How to warm up protect skin? (1)

1, warm up the method that protects skin

Japan protects HOT1 of skin new method: "Warm vivid " warm up hairdressing law

Winter chill is dry, the vivid motivation of airframe drops bring about the body metabolization loop is slow, brush maintain how is when tasting, the feeling brushed be not absorbed, often still appear the problem such as facial ministry oedema. Japanese MM is aimed at this one state, also thought up answer way, raise skin temperature namely in order to achieve fairness.

"Warm work " all behavior that are feeling of warmth of promotion temperature, creation namely, warm up through this hairdressing law, the thaw of skin surface layer that can let iciness rises, make skin is absorbed more easily protect skin to taste, also can will be in " hibernant " cold winter skin is waked up!

Warm up skill 1: Wash a face to promote skin at the same time

Cleanness is to maintain in measure most important, when wanting to wash a face only, use massage tepid face ministry, with respect to effectively promotion sequel maintains article absorb the effect, at the same time metabolization of stimulative face ministry circulates, improve oedema, dark heavy problem.

Concrete step: The clean side that chooses bubble to abound is tasted, extend massage time, brush skin with Wen Shuichong, thoroughly clean.

TIPS: The lukewarm feeling that sensitive skin should be careful to use market to go up maintains article, the glycerine that adds because of its (third 3 alcohol) , zeolite and oxidation calcium, the likelihood is brought about scratchy, red wait for a problem.

Warm up skill 2: The palm, Facial mask assists type to add lukewarm way

(1) the palm is added lukewarm. With heat towel enclothes facial ministry after clean face, the help opens skin pore, brush again next maintain article, final rub heats up both hands to enclothe facial ministry, repeat 5-10 second, the Wen Jia that use a hand fast maintain those who taste absorb.

(2) Facial mask warms up. Film of winter apply face feels too cold word, can will cream quantity puts gouge of shape Facial mask first in park small bowl, water is lain between to add in putting the bowl hot water next lukewarm (a sealed shape Facial mask is applicable also) .

Tips: Face film is added lukewarm be confined to keep wet noodle film, and the white, active nutrition composition in fighting old range film meets the United States to deteriorate because of high temperature.

Warm up skill 3: Skin of lymphatic massage promotion lukewarm

The massage frost with tie-in moist quality of a material does the temperature of the hand lymphatic massage can help skin warm up, make healthy flesh pledge. In massage colleague the proposal chooses to extend a gender to be massaged high model frost shape maintains article, massage down skin grain.

Japan protects HOT2 of skin new method: Carbonic acid hairdressing

Respecting carbonic acid, likelihood the great majority that everybody associates is mineral or of and so on of carbonic acid beverage, but on the hairdressing that actually carbonic acid also can apply us. Be in Japan, carbonic acid hairdressing already by broad love beautiful MM place is hep, also became one of popular hairdressing methods.

Carbonic acid hairdressing is to be aimed at the concept of a hairdressing that improves skin metabolism, because airframe circulates when motion is not smooth, skin can appear for certain many problems, and carbonic acid hairdressing is the vast power that uses carbonic acid small hubble-bubble, enter skin adequately to participate in a loop, help rescue is dark yellow skin.

Carbonic acid hairdressing applies to the following crowd:

Apply to have blain, skin dropsy, the skin is flabby, black rim of the eye, color of skin is dark heavy, skin is qualitative dry go up makeup the MM with poor effect.

Carbonic acid hairdressing applies:

1, bubble of face of carbonic acid clean

Distinction is suckled at washing a face commonly, the member that carbolic pickling face suckles is young, can efficiency permeates blood to drive oxygen metabolize, help sallow color of skin, let skin give ruddy complexion fully.

2, carbonic acid Facial mask

Carbonic acid bleb can help skin softly massage, help purify cutin at the same time. Because the member is young,can enter blood to drive metabolization, the nature after apply face can become ruddy and bright.

3, carbonic acid bubble bath

Bath of carbonic acid bubble can let carbonic acid can sink blood vessel, raise content of the carbon dioxide inside body, press body makes oxygen, let be moved from interior circularly rise, person of long-term bubble cold bottom is calefacient bottom person, relaxed nurturance is not easy fat constitution.

Japan protects HOT3 of skin new method: Vapour maintains law

Vapour hairdressing is a kind of more advanced hairdressing law of be good at skin, fundamental is maintain pore with taller vapour thoroughly cleared bilge, accelerate haemal circulation, stimulative metabolism makes skin softness is protected wet, become ruddy and exquisite, restore white and smooth healthy good essence.

Much performance vapour maintains law:

1, vapour discharge makeup

Face of the evaporate before discharge makeup 1 minute, make pore sufficient after diastole, reuse discharge makeup product discharge makeup, undertake cleanness 2 times with the grandma that wash a face finally, can fast clean colour makeup.

TIPS: Also can use discharge makeup oil first / lacteal besmear is on the face, one all over evaporate to hit a circle to massage, the colour on the face makeup discharge is divided clean.

2, vapour except acne

Evaporate face 5 minutes, after skin temperature is elevatory coriaceous happening metabolization changes, help pore open thereby let acne rise to, next reoccupy acne is clean implement suck acne.

TIPS: If be the blackhead in pore, evaporate does not give rely on steamer.

3, vapour is protected wet

2 are joined to contain rose, foreign Gan Ju, jasmine to wait in steamer have the oil of essence of medicine made of two or more ingredients that keeps wet effect evaporate face 10 minutes, can emphasize in relatively dry area especially, do massage help elite composition simply to absorb.

TIPS: If in hour of evaporate face second half certain daub keeps wet lock of water maintain article, skin otherwise can become before comparing, work.

4, vapour shines skin

After the vapour that use heat opens pore, use first make up the moisture with will redundant water and grease erase, reoccupy makes up cotton soaks beautiful Bai Hua makeup water, apply is on the skin, evaporate face 3-5 minute, make the skin sufficient imbibe and composition of beautiful white cream.

TIPS: Sensitivity skin may produce allergic reaction to high temperature character, do not suit vapour to maintain.

2, sensitive flesh nurses method

1, gentle and clean

The breast washing a face of the choice does not contain black radical part, do not contain the part with qualitative chamfer, qualitative ground temperature and, had better be natural ingredient. Hold to the not bubbly means that wash a face, spill with Wen Shui only wash a cheek, when washing a face, avoid energetically knead, skin just won't wash drier more. Perhaps try " law of bubble apply face " , give rub of the grandma that wash a face rich bubble, apply is in a minute on the face, reoccupy warm water is rinsed clean.

2, choice composition is protected simply skin is tasted

When the foundation protects skin, protect in order to repair reach protect wet give priority to, when product of choose and buy, it is to want composition to had been jumped over simplier more, the choice is sensitive skin is special article, have the product of indicative Gentlemildsensitive, design for sensitive skin only, can be at ease use. The proposal chooses not to have alcohol, those who do not have flavor, colorless element protect skin to taste, have slow the product of action is much better.

3, shine skin job wants caution

Take off cutin to sensitivity skin the one pace that is need discretion protects skin program. Because the skin is thinner and give birth to sensitive cause easily to ab extra products, excessive emphatic is massaged reach grind arenaceous particle bulkily to be able to cause harm to sensitive skin. Can choose property gentler go dying the skin creams, fortnight undertakes handling enough. Drying is sensitive flesh is unfavorable used the chamfer simple product that contains fruit acerbity part.

4, Shen Xuanmei product of white dispel spot

The United States is normally white, dispel spot, go the product of type of these a few effect contains a lot ofblain mostly active part, breed is mixed, allergic rate is higher, should choose to fight so quick series product. Beautiful white product chooses to contain a lot ofthe product of dimension C series aptly, airframe can increase while the United States protects wet skin in vain resist can, conduce prevents allergic reaction to happen, won't harm skin blandly.