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What fruit has hairdressing effect? What fruit to eat can does hairdressing protect skin?

Believe everybody should have eaten a fruit, sort of the fruity in the life has a lot of, different fruit has different nutrient value, to female friend, it is very important that hairdressing protects skin, what does the fruit that then you know to hairdressing protects skin have after all? Reckon a lot of people want to know exceedingly, below, introduce hairdressing to protect the fruit of skin to old furniture body.

What fruit has hairdressing effect? What fruit to eat can does hairdressing protect skin? (1)

1, the fruit that hairdressing protects skin

1, replace filling surface with pomegranate film

The effect with fruit the biggest sick at heart is side derma layer imbibe, but after the woman is 25 years old, the fruit acerbity composition in the skin decreases gradually, did filling surFacial mask to also become necessary homework every week.

The fruit acerbity composition in pomegranate is 3 times of the apple, it is grapy 2.2 times, the bases that this also is product of hairdressing of global new generation is the reason of pomegranate juice. Skin expert points out, want to eat a half pomegranate only, can achieve the filling water result since Facial mask institute. If you squeeze pomegranate juice,come out, drip to go up in the face, after 10 minutes abluent, that the following day the skin can become certainly fresh and juicy is clever!

2, use grapefruit to substitute chewing gum

Expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine points out, 6 those who become above " note issue " result from the stomach is hot. The field mint composition in chewing gum can alleviate temporarily only the stomach that remains in oral cavity is angry, cannot solve a stomach to heat up a problem at all, because the mouth of this chewing gum is enraged,pure and fresh effect won't exceed 2 hours.

The citric aldehyde composition in grapefruit can reduce hydrochloric acid in gastric juice effectively to secrete the speed, happening that reduces gastric heat, generally speaking, eat every morning 3, 4 valve grapefruit, daylong you can have pure and fresh implication!

3, the oil that use an ox replaces a frost if really

Every 100 gram oxen contain 30 grams in oily fruit adipose with a large number of protein, the nutriment of dermal layer complement that this kind of high grade albumen can be palpebral lower part, repair basks in the skin after the injury. Pateluo often uses the Gewennisi after American moviedom day bovine oil replaces eye frost if really, with moist her drying skin.

The composition of dry oleic acid in bovine oil fruit is close to skin fatty acid very much, the oil that use an ox replaces eye frost if really, can let at present arise " film of leather watch fat " , although often stay up late, you also won't produce black rim of the eye easily!

4, use yangtao to replace toothpaste

Brush his teeth to be able to let you carry an implication really after the meal pure and fresh, let a tooth look whiter, more luster. But had brushed his teeth frequency, surface of meeting attaint tooth is ganoid, let a white tooth shift to an earlier date anile!

The proposal of oral cavity expert is, brush his teeth besides morning and evening outside, every eat a yangtao after the meal suddenly! Many vitamin C and D are contained in yangtao, be called " fruit gold mine " , it can be effective the calcic element in aggregate tooth, the tooth that lets you is solidder. More important is, macaque acid has certain clean effect, a cup of clear water is drunk after eating yangtao, the effect that has a bit unlike brush one's teeth poor!

5, use lemon to substitute drug reducing weight

Drink 40 Ke Chun lemon juice everyday, the metabolic rate inside body can rise 21% , this is the thin body result that any medicine reducing weight achieve hard. Citric acid composition can promote splanchnic locomotive rate effectively, improve digestive function, a cup of lemon juice is drunk after big eat, can help you the grease inside rapid eduction body, won't eat because of how and get fat.

If you do not like the smell of citric acid acid, suggest you squeeze lemon juice after going out, join in past cup ice cube and saccharic, dilute hind is drunk again!

6, use mango to replace shampoo

Consider to discover, the mango ketone acerbity composition in mango but repair hair. Very hot, catch hair hind, send tip protein prediction of a person's luck in a given year, the hair appears easily bifurcate, sere, use repair latex with its, wash a hair as the weekly fruit juice that use awn!

Additional, if this your job is busy, food not the rule, might as well a mango eats after eat, mango can help the body absorb albumen of more high grade animal, run protein at hair, make your hair pitch-black shine lustre, everybody envy!

7, use papaya to replace eyedrop

After using computer for long, doesn't dry, eyes have eyeball of hair lose face smooth? Fasten rapid move to use eyedrop first, although eyedrop can be moisture of eyeball crystal complement, use for a long time, can let an eye can produce dependence.

The Chinese flowering quince in papaya is enzymatic have very good bright eye effect, eat a Chinese flowering quince everyday, eye crystal won't have the trouble that lacks water. Besides, after long job, you still can cut papaya into piece, and apply is on the eye, can alleviate effectively so eyestrain, reduce the wrinkle all round canthus!

8, replace embellish with cherry lipstick

The female of the same branch of a family of 85% eats cherry! Cherry tastes not only melting, color is bright-coloured, it still has pretty good embellish lip effect. First what the iron content in cherry is located in a fruit, iron is the raw material that combines haemoglobin of grown human body, often eat cherry, your double lip can become bright-coloured, moist!

Additional, you are OK still cherry juice direct besmear is on the lip, red composition meets cherry to keep 2-3 hour on the lip, the beautiful lip effect that it has can compare embellish lipstick a lot of!

9, do bubble bath with bishop water

Join bishop bath crock in, immerse whole body 5 minutes inside next, till till the body gives out heat slightly,reoccupy both hands is massaged to be being done all over.

2, hairdressing is raised colour method

1, drink 8 cup water everyday

What the water inside skin cell divides is decrescent, it is the main reason of skin occurrence furrow. Accordingly, feminine every other 1 should drink 236 milliliter water to 2 hours, namely nearly half jins of water.

2, noon takes a nap nap one below

Nap can increase operation capacity 40 minutes 34% , alertness can rise instantly and can maintain a few hours. This is more remarkable than the life-giving effect of coffeine, and install devoid stimulation.

3, hold to ovarian maintain

Ovarian it is the exclusive organ that the woman secretes female progestational hormone, the state of female progestational hormone will decide the rate of female consenescence. Had held to sexual life 1 times every week, can adjust hormone level; Insist to absorb soybean products, with yellow ketone of compensatory soja different.

4, give appropriately bosom is massaged

Perfect and strong bosom is the wife's lovely mark. As the growth of the age, bosom can appear anile omen, return the disease such as hyperplasia of meeting occurrence mammary gland. Choose appropriate underwear, not beyond the mark " crowded " and " strap " ; Want to let bosom get be relaxationed thoroughly everyday, before sleeping, best gentleness is massaged.

5, bubble bath time does not pass long

A lot of people like long bubble bath, such meetings cause the skin dry, bring about skin ageing, cause microgroove. Time of first-rate bubble bath is 10 minutes OK, and it is a winter, water Wen Ye does not want too tall, maintain control in 40 Celsius appropriate.

6, poisonous law of the platoon that wash a face

Rise in the morning, wash a face with Wen Shui first, reoccupy cold water develops 30 seconds, reoccupy lukewarm bath, reoccupy cold water is strong, so cold heat is alternant, can promote haemal circulation. Such doing can promote facial blood-vessel and skin systole, it is a when eliminate facial skin toxin small doohickey.