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Does hairdressing protect skin what to nourishment eat? What to eat to let you discharge poison to become beautiful?

Having a thing make a person very difficult refuse, a lot of people like snack particularly at ordinary times, but may restrain oneself to reduce weight, return some the person is to protect skin to be able to not eat all bad to the skin food, but there are a lot of foods in our diet have profit actually to the skin, does that hairdressing protect skin what to nourishment eat? What to eat to let you discharge poison to become beautiful?

Does hairdressing protect skin what to nourishment eat? What to eat to let you discharge poison to become beautiful? (1)

1, hairdressing protects skin to eat what nourishment

(1) is oaten

The young associate that feels flavour is weak can be gone to inside the honey that increase a point, mouthfeel will be better. And

Oaten nutrient value is very high, still can suck fat.

(2) milk

A cup of hot milk is drunk before sleeping, can aid Mian to return can beautiful skin, take the advantage of the following day when having the sun, bask, still can promote calcic absorption.

Whole wheat bread works overtime a group of things with common features feel abdomen hunger takes whole wheat bread, can eat fully not only, still can help human body release insulin.

(3) honey

Develop a cup of honey directly water or it is OK to in adding milk, be drunk. Solution of help human body is pressed and can adjust the mood oh.

(4) banana

Banana can flabby chicken, add fade black element, still can sleep peacefully.

(5) almond

The vitamin E with rich almond, can enhance the immune power of the body, still can beautiful white.

(6) chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea has the effect of easy Mian, OK still quiet energy of life of wirh fixed attention.

(7) potato

Potato won't increase the burden of intestines and stomach, return the toxic substance inside can cleared body instead.

2, hairdressing protects skin to wash facial method

, sensitivity skins

Pledge in all skin in, sensitive skin is to enrol a person to wait for least of all those who see. Get very easily because of it the stimulation of the outside, stretch tight occurrence burn, closely thereby, the symptom with urticant Sao. So sensitive skin should choose the gentle grandma that wash a face, when washing cannot too forcibly, after be being washed, rinse clean with Wenshui, reused wool towel is pressed gently pressure, absorb the moisture on the skin.

2, do neuter skin

Dry, neuter skin feels to Chang Min of clean things dispute, especially together alkalescent bigger clean things. It is OK that so such skin condition makes be cleaned with the grandma that wash a face everyday, it is OK that the time of the others can wash a face with clear water. If be the word with facial dirtier ministry,also can continue use cleanness of the grandma that wash a face of course, but had better be as far as possible little use cleanness articles for use.

3, oily skin

Oily skin is a lot of people most the skin that be fed up with is qualitative, feel facial bubble is in oil everyday. But oily skin washs facial ten million to cannot pass diligent, otherwise although you wash oil clean, moisture also prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Oily skin should hold the convention of face of clean of morning and evening, if feel fat, still can wash twice. After be being washed, should choose a few relaxed model make up water, maintain cutaneous relaxed.

4, when clean face with Wen Shui

Wash a face to had better use Wen Shui usually, but want under temperature. The dirty other people with so OK and relaxed facial scour off, still can make facial skin is stretched, strengthen the cleanness of skin pore.

5, after clean face with cold water

Pore is stretched is for cleanness, after that is clean if still let pore dehisce, dirty content can enter pore again, cause pollution 2 times. Cold water uses after clean face so, cold water can enhance haemal circulation, promote cutaneous flexibility.

Epilogue: Besides the basis the skin is idiosyncratic and divisional serve the means means that washs a face, also want the clean skin of fixed deep arrangement at ordinary times, can choose the product of and so on of film of face of a few cleanness, still can lie between period of time to go corneous layer, but want special attention pore is to open position after depth is clean, if use the convergent water of contractive pore not in time or the word of apply Facial mask, make pore very easily bulky, go down for a long time to be able to make the skin does not have burnish, whole person can be shown a lot of older, want to keep green so, at ordinary times the a bit wants to accumulate!