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What does hairdressing medicinal food just have? What medicinal food can just have the effect of hairdressing?

Female friend is in everyday the hairdressing that protect skin, and the means that still seeking a few hairdressing to protect skin every day. What do you know method of hairdressing medicinal food has then? Reckon a lot of people want to know exceedingly, what does the medicinal food that we see the hairdressing in bottom life protects skin together have after all? Medicinal food square in what having after all is hairdressing protect skin.

What does hairdressing medicinal food just have? What medicinal food can just have the effect of hairdressing? (1)

1, hairdressing medicinal food square

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think, the function of our appearance and our body internal organs of the body is having very close relationship, only essence of our the five internal organs enrages plentiful, so what our ability that enrage blood can change is exuberant, and countenance is OK also and bright ruddy.

Say to want to defer the consenescence of appearance so, so the function that we must want to enhance the vital organs of the human body, notice preserve one's health.

1. sesame seed congee

We can eat congee of a few sesame seed, fry sesame seed first ripe, add next a few fine salt is put in congee mix is even, every bowls of congee puts on half sesame, drink two bowls everyday can.

Sesame seed is a medicine feeds the Chinese traditional medicine that is the same as a source, often eat sesame seed, can make the skin keeps tender, meticulous and smooth, have the person of chronic constipation, the meeting inside alvine path puts the five internal organs that leaving many poisonous always to harm us, can cause the skin thereby coarse.

Sesame seed has the effect of embellish bowel slippery bowel, OK and effective cure constipation, and return can moist skin, hairdressing effect is very pretty good.

Besides, sesame seed still has the effect that raises blood to enrich the blood, OK and effective cure skin sere, coarse, your skin is smooth and exquisite, ruddy luster.

2. lily congee

The making method of lily congee also is very simple, take lily 30 grams, if be to do the word of lily to take 15 grams, next reassume 50 grams rice, plus right amount rock candy.

Cook rice congee first, be in next congee eight right amount lily is joined when maturing, boil again to ripe, join edible of a few rock candy in the evening everyday can.

Pleasant of lily sex flavour, small suffering, small cold, put in classics of heart, lung 's charge, can raise shade embellish lung, clear heart calms the nerves.

Lily congee can make skin white tender smooth, lily is contained those who abound is mucilaginous with the vitamin, have very good help effect to our skin cell metabolism, often edible lily, hairdressing result is very right.

Soup of honey of 3. Yi benevolence

Take Ke Yiren and 250 right amount honey, first Jiang Yiren develops delicate last stage, next bottle reserves.

Every time anteprandial half hour arrives in a hour, take water of 10 decoct of Ke Yiren pink, join right amount honey to be taken again next, take 6 months continuously, what coarse skin can change is delicate slip tender.

Yi benevolence can promote our body blood and the metabolism that water divides, have regulate the menstrual function of invigorate the circulation of blood and acetanilide effect, can beautiful Bai Zirun, and return can thin face, clear heat discharges pus, coarse to facial acne and skin having clear improvement the effect.

And honey, what can accelerate us to skin is metabolic, enhance the force fighting bacterium of skin and vigor, what can reduce melanin effectively is deposit, those who prevent skin is dry, the skin that lets us changes more Bai Xi, delicate, smooth, remove hairdressing to protect the effect of skin, return can effective precaution acne and remove wrinkle.

Mulberry of 4. the tuber of dwarf lilyturf protects skin in vain just

No use of mulberry of the tuber of dwarf lilyturf deserves together to boil a congee, after taking, to us the skin has conserve effect very much.

Take mulberry of 30 grams the root bark of Chinese wolfberry, 20 grams the tuber of dwarf lilyturf of Bai Pi, 20 grams and 50 grams wheat, after cleaning white skin of the root bark of Chinese wolfberry, mulberry, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf clean respectively, the decoct in putting water directly is officinal juice, bowl will be put after wheat benevolence is washed clean again next inside, add medical juice, boil congee with slow fire can edible.

2, Gong Zaomei allows a method

1, big jujube medlar tea

Raw material: Big jujube 6, medlar 10 grams.

Make: Medlar, will big jujube is put in boiler together, add right amount water, conflagration boil, turn to be boiled with small fire stew 5 minutes can. Also can develop bubble to take directly with boiled water.

Effect: Medlar can fill liver kidney bright eye, enhance immunity force, alimentary a variety of advantages such as powerful body, this Fang Jian goes easily, frail to the body, intestines and stomach is unwell, easy the person that the mouth does decompensation of function of glossal dry, liver can be taken for a long time. If the mouth does glossal dry very serious or fire is big person can add chrysanthemum additionally 1 ~ 2 a take medicine with water.

2, Wu Dazao congee

Raw material: Pink of the tuber of multiflower knotweed 25 grams, big jujube 50 grams, rock candy 15 grams, rice 50 grams.

Make: Enter rice, big jujube boiler together first, infusion becomes congee. Wait for congee half ripe when join white of the tuber of multiflower knotweed, the edge boils edge agitate divide evenly, to congee sticky stiff become namely, rejoin rock candy flavors.

Effect: This congee has the effect such as blood of essence of filling liver kidney, beneficial, aperient, detoxify, apply to liver kidney the lightheaded, insomnia that blood of two empty, essence is not worth be caused by the disease such as involuntary emission of forgetful, nocturnal emission, senile sex hypertension, hemal sclerotic patient is long take but prolong life.

3, ginseng jujube rice

Raw material: Dangshen 20 grams of 10 ~ , big jujube 20, polished glutinous rice 250 grams, white sugar 50 grams.

Make: ① dangshen, big jujube is the same as water simmer in water half hours, go meal of evaporate of polished glutinous rice of ② of; of dangshen broken bits, big jujube is spread go up at the meal, decoct of white sugar of jujube ginseng Tonga drenchs for concentrated juice go up in the meal can edible.

Effect: Filling gas raises a stomach. Apply to body empty gas to lose, lack of power and listless, palpitation insomnia, inappetence, limbs dropsy, defecate jalf congealed is thin wait for disease.

4, big jujube tuckahoe congee of polished glutinous rice

Raw material: Big jujube 10, polished glutinous rice 200 grams, tuckahoe 15 grams, medlar 15 grams.

Make: ① polished glutinous rice, big jujube parts pan is clean, immerse 1 ~ puts enough clear water in boiler of ② of 2 hours of; , polished glutinous rice, big jujube, tuckahoe falls after big baked wheaten cake leaves, small fire turns to be boiled slow 40 minutes after be being boiled the medlar below; ③ continues to boil 5 ~ 10 minutes, can join right amount rock candy happy event is sweetly to come at the same time melt can.

5, jujube paste almond cake

Raw material: Pink of polished glutinous rice 500 grams, red jujube 300 grams, almond 100 grams, white sugar is right amount.

Practice: Put almond the bubble in hot water 10 minutes, in paring flay puts bowl, fry with small fire ripe hind take the advantage of heat to grind to break end; uses red jujube bowl is put after Wen Shui is abluent inside, add water right amount boil soft hind fish out flay, go the nucleus mashs jujube paste; puts powder of polished glutinous rice clean basin inside, increase end of jujube paste, almond and white sugar and divide evenly, adding right amount gruel to synthesize a group, repeatedly tan comes smooth, rub becomes strip, become the agent with even size child; general every agent child by flat, roll is thin embryo of the cake that become a circle, put into drawer, with conflagration evaporate 20 minutes can give boiler to install dish, take the advantage of edible of the desk on heat.