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What does winter protect hair obligatory course to have? How to nurse in the winter hair?

Winter weather is dry, a lot of people can appear easily the skin is dry wait for a problem, but actually besides facial skin, the hair also is met very dry, once scalp is dry, appear easily dander, and still can bring about a hair sere short-tempered, it is trichomadesis even, so winter should protect skin not only, still need to know how to be protected hair, after all the hair is very big also to the influence of figure.

What does winter protect hair obligatory course to have? How to nurse in the winter hair? (1)

1, winter protects hair obligatory course

1. Do up one's hair daily obligatory course

Do up one's hair is OK the float skin on take out hair and scalp and dirty content, give a hair with measurable stimulation, stimulative blood circulates, make a hair soft and luster.

Proposal: Above all from comb messy hair tip begins, stroke scalp gently with the comb. Forelock border combed backward once upon a time, next, from two ear the ministry parts to undertake combing to respective and opposite way. Let a hair finally to the head all around wrap around to be combed dispersedly. Comb tine does not want too sharp, do up one's hair is being massaged again and straighten, need not exert oneself to do sth. .

2. Shampoo is massaged constant do

Scalp bilge can cause hair increase, be a hindrance to the normal growth at the hair. The purpose of shampoo depends on washing the bilge on scalp and hair, often massage scalp, the blood of can promotional scalp is supplied, make send a root to become strong have tenacity. So, want to protect good hair, be about often shampoo and massage, make the hair is in clean condition.

Proposal: Mix in the morning everyday before sleeping, the hand points to and approach, insert the finger hair, comb after head for like the comb rub, left hand combs rub left hair, the right hand combs rub right hair, in all 20; Began in the middle of the forehead once upon a time again next, by after heading for, press gradually knead afterbrain, will all hair in order is pressed knead.

3. Wash hair hind to wipe comb again arrange

Wash do not comb immediately, after waiting for it to work naturally, be combed again. The hair is in wet when it is the flimsiest, right now the wool scale of the hair has not closed, if comb meeting kink is together, be out of shape easily and rupture, cause loss. So, washing hair hind had better be to use a hand to arrange a hair probably, make roughly docile, next when basic and dry ability undertakes be combinged systematically.

Proposal: When weather is cold, can go to moisture blot with towel 78 into, but must not use intense hair dryer, more unfavorable with temperature exorbitant fire-tongs or electric heat comb. When because become,temperature exceeds 80 ℃ , the protein that can make a hair medium is destroyed, lose flexibility and luster.

4. Protect wet nurse most key

Winter climate chill is dry, ultraviolet illuminate also is in eroding a hair, although the hair was not ironed through catching,wait for chemical processing, the water that the effect that suffers condition of ministry of substandard of environment, climate also can make a hair deep-seated distributes prediction of a person's luck in a given year, become dry lose flexibility, bring about generation electrostatic rupture more easily. Protect hair element to be able to form diaphragm in the surface of beautiful hair, chain water is divided effectively, prevent beautiful hair to become sere and because of ultraviolet illuminate " get hurt " .

Proposal: Should use in the winter protect hair vegetable, but the attention does not want skin of besmear in the end to go up. Divide at ordinary times undertake protecting wet outside nursing, when going out, need necessary spray of a bottle of hair keeps wet agent, when feeling the hair is a little dry, can in time ground complement moisture, make the hair often maintains natural suitable Hua Yingrun.

5. Complement nutrition cannot be saved

All over hidebound or function of indigestion, metabolization is not congruent, can create nutrient obstacle, make the hair becomes fine and dry, maogen happening is atrophic, drop fragile and easily. Want to make a hair pitch-black shine, besides the attention daily conserve, return OK and simple food to begin.

Proposal: The attention is balanced the nurture such as the high grade protein that absorbs head happening to grow place to need, iron, calcic, sulfur and vitamin A, B, D, E is qualitative. Be like soup of soybean products, dairy produce, black sesame seed, fish, kelp, bone, contain a lot ofthe fresh fruit vegetables of the vitamin, wait like lotus root of taro, lotus, cabbage, bright lettuce.

Furnish to assure nutrition, avoid a hair to break raise, a few winter beautify hair below cookbook also but try out:

Black soya bean is citric piece: Black soya bean is 50 grams, citric 5; Thoroughly cook black soya bean soft, join lemon piece, boil a bit again become namely; Usage is daily or lie between day of edible 1 times. Have raise the hair, effect that protects hair, hairdressing.

Walnut sesame seed is burnt: Walnutmeat is 500 grams, black sesame seed 500 grams; On makings fry ripe hind pound delicate last stage, mix even; Usage is take 2 spoon early, late each everyday, add candy or honey to rush with warm boiled water feed, can raise hair, black hair.

What does winter protect hair obligatory course to have? How to nurse in the winter hair? (2)

2, the hair nurses small doohickey

1, eat more contain a lot ofthe food of vitamin B, C

Vitamin C is OK activation capillary wall, make the hair can absorb the nutrition in blood smoothly, and vitamin B has stimulative hair to grow, make the hair presents the effect of natural burnish. If common much edible is malt wait for the fresh vegetable that contains a lot ofvitamin B and vitamin C and fruit, restore health to shine to the hair lustre the effect that has get twice the result with half the effort.

2, marcel and catch hair note

Iron a hair one year 2 times at most, when sending qualitative state to become poorer, the proposal does not want marcel, catch hair, and catch hair and marcel to had better not undertake at the same time, because these two kinds of liquid medicine are met,cause double harm to the hair.

3, the clip of the hair with comb

Two months clip opens every other 1 times to send a tip forkedly. Additional, when comb, do not use as far as possible plastic comb, make with wooden comb or bone comb optimal, can avoid to bring harm to the hair so.

4, by pressure head skin

Specific operation method is: Two tactics hand shows nature is stretched, with point to end from begin before the forehead, pillow comes by pressure head skin in the middle of edge head late border, carry two side scalp on the head by pressure head next, till make build department, have strut feeling by the scalp when pressing, press 2 ~ 3 minutes every time.

5, abstain yoke to protect deliver vegetable

Yoke is OK and moist dry hair, be done so with it protect hair vegetable, can help you save withered hair. Specific means: After shampoo, take besmear of right amount yoke to be on hair, after massaging 5 minutes, reoccupy cold water is abluent.

What does winter protect hair obligatory course to have? How to nurse in the winter hair? (3)

Now hairdressing plastics and hairdressing beauty release course of study so be very popular, because living conditions is good,be, the enjoyment that people begins to go after spirit and contented, begin to want to let oneself become more beautiful have charm more, change hair style ceaselessly so, it is plastic even, without doubt, the cost of plastic is big, sequela is tall also, and do one's hair is why? Accordingly we should learn to nurse more oneself hair. Had better not iron often additionally catch a hair.