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Wash hair nurse what wants to notice? What does the note that washs a hair have?

Hiemal moment, our hair can become exceeding short-tempered, and rise easily electrostatic, rise in the morning, the hair sleeps was out of shape, do then you know to wash hair nurse what item should notice? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, introduce to wash to old furniture body hair nurse note, the hope is helpful to everybody, can should bask in short-tempered to send silk.

Wash hair nurse what wants to notice? What does the note that washs a hair have? (1)

1, wash hair nurse note

1, shampoo should be squeezed on the hand, the knead that add water gives hubble-bubble, begin knead to send silk from hair end.

2, with show the abdomen massages scalp gently, clean hair silk. After rinse out sends the hubble-bubble on silk, send the moisture on silk by the blot that presses type with towel.

3, wash hair hind, before daub protects hair vegetable, use first show the abdomen is pressed gently press auditive and the following hair, squeeze a redundant moisture.

4, squeeze those who give ping-pong size to protect hair element to be in the palm, knead both hands, the hand points to across, make protect hair vegetable outspread arrive between every finger.

5, will protect hair element to resemble brushing paint general and even daub sends silk at every, outstretched the five fingers inserts hair silk in that way like comb, made daub is even.

6, after awaiting about 5 minutes, will protect hair element to be washed. Notice rinsed pattern, the hair bundle in the palm, a bundle a bundle of ground undertakes be rinsinged gently respectively.

7, encase with bibulous towel hair, press gently press imbibe, remember, it is to use " suck " , not be to use " brush " , avoid to injure wool scale.

8, nurse on even on damp-dry hair daub product, the hair drier after doing it heats do good safeguard.

9, blower begins to blow from hair root, blower should shake gently in the process that blow, change blowy way, avoid to be opposite same the place blows more than 5 seconds.

10, after blowing dry scalp, upper part of the side outside sending blower from the beginning, the position that assumes 45 degrees of role begins to blow. This action conduces to close wool scale, make the hair looks more shining.

11, go to blower from sirocco switch air cooling, hold up has a hair, return inside not complete and dry hair to blow dry.

12, the hair that checks afterbrain spoon and collarband place whether already complete and dry, finish.

2, raise hair nurse piece

1, catch less hair. Can cause harm to the hair besides marcel beyond, the chemical composition in catching hair agent and bleacher also can harm the length of the hair and burnish. If you want to change a color to the hair, might as well with half permanent with provisionality acquire hair agent, and the color with the natural hair the most adjacent color that had better choose to follow a hair. If catch the word of hair, also want to control good frequency, the harm that catchs hair correct hair often is very great.

2, grow after all. When long hair, nurse with respect to what do not have the necessary and reasonable overspend that send inn cost, it is OK that he is in the home DIY nurses hair: The coconut oil with a few so much spoon is put in control, wipe the place that hair end reachs in be being sent next, a few hour hind wash them again, or it is OK that of the previous night is washed again.

3, do not let a hair touch sweat. To avoid to harm healthy hair, when we suggest to working, plunge into the hair rise. Such, elastic can protect hair root, and still can send existing biforked in time to send a tip.

4, fixed clip sends a tip. The hair if nutrition is inadequate, most what give current situation condition first is hair tip, bifurcate, short-tempered can appear. OK and fixed oneself build hair tip or a month goes tonsorial. After repairing hair tip redo hair film perhaps besmears the dot maintains article.

3, nurse the food of the hair is recommended

The compensatory iron with seasonable 1. pledges

Consider to confirm through science, there is 30% about in the female of trichomadesis is caused, the compensatory iron with seasonable to female friend place can let the growth with your rapid hair character, the food that those iron abound quite character has soya bean, black soya bean, egg kind, hairtail, shrimp, ripe earthnut, spinach, carp, banana, carrot, potato. If you want to make what your hair grows a few faster, can eat a few above more these food.

Protein of 2. compensatory vegetable

Acid content of ammonia of acerbity, Guang reduces the azotic ammonia in the hair of the person that discover trichomadesis through research in great quantities, so if what the hair that wants oneself grows is a few faster must complement in time above these material, in us often content of these two kinds of material is richer among the food of edible soja, black sesame seed, corn waits, what so female friend wants to make his head happening long is a few faster must active eat more a few afore-mentioned these food.

3. active filling iodine

The healthy level of the hair of human body and thyroid gland have very close relationship, filling iodine can the function with effective thyroid buildup, the likelihood is caused for the person that grows discomfort to those head happening so, the hair that compensatory iodine can let you more beautiful, iodic content compares rich food to have the food such as kelp, laver, oyster. Eat such a few food to be able to make more your hair more beautiful.

4. eats more a few vegetable are mixed fruit

The woman is easy one of elements of trichomadesis are acidity toxin is contained in blood, saccharide of long-term excessive edible and adipose kind of food, the acidity material such as acid of the lactic acid that makes arise in metabolization process, acetone, carbonic acid stops inside body, produce acerbity toxin. Should eat liver less so kind, the flesh kind wait for food, because the acidity material in these food is easy,cause acerbity poison overmuch. Vegetable and fruit are alkalescent food, can counteract acidity toxin, can eat more appropriately.

5. is compensatory vitamin E

Vitamin E can promote the growth of hair effectively, the consenescence of counteractive hair, the growth that wants to make hair rapid so is OK edible the food with very rich E of a few vitamins, such food has cabbage of bright lettuce, cyan, black sesame seed to wait.

6. is compensatory kind stick albumen and bone glue to pledge

Kind stick what albumen and bone glue can promote hair effectively character to grow, the food that contains a lot ofthis kind of material has bovine bone soup, chop soup to wait.

What hair to eat to grow quickly? 6 kinds of food can let above effectively what the hair grows is a few faster, what need an attention nevertheless is these food should often have ability OK and effective, eating twice do not have what effect.