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How does trichomadesis do summer badly? How does summer drop a hair to do badly?

Generally speaking, everybody is to be able to be dropped of hair, and if the hair is dropped abnormal, what drop for example is overmuch, so the symptom that means this individual to have lose one's hair. So how does trichomadesis do summer badly? How does summer drop a hair to do badly? How should be summertime lose one's hair recuperated badly? What is the consideration with summertime serious lose one's hair?

How does trichomadesis do summer badly? How does summer drop a hair to do badly? (1)


1, how does trichomadesis do summer badly



(1) summer leaves bingle as far as possible


Sweat estimates summer big, grow what the hair had better not stay too, long send or dish hair is easy cause scalp inflammation, sweat leach bubble also can be injured hair is qualitative, bring about trichomadesis serious.


(2) avoids the sun to insolate hair


The summer should decrease to insolate below sunshine as far as possible, sun ultraviolet ray, heat radiation can produce intense stimulation to head skin, cause hair loss to fall off serious, ; goes out to wear a hat as far as possible or grease secretes unbalance is to open an umbrella, after the hair is insolated, come home should make scalp and hair cooling come down instantly.


(3) is massaged loosen scalp


Scalp is the soil that the hair grows, scalp is too dry and hard, the hair lacks nutrition, fall off easily, multi-purpose at ordinary times show the abdomen is massaged push knead whole scalp, conduce to loosen, stimulative blood circulates, rise to prevent the action of trichomadesis.


(4) maintains state of mind gentle


When summertime weather is too sultry, the person senses fretted uneasiness easily also, maintain gentle state of mind, the activity leaves in easy environment, make a person easily pleasurable, the hair that because the depression is brought about,alleviates on can certain level falls off phenomenon, this is in involuntary in also conduce to remedial lose one's hair.


2, summer prevents and cure trichomadesis small doohickey



(1) Jiang Zhisheng sends juice


Material: ?  ?50 is overcome, tincture of iodine 10 milliliter.

Practice: juice of ginger extort ginger, disinfect the skin with tincture of iodine, handle ginger juice paint at trichomadesis again, wipe repeatedly, everyday 3.

Effect: Ginger juice can accelerate scalp blood circulation, stimulative head produces breed, have apparent effect to trichomadesis second birth, appropriate at trichomadesis, lack, spot is bald, hair quantity is exiguous person use.


(Honey of 2) very light blue massages frost


Material: Fresh green Chinese onion is white 100 grams, honey is right amount.

Practice: Will fresh big very light blue is cut paragraph, after water boil is being added in putting bowl, take out, pound becomes mud, join honey agitate even, direct daub at breaking out place, massage 5 minutes gently, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean can.

Effect: Very light blue is had very strong antiseptic, curb bacterium function, honey can protect scalp, alleviation is exciting, both scalp is massaged after mediating besides OK and antiseptic, besides diminish inflammation, return can exciting scalp, promote local blood circulation, help hair new student, the bald that be affected at head skin bacteria aptly and causes and trichomadesis problem.


(3) Sang Xie is protected flood


Material: Dry Sang Xie 20 grams.

Practice: Will dry Sang Xie is put into pannikin, add water boil, refrigeration hind reserves, after shampoo is sent, be mulberry leaf water on the hair gently knead massage adobe makes an appointment with 3 minutes, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean can.

Effect: Sang Xie has unripe fit to use, use shampoo to send can embellish hair, make a hair soft, and can anticreep solid hair, stimulative hair new student, suit a hair few and far between, often the crowd of trichomadesis is used.


(4) balm gives birth to hair fluid


Material: Balm (sesame-seed oil) right amount

Practice: Hit wet hair gently with clear water, go up to the daub that deliver remaining part from hair root balm, massage scalp gently, towel is heated up on the bag, warm water of the reoccupy after restricting half an hour continues to clean.

Action: Balm has the effect that stimulative hair grows, brush besmear scalp with balm, match in order to massage, can make sparse hair more dense, pledge at drying hair the crowd is used aptly.


(5) rosemary hair oil


Material: Rosemary two big spoon, olive oil 50 milliliter.

Practice: Put rosemary into pannikin, add olive oil, small fire heats, fire involves before boil, refrigeration hind quiet place 3 days, filter in giving clear oily juice to pour vitreous bottle, reserve, wash when sending, be oil of daub a few on the hair, after knead massages scalp, wash with clear water gently clean.

Effect: Rosemary is a kind of herb, the fragrance material that it releases conduces to the haemal circulation that improves the head, cooperate hair-oil of olive oil make it, can stimulate scalp effectively, compensatory nutrition, help hair grows, suit a hair few and far between, hair quantity is less person use, the person that oily hair pledges is unfavorable use.


3, summer the reason of trichomadesis



(Illuminate of 1) ultraviolet ray


Summer of a lot of people very notice the skin is prevented bask in the job, but however oversight the hair is prevented bask in, actually the person's scalp is harmed more easily than the skin of other position by ultraviolet ray, the composition of the hair is horny albumen, can happen below ultraviolet illuminate decompose the phenomenon with prediction of a person's luck in a given year, bring about hair attenuate and molten, hair wool scale insolates in sunshine fall to also can differ degree is damaged, bring about hair qualitative change to get short-tempered and bifurcate, fall off even.


(2) reduces weight blindly


Reducing weight blindly also is the culprit that brings about summer to take off inflammation disease, the growth of the hair needs a lot of microelement and must adipose, blind is on a diet reduce weight, give priority to for a long time with delicate food, bring about element of a lot of nutrition to lack, especially microelement loss, cause a hair to fall off thereby.


(3) hair cleanness is undeserved


Hair of summerly the top margin of a page gives oil easily, perspire, add a bacterium breed is very fast, fluid of a lot of sweat and scurfy enclothe in scalp surface, the hair is cleaned hard originally, what if cleanness works,do is not complete, or it is to use cold water shampoo for a long time, wash a head to bask directly, it is the cause that causes a hair easily to fall off in great quantities.


(4) food is undeserved


Ice-cream, carbonic acid beverage, the food such as barbecue is the food with very popular summer, but these food polysaccharide, much oilier, excitant strong, not only go against healthy, also can affect head happening to grow; in addition, summertime temperature is exorbitant, bring about appetite of a lot of people to drop, bring about body place to need a vitamin thereby, the nutrient material such as mineral element is absorbed insufficient, also can bring about hair.


(Acerbity toxin is overmuch in 5) blood


Summer has acidity toxin to have a canal in trichomadesis and blood, the reason is the body too fatigue, or it is long-term edible pure saccharide is mixed adipose kind of food, be like hepatic food, the flesh kind, the food such as onion, acidity material is much in these food, make the body produces acerbity toxin in metabolization process thereby, cause trichomadesis.


(6) damp and hot


The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks generally, summer heat wet be current, human body gives birth to damp and hot easily, suffocating of damp and hot, bring about wool bursa by block, because this hair falls off,become serious.