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Made up to you can use sparge gush face? Can be filling water spray used after making up?

In the life a lot of people can choose to make up, but make up can cause a lot of adverse effects to the skin, because this needs to had been done in the life,nurse the job, so made up to you can use sparge gush face? Can be filling water spray used after making up? Made up to be able to use sparge gush face, specific content understands in detail below, and make up need watchful place.

Made up to you can use sparge gush face? Can be filling water spray used after making up? (1)

1, made up to be able to use sparge gush face

Making up can use sparge gush face. Mineral water basically is contained in sparge warm perhaps spring water, won't affect makeup look and still can fill quickly for skin water.

2, made up how to use sparge gush face

The method of sparge uses after making up:

1. shower nozzle is apart from facial 15~20 centimeter, admire a head a little, carry on as far as possible more moisture, below 2~3 of ordinary in season can;

2. is used next make up cotton presses facial ministry gently to be divided with absorbing redundant water a little, avoid natural airing.

If 3. is to need to fill makeup young associate also can use filling water spray first, fill again makeup, makeup look is met more pure and fresh.

3, made up to use profit of sparge gush face

(Face of 1) sparge gush won't be spent makeup

If be the word with facial ministry dry skin,made up, use bright skin water directly other perhaps filling aquatic product, cause flower makeup very easily. Protect the fine sparge that wet sparge gush comes out, won't create the situation of flower makeup.

(2) is skin filling water quickly

Spray is used after making up, can be short of the moisture that lose for skin complement quickly, alleviate quickly the dry float pink that the skin appears, take off makeup wait for a circumstance.

4, made up to fill the other method of water

Made up to want to be skin filling water, besides can use face of gush of filling water sparge besides, still can use small foam rubber or plastic to be skin filling water.

Method: Prepare the small foam rubber or plastic that with puff size Bao Houxiang becomes one, will protect wet water gush above, press gently go up in the face can.

5, make up note

1, should not be facial perfume of put on the skin

Put on the skin the place of perfume, illuminate of classics sun light can cause chemical change, generation is red smartly, return meeting development badly to become dermatitis.

2, should not be make up unplug brow

Make up unplug brow can give a person a kind of bald modelling sense, look from medical viewpoint, unplug eyebrow can damage physiology function not only, and because the meeting destroyed wool bursa and make up the stimulation of coating causes local infection.

3, should not be multi-purpose lipstick

The grease in lipstick can skin of infiltration human body, and all sorts of the dust that in having adsorptive air, flies upwards, metal elements and cause of disease are microbial wait for side-effect. Pass saliva decompose, all sorts of harmful bacterias can seize the opportunity to enter oral cavity, cause easily " lip is hypersensitive " .

4, unfavorable use base of a kind of pink

Too deeper than the color of skin of facial ministry or the color of powdery bottom is too light, can destroy your appearance, accordingly, should much equipment bottom of a few kinds of pink, change and adjust what follow color of skin of the four seasons ceaselessly.

5, pink of shadow of eye of heavy besmear of unfavorable eye socket

Especially hot weather sweat is much, sweat can develop eye film pleasant to see inside, damage eyespot, if reoccupy hand is kneaded, take the bacterium more easily pleasing to the eye inside, catch trachoma or red-eyed disease.

6, should not be get on Facial mask Tu Zaimei and eyelash

Face film is stuck on brow and eyelash, when eliminate unplug brow and eyelash easily together.

7, should not be wipe the face Bai Li is fully greenly

If grease cosmetic is used on the face, again a sachet, made Bai Li is fully green, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine cannot be absorbed, affect the generation of D of the vitamin inside body.

8, unfavorable use other cosmetic

Cosmetic may become a disease to infect agency, accordingly, do not make up with other cosmetic in disorder, the cosmetic that already also will used oneself borrows others at will.

9, the finger when wearing a face has shoulded not be forcibly greatly

Pore of the human body when the weather is hot magnifies, skin is tenderer, grind a face to had exerted oneself to do sth. big, face skin is ground the face creams medium " sand " injury, blow insolation via wind again, become coarse instead.

10, should not be ceaseless filling pink

If be in ceaselessly all day,pink fills on the face, over rouge apply rouge, very clumsy spot bottom can appear on the face, above all nose can mix because of ceaseless oily pink and nigrescent.