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How to give facial skin filling water? Facial and fast the method of filling water

Skin moisture is enough, so looking natural is very full luster, also do not have what skin problem naturally. Giving skin filling water is all the year round in the job protecting skin that must want to do, besides the product that uses filling water everyday, the likelihood has some of girls to be able to feel his skin fills water is very slow, so how to give facial skin filling water? Facial and fast what is the method of filling water?

How to give facial skin filling water? Facial and fast the method of filling water (1)

1, facial how to fill quickly water

Be short of water, be short of oil

Spring, each type skin is in the condition that lack water, but filling water way is not same. Do not think extensive is worn the skin of glossy, both neither stretchs tight closely the feeling that have nothing to do with knits is in full water state forever, the seasonable complement of moisture is likewise important to skin, also be indispensable link, oily skin should choose relaxed water quality to keep wet product (protect wet condensation, sparge, embellish skin is shown) . Drying skin is short of water phenomenon most apparent, skin forms petty furrow easily in dry autumn, slant to protect wet product oleaginously to be able to very good lock water ensures wet result so (protect Shi Shuang, protect wet latex) .

Anthology make up water

Make up water is be used after clean skin protect skin to taste, it also nots allow to ignore to action of cutaneous filling water. You perhaps were used to will make up water dips in flap after full both hands in facial ministry, this is wrong, such meetings make make up the moisture in water and nutrient shedding lose, accurate method should use cotton piece dip in take make up water dabs at facial ministry, make its moisture and nutrient composition are absorbed completely by the skin. You know to make up in each sort in water, which kinds should choose after all?

Plasticity: Filling water, bate surface. Suit thick hard skin to pledge.

Nutritional: Compensatory nutrient, water is divided. Suit drying skin and anile sex skin.

Embellish skin sex: Protect wet, moist. Suit drying, neuter skin.

Astringent: Contractive pore. Apply to local place giving oil and oily skin (do not need to use by day) .

Fine choose Facial mask

Face film is too much to cutaneous advantage, for instance bilge of moist skin, cleared cutaneous, stimulative blood circulates. Have the Facial mask of effect of a few filling water, you might as well have a try! This can be beautician is recommended use oh. Beautician tells a reporter: " in protecting skin to taste composition, the skin is absorbed to water-solubility composition slower, absorb to class status of fat dissolve sex faster. For instance: Vc, Vb attributes water-solubility part; Va, Ve attributes part of fat dissolve sex " .

2, facial filling water method


Law of nature filling water:

Should feel in you facial ministry stretchs tight closely only however dry when, you can use Wen Shui in closet or home (30 degrees - 40 degrees) wash a face, it is OK to last 1 minute! The time that does not wash is too long! Clean after ending, can brush protected wet perhaps protect skin product! Such effect is most ideal.

Recommend reason: Economic material benefit, can undertake at any time and place. Do not suffer how to restrain!

Watchful is: Towel is not used after cleaning of what brush, nature doing is good!

Recommend 2

Heat up law of towel filling water:

Come off work in the evening or in the time of nooning, slow-witted move also is the facial ministry that staying to still be inferior to his a reward a victorious army! Hit towel with hot water wet twist work partly already can! Rely on in fold of towel of admiral of chair goods bed to be put on the face into the appearance of facial size partly, the repose that close eye! Small after resting a little while, can be taken! Massage facial ministry with the hand next! Such your faces are very comfortable! And very water embellish! !

Recommend reason: Operate simply, conduce to facial platoon poison and protect Shi Qingjie.

Watchful is: Towel does not want too very hot lest flimsy skin is caused unwell!

Recommend 3

Law of cucumber filling water:

Fresh cucumber is cut thin a thin long perhaps strip! Stick equably on the face! Rest! The face had better be washed before stick! After be being massaged, sticking! Conduce to nutrient absorption!

Recommend reason: The United States amounts to a person to recommend a method in vain

Watchful is: The time that stick shoulds not be too long! 20 minutes in advisable

Recommend 4

Law of Facial mask filling water:

This I believe authority is very clear! But the option that says ability of filling surFacial mask is qualitative here! Had better choose film of fruit fine face best!

Recommend reason: Effect ideal. Simple easy with

Watchful is: Must choose suit oneself very much cutaneous Facial mask

Recommend 5

Law of fruit filling water:

Eat the fruit with admirable effect of a few filling water at ordinary times! Be like: Apple, pear, pomegranate, yangtao, big jujube is waited a moment. Not only complemented the nutrition that body place needs is indirect still filled for yourself many moisture! Let a person look of profit of profit of your water water! So much good!

Recommend reason: With one action is much. Healthful.

Watchful is: Do not want to eat suddenly!

3, the method of apply Facial mask

Had done the clean work in front, we can begin to prepare apply Facial mask, issue a face with hot towel apply above all, make pore sufficient diastole, the elite above such Facial mask just is met better osmosis skins, bright skin water is taken later moist skin, also can brush bit of elite fluid again. Next OK apply Facial mask.

The 3rd pace: Face film wants with whole and facial docile

When apply Facial mask, should be central apply with philtrum bridge of the nose above film, by inside and outside stroke Facial mask paper smooth, roll out among them air, periphery part must docile, otherwise easy because Facial mask paper is dry and break up.

The 4th pace: Take below velar hind is massaged gently

Apply is over after Facial mask is taken, still stay above facial ministry many elite fluid was not absorbed. At this moment we can massage facial ministry gently 3 to 5 minutes of helps its are absorbed, the effect can break up times oh.