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What reason is dander more? What does the generation reason with much dander have?

Dander can arise when the scalp of human body metabolizes normally, but the dander of some people is very much, and dander is above the hair also very apparent, need goes in time bits, those who return scalp is relaxed, the cause that causes scurf increase has a lot of, so what reason is dander more? What does the generation reason with much dander have? Everybody introduction is below.

What reason is dander more? What does the generation reason with much dander have? (1)

1, grease is secreted exuberant

If be the grease of scalp secretes too exuberant word, bring about bacterium of the parasitism on scalp, hair very easily, be infected with the bilge in air. Especially the bacterium of parasitism can bring about dander because of excessive breed increasing.

2, contract skin disease

If be the body,suffer from dermatosis to bring about dander very easily much. Make the dermatosis of dander grow in quantity has dermatitis of fat excessive sex, heurodermatitis to wait a moment commonly.

3, vitamin B lack

If the body lacks the word of vitamin B to affect the metabolism with normal body very easily, among them the grease that the most immediate impact is scalp surface layer and scale bits are met grow in quantity appears a large number of dander. Additionally the body lacks vitamin B to cause dermatitis of fat excessive sex easily also, add much dander further.

4, climate changes

When climate changes, especially Qiu Dong is seasonal, climate is relatively dry, scalp is easy and dry cause scalp to fall off occurrence dander. This kind of circumstance is had commonly seasonal, when climate is dry, the defense ability of scalp drops, be caused dander easily to appear in great quantities by the stimulation of the outside.

5, excessive shampoo

Excessive correct hair undertakes cleanness brings about scalp very easily to lack water dry, bring about dander much. The cleanness of the occurrence of dander and hair spends the concern with have particular, but shampoo summer had better be a week 3~4 second, it is advisable that winter a week is controlled 2 times.

6, use inferior shampoo

If be,used inferior shampoo to cause shampoo allergy very easily. The likelihood in this kind of shampoo is contained make scalp appears easily the composition that contacts sexual dermatitis, after shampoo occurrence dander, Sao itchs etc unwell.

7, other reason

Bring about the reason with much dander to still have often the metabolism with normal skin of Morpheus inadequacy influence; The person that likes hot food additionally affects what the body pledges to nurture easily also to absorb; Still the person that often is in high pressure to fall also can cause body core condition disorder, affect scalp health, bring about dander.

8, go bits stops urticant method

1, mature vinegar stops bits shampoo

Material: Mature vinegar.

Measure: Join mature vinegar divide evenly of the agitate in Wenshui, fall on the hair next, gently knead massages scalp, wash with clear water after about 3 minutes clean.

Effect: The water that adds vinegar can go not only bits stops urticant, send burnish to raising a head, reduce the hair bifurcate effect with be had certain. It is convenient, cheap, effective recrudesce is tasted.

2, field mint vinegar goes bits shampoo

Material: Vinegar 100 milliliter, dry mint leaf 30 grams.

Measure: Enter vinegar pannikin inside, enter the water of 300 milliliter again, add field mint page next. Small fire heats slowly, fire involves before boiling, after the fluid that wait for juice is cooling, filter drops field mint leaf. Pour juice on the hair next, gently knead, massage scalp, wash with clear water after about 3 minutes clean.

Effect: This water is had relaxed and bright and clean, go bits stops urticant action. Field mint is OK and relaxed hair and scalp, bilge of purify oily be soiled, cleared dander, stop an urticant action.

3, onion goes bits shampoo

Material: Onion half.

Measure: onion flay, stripping and slicing, put food treatment opportunity to be hit into mud. Purify onion is put into the bowl, enter right amount water, mix is even. After shampoo, massage scalp with onion water, about 5 minutes of fullback are washed clean.

Effect: This water is had go bits stops the urticant, action that promotes unripe hair. The volatile of onion can stimulate scalp wool bursa, can effective antiseptic diminish inflammation is returned while stimulative hair grows, purify dander, the problem with alleviation scalp urticant Sao.

4, lemon shampoo

Material: Citric 1.

Measure: Will citric abluent, flay, extract lemon juice to reserve. Soak a hair with water, wipe on lemon juice, gently knead hair, wash with clear water after about 3 minutes clean.

Effect: Lemon contains a lot ofcitric acid and vitamin C, have very strong antiseptic with the action that protect skin, can remove cleanness to go oily, antiseptic stop urticant, eliminate scurf protection to cause the effect with scalp.