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How to do protect skin is the United States white? What beautiful Bai Miaozhao is there?

A lot of people are to pay attention to those who protect skin and beautiful white job very much at ordinary times, but there still are a lot of people in the life white to protecting skin and beauty the problem of this respect is not very clear, many people's so white to protecting skin and beauty practice is special care, so how to do protect skin is the United States white? It how think the United States should be done in vain is better to think the United States should be done in vain? What beautiful Bai Miaozhao is there?

How to do protect skin is the United States white? What beautiful Bai Miaozhao is there? (1)

1, the United States is patted in vain

After cleaning facial ministry in the evening everyday, scarcely should forget to take the effect of bright skin water toward facial ministry, this is the mistake protecting skin that should not make! Bright skin water is by day without giving thought to actually protect skin, the skin that still is evening maintains, this is a measure that cannot fail, have very strong cleanness to fill water action.

Use bright skin water directly, 2 is skin cleanness that this is weighed, can sweep remain quickly to be in the remains of facial ministry, still can promote the stimulative skin absorption to next products at the same time ability. Carry bright skin water can the very rapid quality that improved skin, let skin ready-made is absorbed protect skin to taste, actually this also prays ah very good filling water effect, let skin more water is tender oh!

2, the United States is brushed in vain come out

In the measure that protect skin, how can little Where is the United States' white product? A lot of females because facial ministry is dark heavy, cadaverous complexion, want to solve this problem, necessary a magic weapon but cannot little! After complete cleanness skins, this can very rapid let skin absorb nutrition, make skin of its face ministry becomes more ruddy and attractive. Nightly beauty is white, the use of late frost is very important. Skin achieves very good beautiful white effect in nightly Morpheus process, when after getting up in the morning the following day, the skin that you can find facial department apparently more and more water embellish!

3, beautiful Bai Fu comes out

Use beautiful flour film to be able to let facial ministry skin absorb more nutrition, complement skins needs nurture pledges. Accelerate skin metabolism rate, the United States' white achievement can be shown naturally come out. Of course cannot too depend on Facial mask, this also is not immortal medicine, not be 9 can get effective immediately oh, this need insists for some time to just can get very good result!

4, the United States is white tender slippery wash come out

Because of busy job, days cerebra wastage is very big, skin also sufferred radiant harm. The dirt in air, computer radiate, these invisible bacteria, this meeting lets skin water distribute rapid prediction of a person's luck in a given year, let color of skin look dim without light.

And the petty grain in air, direct adsorption arrives on the skin, jammed severely pore, color of skin appears more easily dark and gloomy does not have light. And the skin cleanness job of facial ministry appears very important, this also is the base that uses the measure that protect skin, the ability after only skin is cleaned clean absorbs nourishment adequately, achieve very strong beauty finally to ensure wet result in vain.

5, the United States protects skin what to eat in vain

1, soup of agaric red jujube

Burden includes medicine of tuckahoe, yam, tremella (or black agaric) , red jujube, after thoroughlying cook plus trifling rock candy, can become tea drink or it is sweetmeats.

Red jujube nutrition is rich, apple of vitamin content tower above 20 times. The tremella contains ossein, can enhance cutaneous flexibility, make subcutaneous tissue plumper, make the skin becomes delicate and smooth.

2, ginkgo syrup of the seed of Job's tears

Computer a group of things with common features often can eat ginkgo, have the effect of filling lung, embellish lung because of ginkgo. Can boil ginkgo, the seed of Job's tears, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls syrup of the seed of Job's tears of ginkgo of dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, a week eats 9 times.

Ginkgo and the seed of Job's tears also have effect of clear hot desiccative at the same time, when weather is hot and dry, eat syrup of some of ginkgo the seed of Job's tears, also can keep clear of hot and dry, make the body free from worry.

3, ginseng is red jujube medlar tea

Red jujube, ginseng, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, medlar each 10 grams, drink of daily make tea, can moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, take for a long time can make skin ruddy luster, suit senile skin especially dry disease person.

4, dried fruit yam mud

500 grams thoroughly cook bright yam or potato, flay, press mud, squash again round cake shape, go up the fruit makings such as buy peach kernel, hawkthorn, red jujube, green plum, a pot for steaming food boils about 10 minutes on, irrigate after on honey.

Yam fills lienal beneficial kidney, moisten the respiratory tract of kidney of beneficial of peach kernel filling lung be good at head, red jujube filling gas raises blood, integrated become effective makes skin furrow is extended, smooth moist.

5, cucumber congee

Take rice 100 grams, fresh and tender cucumber 300 grams, refined salt 2 grams, ginger 10 grams. cucumber abluent, flay goes heart slice. Rice pan is clean, ginger is abluent pat broken.

Water is added to make an appointment with 1000 milliliter inside boiler, on buy fire, issue rice, ginger, after fierce baked wheaten cake leaves, convert slow fire is boiled slowly to rice sodden nowadays enters cucumber piece, boil again to soup stiff, flavor into refined salt can. A day 2 lukewarm take, can spot of moist skin, dispel, reduce weight.