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It how protect skin is good to how protect skin? What is the principle that protect skin?

Appearance is a lot of people special care about, so a lot of people are paid attention to all the more at ordinary times protect skin, and protecting skin is thing of a special cultured, need to notice a lot of detail, it is a lot of people are not clear about only how should protect skin at ordinary times gift is nice, so what is the principle that protect skin? How to do the result that protect skin is talent first-class? Is the means that protects skin specific what to have?

It how protect skin is good to how protect skin? What is the principle that protect skin? (1)

1, the principle that protect skin

(1) maintains skin moist

The simple sense of water embellish is the key that keeps skin health, to 20 years old of males of this age, had done protect wet can let skin basically do not give an issue. This age uses protect wet product not to need to contain too much oily component, frivolous latex or it is Li OK, write down what texture differs so that change according to the change of season and environment to protect skin to taste even additionally, give skin custom-built level defend wet plan.

(2) prevents blain

The sebaceous glands of young skin is very active, simple for give oil very easily namely, once grease jams,be in pore, the bacterium invades corneous perhaps accumulation, that blain blain can be raided in a large-scale. If itself skin gives oil very easily, pore is bulky, that is about to remember doing complete cleanness, can use at the same time a few the component that contains chamfer of salicylic and so on to pledge, wipe skin everyday, improve and prevent blain.

(3) accuses oil

The schoolboy is in accuse oil the ten million on this thing cannot is opposite oneself too firm, necessary grease not only can moist skin, still can maintain the good position that water oil balances. Optimal charges oily means is not the clean face that uses alkali sex the product washs a face often, use however a few contain part accusing oil the latex with for instance pulverous oil absorption, make skin relaxed but not dry.

(4) chamfer is qualitative

Cutin is healthy, skin ability is healthy, if redundant old useless cutin cannot metabolize in time to be able to cause skin dry and coarse, bit still can have when weather is cold. When use chamfer simple product, perhaps can be used to according to oneself be fond of will choose, but had better be to contain acid kind shine the makeup of skin composition water or it is Facial mask, this age avoids to use as far as possible grind arenaceous cream, lest command bad force, allow skin cutin layer by cut.

Loving the United States is feminine nature, the woman can know inherently to want the skin in oneself and facial fluctuation time, so male people also should learn to feminine study, must not let oneself still do not have the old man that old skin declines first into humanness.

2, the hairdressing before sleeping

The first pace: Forbidden before sleeping, eat eat late at night

Do not want to get up in the morning like discovering the face is so swollen that the face resemble flat bread, before sleeping two hours should keep back absolutely do not have a thing, containing salt to measure fast food especially is let you more easily oedema

The 2nd pace: Careful anthology the drink before sleeping

Although say to Morpheus of bit of conduce of little alcoholic drink and health are drunk before sleeping, but overmuch word can make blood-vessel expands, cause oedema. Mix alcoholic drink especially kind, it is more easy to contain fruit juice of sugar soda water to wait swollen. If should drink bit of sapid drink really, do not visit try fennel tea, mint tea or pleasant chrysanthemum tea, conduce to slow bilge gas, or it is to try grapefruit juice to add on a bit mustard, very good also to the skin, but must not excessive!

The 3rd pace: Careful discharge makeup wash two second faces

Do not want when to lying between a day to get up, discover eye makeup does not have discharge to turn panda into the eye completely, can wash a face twice before today. Use account of lacteal frostlike powder first for the first time discharge makeup tastes discharge to divide colour makeup, reuse glue shape washs facial product abluent and smeary. After washing a face, want immediately smear maintains article protect wet, avoid skin too dry.

The 4th pace: To the eye a bit caffein

Want black rim of the eye of oedema of slow down eye, improvement, in the bookshops has the small clever court of many hearsays, resembling is apply tea bag, apply hot spoon is waited a moment. These hearsays also have a principle but abide, because tea wraps the caffein in to have the effect of contractive blood-vessel, can let black rim of the eye become weak so. Nevertheless we are not to suggest to be wrapped with tea of course, can choose to contain the eye frost of same class status however, use ability to be able to set his mind at.

The 5th pace: Bored blain blain changes not to see

Discovery has blain blain to be risked quickly on the face came out, before sleeping, slather can go up in blain blain one fights phlogistic product, reoccupy is officinal breathe freely adhesive plaster is stuck rise and press gently, the meeting that lie between a day discovers blain blain decrescent, also change quite not red. If make up in the morning when scar of blain thinking hide from view, also can try the small secret recipe of a Yuan Sun Yunyun: First defect of the block on besmear is tasted, the pink that use honey is pressed after pressing, be in last time block defect, make sure blain scar cannot see.

The 6th pace: Do do a bed to go up small move

Before sleeping, bit of little movement is made on the bed, 3~5 divides Zuo to be able to make the figure that lie between a day more gentle and graceful. Resembling is sweet elder sister before Hou Peicen sleeps, regular meeting carries leg, carry crural hemp put; again additional, resembling is the classics that knock bravery, outspread bicycle walks in lacing wire, sky, hind play style... have extract effect of buttock thin femoral.

The 7th pace: The top is worn perfect hairstyle falls asleep

After washing a head, must not not blow a hair or blow casually blow go sleeping, although you can get Morpheus time many a little bit, but lie between a day to get up the hair that can waste more time to arrange chaos to become warped! Before the proposal sleeps again, comb the hair suitable prim, should blow a turn, blow splash, blow straight, on hair those who coil cannot careless, brush a few protect wet the product that finalize the design, lie between a day to get up just won't short-tempered changes model.

8. gets up the first pace: Develop a hot bath!

The habit of a lot of foreigners is the meeting before going out in the morning bathes first, actually this not only can let you immediately mental hundredfold, still can make you buoyant, daylong very comfortable. If time has not enough time or it is to disrelish a trouble, when that washs a face, open the hot water between shower, let a bathroom be full of vapor, also have similar result; and the smear below the case that opens in moisture and pore maintains article, can help more absorb. Or it is use diminutive evaporate face chance is very good also.