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What to protect skin to raise Yan Chang to know sexual mistake to have? Protect skin to raise colour what error is there?

A lot of females are to be paid attention to very much at ordinary times protect skin to raise colour, many people often can adopt various meanses to help his protect skin, just exist actually in a lot of people in the process that protects skin have mistake of sex of a few common sense, it is many females are not clear about only just. So what to protect skin to raise Yan Chang to know sexual mistake to have? Protect skin to raise colour what error is there?

What to protect skin to raise Yan Chang to know sexual mistake to have? Protect skin to raise colour what error is there? (1)

1, protect skin to raise Yan Chang to know sexual error

Hot water:

The sense of hot water shower is very good, but it is met absolutely the cutaneous from you is outer take away moisture secretly, cause the skin dry with water oily unbalance. If you are oily skin or blain blain skin, should avoid hot water shower more. Be in especially in the winter, try to replace hot water with Wen Shui, dry sense also can get alleviating.


Lemon juice shows high acidity, PH is worth 2, no less than sucks lemon to be able to destroy the enamel on the tooth, if use pure lemon on the skin directly, your skin balances those who be destroyed it this strongly.


We had known, absorb overmuch candy branch to bring disaster to the skin, facial skin is head and shoulders above your imagination thinly, accordingly, although candy and olive oil chamfer pledge the double leg that can let you looks smooth and gorgeous, but the texture with big rough grain will destroy the skin that injures your face to go up.


Although toothpaste can make dental whiteness very unsuited however use on the face, it can make your face dry give whelk, among them chemical composition still can have burnable cutaneous possibility, leave brunet scar finally, bad is you cure it without better idea.

Hydrogen peroxide solution:

As a gentle antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide solution is precaution infection, or one of nurses in time optimal way after getting hurt, but remember, can not treat acne in order to use it. Besides it caustic, it still is a kind of common allergic cause, can cause inflammation reaction, invite skin infection again.

Sodium bicarbonate:

Although we know sodium bicarbonate is OK,chamfer pledges, but common family expenses saleratus is used on the face alkalescent too intense, soda acid is very important evenly, your skin has among them about the healthy PH value of 4.5-5, and the PH value of sodium bicarbonate is 9, use too basic ingredient can be destroyed and damage cutaneous natural protective screen, still can cause remarkable moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year, damage itself of your cutaneous adjustment ability.

To protect your skin, besides cannot wipe these things toward the face besides, still need to pay close attention to oneself food, when choosing cosmetic, must join oneself real case, only such ability make you green always be stationed in.

2, the four seasons protects skin method

1. spring is raised colour

Spring is allergic tall hair season, the female is OK at ordinary times and multi-purpose cold bath face, increase skin strength, spring is windy, even much filling water, avoid appearance of allergy of occurrence cost off a skin. Much at ordinary times attention absorbs a few food that contain a lot ofvitamin A, C, E, very helpful to sensitive skin.

2. summer is raised colour

The summer is burning hot, perspire easily, sebaceous glands is secreted exuberant, appear very easily blain. Below this kind of circumstance, general need drops in temperature to skin first, can use glacial bath face, or with face of watermelon skin apply, notice clean skin, and a few more relaxed gel shape protect daub skin tastes filling water.

3. autumn is raised colour

A lot of people think after Qiu Zhi, weather can become cool, ultraviolet ray also is done not have so strong, can prevent cursorily bask in, make skin appears very easily the phenomenon that basks in. The ultraviolet ray of autumn is stronger still, the crowd of outdoors activity, need has been done prevent bask in measure, can make skin is basked in otherwise, the symptom such as occurrence ageing, furrow, long spot.

4. winter is raised colour

Winter chill is windy, skin lacks water easily, appear dry, exuvial phenomenon. The female can choose grease sex more protect skin to taste, bask right amountly, can raise skin temperature, add skin flexibility. Wash a face with cold water in the winter, can increase skin strength, reduce leather fat loss.