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What does the skill that protect skin have? What to protect skin to want to notice at ordinary times?

A lot of people often can notice all the more when protecting skin at ordinary times all sorts of things, because protect skin,be to having a lot of cultured, if cannot protect skin correctly to may bring a few adverse effects to the skin, so a lot of people often can take a few little skill that protect skin. So what does the skill that protect skin have? Protect skin to want what to thing notice at ordinary times?

What does the skill that protect skin have? What to protect skin to want to notice at ordinary times? (1)

1, the skill that protect skin

1, blandly discharge makeup

Want cleanness while reduce moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year, be in above all discharge makeup when, should use gentle strip makeup product. The discharge that suggests to choose pure plant oily recipe makeup oil, or it is quality of a material full-bodied discharge makeup breast, the oily diaphragm that stays after discharge makeup, the water that can reduce skin distributes prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

2, quickly discharge makeup

Discharge makeup product stays for long on the face, won't enhance discharge makeup result, make very easily instead skin moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year causes skin dry, because corneous layer is in,was worn away for long in infiltration. Suggest discharge makeup product stays not to exceed 1 minute on skin.

3, 2 clean

Use discharge makeup product discharge makeup later skin still is very dirty actually, must undertake cleanness 2 times so, clean of serum of reoccupy clean face, otherwise clean halfway word, the discharge that remains to go up in skin makeup the product is very easy block pore, bring about dry and coarse wait for a problem.

4, cleanness goes at the same time cutin

Clean face product has the effect with qualitative chamfer more or less commonly, if want,skin so after cleanness still water embellish, do not undertake additional chamfer works character again after clean skin. If be oily,perhaps mix sexual skin, be in the place with a much oil to be massaged a little while more.

5, the dosage that reduces clean face to breed

The leather fat that discharge makeup measure has gone up besides skin actually on certain level, if your skin is thinner,mix flimsy, 2 cleanness when the dosage that should reduce clean face to breed a little, the discharge that 2 times cleanness needs a remain only makeup product ingredient scour off can.

6, control water running water is warm

No matter be discharge makeup or 2 cleanness, rinse the flowing water that flow had better use when skinning, and current wants light delay not to pass big. The water that washs a face is warm unfavorable and exorbitant, have bit of warmth a little can, such is in clean while the protective screen function that does not affect skin.

7, permeate blandly clean

If you feel cleanness is not quite complete still, do not think at the same time again clean face makes water billabong is broken, the osmosis that a depth can complement again after clean face is clean measure. With make up water bedew makes up cotton, according to make up the means cleanness a spot as yet untouched by a political movement that cotton → handle gently controls → to hit a cleanness.

8, recuperation is corneous layer

Beautiful eyebrow people want to notice, the skin surface after cleanness lost leather fat protection, become very easily dry lack water, to retain skin water benefit, must use immediately after clean face make up water or hairdressing juice will recuperate corneous layer, OK and compensatory water is divided and keep wet material, adjust soda acid is worth a balance, can wash embellish giving water so full beauty flesh.

These a few skill are accomplished very easily, if you are one pays attention to the person word that maintain, should go from inside those costly cosmetic, using this photograph skill between daily life can let you completely have young skin.

2, the food that has the effect that protect skin

(1) honey

Contain a variety of vitamins, it is a kind of very good ability in swimming keeps wet part, have moist sex. In self-restrained maintain in tasting, often be used to modulation Facial mask, make alimentary latex, in order to offer body nutrient, make skin moist bouncy.

(2) tea juice and tea

Have favorable hairdressing effect. In make oneself maintain in tasting, tea often is used to cleared stink and antiseptic diminish inflammation. And tea juice is applied to come bubble bath, clean skin, or it is to use the skin with red because of be being basked in rehabilitate.

(3) almond pink

Almond pink is the good preserve one's health in Chinese traditional medicine feeds capable person, the almond noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that often uses in the home has the effect that raises Yan Meibai not only, maintain as external use article, it also is good stuff. Almond pink is used at making beautiful flour film, body grind arenaceous cream can enhance curative effect, can go effectively corneous, make skin embellish white. Almond pink is in average supermarket or Chinese traditional medicine can be bought all right.

(4) citric skin and lemon juice

Both is the star material in bubble bath, can create the bath atmosphere of comfortable Yu Yue. A lot of fruits can serve as self-restrained maintain tasted stuff, nevertheless, citric significance is worth while and special put forward to explain. Lemon juice basically can make skin clean, beautiful white, have go the action of face blister. Oil of crude essence of life is contained in citric skin, naturally sends out aroma, make popular feeling affection cheerful. Will citric skin is mincing the Facial mask that uses make it has the effect that grinds arenaceous chamfer to pledge, to facial ministry and body Dou Youqing removes the effect of old useless cell.

(5) is oaten

Contain a large number of vitamins E, mineral, have specially good effect to purify ageing cutin. In self-restrained maintain in tasting, often be used to make dead skin maintains with what add luster article.

(6) cucumber

Cucumber juice moisture content is rich, included vitamin C can enhance cutaneous recovery capability, it is the important material of beautiful skin. In self-restrained maintain in tasting, often extract cucumber juice to use, after the skin is basked in, apply of usable cucumber juice makes an appointment with 10 minutes on aching skin, skin of cool and refreshing permeate, aching and natural pare.

(7) banana

Nutrient value is quite high, contain a lot ofprotein, Potassium, vitamin to reach mineral, have gentle cleanness and alimentary repair the effect that protects skin.

(8) apple

Contain a lot ofkind of yellow ketone element and tannin, can assist skin to fight oxidation, eliminate skin toxin; and contain vitaminic C, mineral, candy and malic acid, have alimentary, astringent, protect wet effect.

To can the food that hairdressing protects skin introduces here for everybody, the hope can help you. In the life, if feel oneself face is not quite perfect still, can try these food, believe to be able to achieve the result that you hope.