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Tea how does hairdressing protect skin? What is the method that tea hairdressing protects skin?

Hairdressing protects the method of skin to have a lot of, use tea hairdressing also is a kind of means, tea is the life in very common, a lot of people love to drink tea, using tea hairdressing to protect skin is very healthy environmental protection, and also have certain effect, beautiful white method has tea many, so tea how does hairdressing protect skin? What is the method that tea hairdressing protects skin?

Tea how does hairdressing protect skin? What is the method that tea hairdressing protects skin? (1)

1, the method that tea hairdressing protects skin

1, tea Shang Xi face

After washing a face in the evening, can on bubble one cup of tea, get on the daub with even tea in the face next, next gently flap facial ministry, perhaps will dip in the cotton cloth apply of soup having tea is on the face, after holding a few time, reoccupy rinses gently clean clean. The dark brown course on such faces the time of one night can be eliminated naturally, not only can purify splash, and return can beautiful white skin.

2, film of tea face of blade

flour 1 spoon and yoke 1, mix green tea pink is added after divide evenly 1 spoon. Wipe it equably on abluent face, the face is washed after 20 minutes. Still but tea soup 1 spoon and flour 1 spoon is smooth, 15-20 of film of make it face washs a face after minute. Can eliminate acne, purify grease.

3, tea conciliation skins

With cotton piece touch take fresh green tea water, flap gently skin redly at be being basked in, can rise not only slow the action of skin, because bask in brought aching sense,still can reduce. Divide in addition, fresh green tea contains rich tea much phenol, can resist the loss that ultraviolet ray causes.

4, tea is beautiful eye

Have tea developing bubble, squeeze next dry, with gauze wrap up rises or put into gauze bag. Close an eye, use eye of tea bag apply next, about 10 to 15 minutes can. Such not only can alleviate effectively the exhaustion of the eye, and OK still and apparent improvement black rim of the eye, treat the inflammation of eye ministry even.

5, tea is washed hair, protect send

Tea contains the tea saponin of 10% in seed cake, the catharsis effect of tea saponin is very good. Wash hair shampoo to have with what tea saponin is raw material go scurf, stop urticant function, do not have to the skin excitant, the hair is pure and fresh and elegant. After washing a head, besmear imperceptible tea pink on scalp, massage gently, everyday 1. Perhaps besmear tea soup on the head, after massaging 1 minute abluent. Can prevent and cure trichomadesis, purify scurf.

2, how is tea saved

1, sweatbox is saved

Sweatbox is the equipment that deposits a dried food technically, temperature is constant, isolation air, still keep dry inside box, deposit goods won't be affected with damp be affected with damp, it is to save the facility with best tea, the tea that such saving basically won't deteriorate.

2, freezer is saved

Freezer is one of important equipment of delicacy of life middleman and guarantor, the low temperature of freezer is the main factor that restrains food metamorphism, of tenability tea fresh with fragrance, attention: The freezer that saves tea must flavour of wholesome, clean, as good as, cannot save the stuff beyond tea more.

3, thermos is saved

Thermos also can treat as storage equipment is used, open thermos bottle, clean clean, buckle the place that is in clean a few hours, do moisture drop, the tea that will store joins bottle inside, a place of strategic importance tightens plug to deposit.

4, carton child save

If did not save a method accordingly, also can have installed box of the paper in tea, put one case with the dry drug provision such as dried tangerine or orange peel, Chinese prickly ash, the water imbibition of these composition is stronger also, can restrain tea be affected with damp be affected with damp.