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Does hair bifurcate rupture how to do? How to maintain beautiful hair?

Hair bifurcate is a lot of people put in a kind of some circumstances, and the condition that the hair can allow after hair bifurcate looks very bad, still can let a hair look severely like withered grass, so a lot of people can adopt a few methods to help his alleviate the state that the hair ruptures, so does hair bifurcate rupture how should do? How to maintain oneself beautiful hair?

Does hair bifurcate rupture how to do? How to maintain beautiful hair? (1)

1, hair bifurcate reason and conserve

, cause hair bifurcate cause

1, amino acid content little

The main reason that research proves to cause fork is two kinds of amino acid in the hair (egg ammonia acid and Guang ammonia acid) content decreases apparently, make hair quality of a material becomes fragile, compare easy fission.

2, high temperature chemistry is stimulated

Beautiful hair also but the stimulation because of high temperature or chemical sex material, if marcel, electric heat is blowy,wait make the corneous albumen denaturation of hair tip or cell die and bifurcate.

3, hair qualitative too male bring about

The bifurcate that send a tip is returned but because of commonly used washing powder or basicity soap shampoo, the grease that makes the place in the hair is contained decreases, the transverse bring down sticking an edge of the hair, bring about hair tip bifurcate.

2, prevent hair bifurcate nurses

1, protect hair rehabilitate bifurcate

The lubricant in protecting hair vegetable can the bifurcate of repair hair. If give out,the blower that protects hair of the gangmaster on horse of the after that deliver vegetable to use overheat is blown male, that can be brought about protect the retention period that deliver vegetable insufficient, the hair cannot be absorbed effectively protect hair vegetable.

Small 100 divisions: Had used the after that protects those who deliver vegetable, had better not undertake heating rectifying to the hair immediately model.

2, consolidate is solid send a root

In the evening, you can be used first wash a hair hair breast male clean after encircles wet hair Ji to become a horsetail with elastic gore. Such can consolidate sends a root. Clean thick and curly hair to be able to make the hair changes everyday male.

3, reduce marcel chance frank

To make curl keeps fleeciness, the hair arsis that you are issueing the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to be divided toward hair end and knot a few dismiss element of the hair that wash embellish, or it is lube, such your hairstyle can maintain the following day.

4, prevent to arise electrostatic

When sleeping, the attrition between hair and pillow headgear arises easily electrostatic, happen to avoid such troublesome issue, you can go up toward the hair before go to bed a few antistatic finalize the design agent. Also can buy a nightcap to come back to wear go up in the head.

5, blow correctly do a hair

Wet hair wool scale can present stretched position, if be combed with the comb, hair of very easy harm is qualitative, wash hair after to be able to flap with towel first so small bibulous fraction, reoccupy blower is blown whole.

3, be far from recipe of beautiful hair bifurcate

1, massage scalp slow

Shampoo should wash scalp above all, with the shampoo that acerbity basicity balances relatively, flinch gently scalp, the impurity on take out scalp, still can massage gently, make whole head gets thoroughly slow.

2, shampoo is sent smeary

Wash scalp after, now just is the time that washs a hair, had better pledge in the light of him hair, use shampoo (for example oily hair uses oily shampoo) , resemble at ordinary times shampoo in that way, wash thoroughly male the dirt on clean hair, smeary wait.

3, protect the ooze that deliver vegetable hair silk

Wash a hair, twist male after, begin to use protect hair vegetable, on the hair daub protects hair vegetable right amountly, let it keep 3 ~ 5 minutes on the hair, massage a hair gently, deliver vegetable with making protect can infiltration sends silk to every!

4, gush go up modelling sparge

Keep apart sparge for the modelling on hair spray, one person can make the hair absorbs nutrient further, the dirt that both can make hair and air are medium again, foreign matter segregation, and the hair that still can let just was washed is decided beautiful beautiful modelling.

2, protect the note of hair

1, catch send cannot use for a long time

Acquiring hair agent is a kind of potential carcinogen. For instance the oxidation material that there is a kind to be called aether of armour of 214 amino benzene in acquiring hair agent. This kind of material can make genetic gene produces mutation, allegedly, with acquire hair agent 10 years the person of above, its skin simply assimilates this kind of substance of 1 % , have the risk that causes cancer, commonner have skin cancer, kidney cancer, cystic cancer.

American experts discover the danger that catchs give back to be able to increase cancer having blood, catch the time of hair to grow more, the dangerous sex of the hematic disease that contract and lymphatic cancer also heals tall.

2, horsetail hairstyle shoulds not be often

Often comb horsetail plait or the hairstyle that pull the hair to afterbrain spoon direction closely, bring about the lose one's hair when manhood easily. Because the hair is pulled backward,pull can make the recovery capability of hair skin bursa abate, the recovery capability that goes down for a long time to still can cause hair wool bursa is abate, go down for a long time to still can cause scalp to lack enough nutrition, appear consequently infection, scar or lose one's hair.

Of trichomadesis place be the first to be affected is the temporal place that the hair is involved the frontal department with the largest pulling force. Additional, when Dai Gong going to work makes a cap, answer to comb the hair after arranging, be worn again; The woman should get off hairpin before sleep, make the hair is in loosen condition, make the hair is avoided suffer pull pull.

3, cold period shoulds not be shampoo

In cold and period, the meeting after bathe is sent feels unwell, can do lotion to permeate it with appropriative hair go up in gauze, cover gauze again next go up in special brush, brush the face of scalp first, the head hairbrush that will pester again is suitable, brush the root ministry to the hair next, scalp is brushed again after be being brushed can.

4, wash send indelible scurf

The essence of dander is denaturation is adipose, use wash hair fluid to be able to wash its temporarily only, outside relying on to use drug solely, be being treated can not be method. Be in at ordinary times we can notice to eat oil of plant sex edible more in food, eat vegetable more, can promote not saturated fatty acid so to cholesterol decompose, less dander arises.

5, do not rely on shampoo to restrain the head is urticant

The bacterium on scalp causes Sao itchs, had better be to be able to be used go technically bits shampoo and protect hair vegetable. Want to notice to wash hair hind to answer to there is the shampoo of antiseptic effect on scalp surface besmear additionally, with show the abdomen massages a minute. Additional, it is very important also to maintain scalp cleanness, when doing chore, on earth of head upper cover piece towel can avoid a hair to touch dirt.