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How does elite element protect skin to should be used? When does elite element use the effect best?

Our skin is exceedingly delicate and flimsy, always suffer the enroach on of a few outsides, caressing skin so is the business that we do surely everyday. So in protecting skin to taste, which kind of protecting it is are we indispensable that skin is tasted? The answer is elite element, the function of elite element is general protect skin to taste those who do not have method to replace. So how does elite element protect skin to should be used? When does elite element use the effect best?

How does elite element protect skin to should be used? When does elite element use the effect best? (1)


One, the effect protecting skin of elite element

Tall nutrition is contained a lot ofamong elite element, belong to condense model of tall nutrition protect skin to taste, it contains a lot ofcollagen among them albumen and a variety of microelement, the effect that protect skin is very powerful, the anile and flabby, help that OK and effective antagonism skins is fought knit, the United States protects blain of dispel of spot of wet, dispel to wait a moment in vain. The skin infuse that use elite element can be you is not little nutrition, improve a variety of your skin problems.


2, the use of elite element is ordinal

The nutrition that Gao Nong contains to shrink in elite element protects skin part, want to let these composition that protect skin produce the biggest result that protect skin, be about to use above all was opposite ordinal, ability has real tender skin effect quite. Beautiful eyebrow people need has done the basiccest skin to nurse, clean skin, next water of daub bright skin, can use elite element back-to-backly, want to use elite element before daub latex, can let nutrition be absorbed by skin place out and out so. Having very much beautiful eyebrow is first daub latex again daub elite element, actually such instead cannot make the skin effective absorb quite, besmeared in vain. The use of elite element is ordinal must correct, wasted namely otherwise.


3, the optimal usage of elite element

Beautiful eyebrow people the purpose of use elite element hopes the skin can absorb among them nutrition completely namely, and the skin problem that solves a variety of making that the person is confused, so, is the optimal use method of elite element what kind of? Above all, you are OK get on right amount elite element in the face according to correct use order daub, after daub is over, be massaged gently on the face or flap, stimulative skin divides to battalion nurturance absorb, achieve better tender skin effect. Show with what the hand points to the abdomen flaps gently, can increase cutaneous elastic force so, make skin complete absorb among them nutrition, as time passes improves all sorts of skin problems.


4, when is elite element used best

The use of elite element also wants divisional time paragraph, general elite element night is faced before sleeping, use, cutaneous absorbs the effect is first-rate, avoid by all means does not use excess, lest cause cutaneous nutrition superfluous and cause acne blain. Elite element does not need to be used in the evening everyday, lying between angel to be used is first-rate frequency. What need is sure to keep in mind is, because have the elite element of beautiful white effect, below ultraviolet radiant circumstance, let skin accumulation melanin very easily, so, element of beautiful white cream must be used in evening, do not suit become known day use.


5, elite element is used should control an amount

Very much beautiful eyebrow because the nutrient concentration of elite element is extremely high, use with respect to abundantly, little imagine, such meetings create huge burden to skin, especially the skin of oily skin and type of blain blain acne, use elite element must discretion is again careful, not be more better, right amount OK, when summertime weather is torrid, use everyday two go to 3 enough, the winter because weather is dry, the skin is easy also and dry, can use so 3 go to 5, the attention uses frequency, rash advance is used and must not create a burden to the skin.


6, what does the error that protects skin have

1, bright skin water is direct on change hands

Protect the error of skin: Bright skin water falls on the hand directly, think to be able to be absorbed more, clean action is less than to be able to be in again since the run off in taking the course in the face is wasteful instead.

Right way: Take right amount bright skin water, soak make up cotton, gently daub is in facial such more wholesome oh.

2, Pour redundant productTake bottle inside

Protect skin error: Managing use protect skin or colour makeup, take redundant product inside bottle next time reoccupy. Such meetings bring about new product metamorphism, not only won't make facial be able to maintain, still can pollute skin to produce pigment ad cool-headed.

Right way: Avoid to be dug with finger as far as possible take a product, the proposal uses spoon or puff is taken with right amount, after giving out, use opening part paper towel is wiped clean.

3, Forcibly daub eye frost

Protect skin error: Daub eye frost, habit fast exert oneself to do sth. again. Eye ministry muscle is flimsier, forcibly daub wrinkle furrow.

Right way: Middle finger shows ministry of eye of celiac gentleness daub skins, the movement should want slow light, can nod gently play, massage down suitable anticlockwise direction.

   4, drying skin does not use beautiful white product

Protect skin error: The girl that thinks drying skins, cannot use beautiful white product. Do what the gender skins to protect actually wet accomplish a beautiful white composition to just can be skinned absorb.

Right way: White cream of beauty of night much housekeeping money or late frost make skin sufficient absorb nutrition.

   5, Facial massageTime Yue Jiuyue is good

Protect skin error: Facial massage it is better to think time is longer. Facial massage time is appropriate and actually measurable, cannot too long or too short, must inspect skin age to wait will decide.

Right way: Neuter skin massages time 10 minutes or so; Drying skin massages time 10-15 or so minutes; Oily skin massages time 10 minutes less than; Allergic skin does not want to massage.

6, wash a face with clear water in the morning

Protect skin error: As a result of before today clean face uses clear bath face in the morning the following day completely in the evening. The skin is passed one all night metabolism uses clear water to do not have method to be cleaned clean thoroughly merely, jam easily pore, produce acne black first class.

Right way: Gentle clean face breast washs a face, thoroughly clean colleague also gifts skin moisture.