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White vinegar how hairdressing? How to use white vinegar hairdressing?

? ? ? ? ? ? In daily life, the United States' white method has a lot of, but in numerous beautiful white method, dietotherapy is the safest the most healthy kind, dietary hairdressing is close friends than other hairdressing method a lot of, compared with beautiful white product, method of beautiful white medicine waits a method a moment to want to go to the lavatory, white vinegar is the good helper that hairdressing protects skin, so white vinegar how hairdressing? How to use white vinegar hairdressing?

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One. White vinegar is fast beautiful white method

1, use white vinegar to wash a face

When washing a face, put a small Wen Shui first, go up again the white vinegar with mineral water so much cap, smooth hind attack to go up to the face, flat perhaps facial immerge, pour water after a few minutes, can begin the regular program that wash a face.

2, use face of white vinegar apply

White vinegar is used after washing a face in the evening everyday wipe equably go up in the face, should notice escape eye, nose all round, can stimulate an eye otherwise. 10, after 15 minutes, the meeting on the face has the film that one layer doing does, at this moment reoccupy clear water is washed.

Everybody may feel a bit painful when washing a face with white vinegar for the first time, need not worry nevertheless. Because this is white vinegar,be in antiseptic, so enduring with respect to OK. And if be washed,send after the face red, also be to attribute normal phenomenon.

3, in vain vinegar + the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes

White vinegar can be beautiful Bai Yangyan, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes can be good at lienal, fight oxidation to delay consenescence. Pound Chinese traditional medicine with white vinegar the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes is right amount and harmonic, sealed immerse one week. After washing a face everyday, take the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes brush the place that tries long spot, the time became long splash can become weak to eliminate gradually.


2. Other beautiful white method

1, when wanting to sleep, take small cucumber to cut face of Bao Fang buy to had gone up a few minutes to be taken, your face meets a month white tender.

2, the cheapest makeup is used before sleeping cotton is added make up after water is soaked completely, apply is in 20 minutes on the face, every week 3, your skin can have the Shui Liangqing that cannot think of to appear.

3, get up everyday drink 2 cups of water, among them one cup adds some of salt, can clear intestines and stomach.

4, segregation frost must be brushed to reach before going out prevent bask in breast, return the home to remember the discharge on the horse makeup.

5, wash a face to be able to let skin with cold water of warm water reoccupy first already clean and wool stoma is met decrescent.

6, must drink water not to stay up late more, eat deepfry less kind thing, maintain skin cleanness.

7, after washing a face every night, recuperate is happy making up more on cotton, direct apply is in two buccal, connect forehead, the lower jaw even also but incidentally on apply, not only go spot holds the United States concurrently white, because of every time dosage has 1/6 bottles only about raise happy much.

8, drink water less in the evening, drink water more by day, ; of film of bright side of water of the apply before sleeping eats a fruit more, do not drink not to smoke not to stay up late, assure Shui Liang.

9, include apply key point 5 minutes with cold tea above all, make the motion of a similar yoga then, this movement is first cross one's legs, raise the hand again tall hind bend over forth below, maintain this pose about ten minutes. This movement accomplishs ten minutes not easily at the beginning, want the practice of period of time, but the effect is very good really.


3. The effect of white vinegar

1, chopping board divides flavour. After cutting course every time, spray white vinegar on chopping board, place half hour hind to be rinsed again, not only the bacterium that can exterminate the remain on chopping board, still can make peculiar smell disappears very quickly.

2, clean closestool. After scrub closestool, spray white vinegar in closestool inside, maintain a few hours, it is OK that reoccupy water rushs, can have the effect of disinfection, deodorization.

3, swab glass. After cleaning door window with cleaner, the regular meeting on glass remains the trace of shape of a few mist. Actually, might as well will white vinegar and suds mix up brush glass together, can make door window bright anew. Specific means is, go up with add of 2 cups of water 1/4 cup white vinegar, plus the cleaner of 1/2 spoon, outfit spray in sparge bottle can.

4, clean wood. After brushing woodiness furniture every time, join exchange of a cup of vinegar one gallon (3.785 litres) in water, swab furniture with its, can get rid of already the flavour of cleaner, still can make if furniture brightness is new.

5, when the egg that boil, one spoon white vinegar is added in water, albumen is OK very fast caky.

The shirt does not fade when full of shirt last time, bit of white vinegar can be added in water, can make the dress does not fade, maintain cleanness and burnish.

6, prevent white silk to become yellow to add bit of white vinegar in the water of full, what can maintain white silk fabric is ecru, prevent to become yellow.

7, go up except dress of merbromin be soiled stay have merbromin floodwater on low-lying land, can wash with white vinegar first, full of reoccupy clear water is clean.

8, go up except fruit trace dress stay have fruit mark, can be in in the trace below a bibulous cloth, dip in with pily group next on white vinegar is wiped, fruit trace is divided namely.

9, the Shi Zaiqing that wash a face adds spoonful white vinegar in water, with the passing of time can make the skin appears Bai Xi, tender. Wash when hair, use the hair the warm water full that contains a few vinegar, lie between clear water of the reoccupy after 20 minutes to rinse, can make sere hair becomes smooth is silky.

10, balsam pear taste is too bitter. Can drip to mediate into a few white vinegar.

11, can divide coffeepot with scale clear water and white vinegar solution fecal with furring, adding right amount bit of candy, white vinegar is added to be able to make the flower lasts in the vase of whiter bright; that the dress can make immersing in the water of white vinegar.

12, the artful mark that divide rust dissolves a few salt in white vinegar, the faucet in swabbing the home with this kind of mixture solution, pool that wash a bowl and other stainless steel are implemental, next reoccupy clear water is rinsed, can make these appliance maintain from beginning to end if brightness is new.

13, cleared inside the coffee grounds Zi in dirty coffeepot and kettle and tea dirty are general very difficult complete eliminate, can immerse the mixture solution of white vinegar and water among them, passed a little while, rinsed very easily with water.

14, wipe knot of the regular meeting on the ceramic tile in furring toilet and kitchen to have bit by bit white furring, the soft dishcloth that can cross white vinegar solution with dip is wiped.

15, the flower lasts in the vase that putting a flower, might as well the mixed liquor that adds a few candy, white vinegar and clear water to allocate, can make the flower lasts so.

16, carpet is divided corrupt if be the general bilge on carpet, can add a few white vinegar clear water in, brush down soak swab, a wet dishcloth cleans reoccupy, cleaner of the reoccupy after waiting for air inhales dust.

17, the cinnamon besmirch that freezer divides be soiled freezer to go up, can dip in dishcloth the mixed liquor that has a few white vinegar and clear water undertakes cleaning, the peculiar smell inside deice box still can go so in the meantime.