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What reason is pouch greatly? How does pouch eliminate simple method?

Pouch is long below the eye, the occurrence of pouch appears the person is old a lot of. Is that pouch how form? The pouch of a lot of people will be formed the day after tomorrow, what be had to eliminate the method of pouch quickly in the life? How should be if grew pouch to still have lachrymal channel,treated?

What reason is pouch greatly? How does pouch eliminate simple method? (1)

1, pouch is what reason greatly

1, transmissibility pouch.

2, overworked reason brings about pouch.

3, Morpheus reason brings about pouch.

4, age reason brings about pouch.

5, palpebral skin brings about pouch flabbily.

6, cry the reason brings about pouch.

7, inflammation brings about pouch all round eye ministry.

8, abusive cosmetic brings about pouch.

2, the rescue method with old pouch

1, much eat be good at lienal food

Big jujube: Big jujube sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, filling taste, beneficial enrages hematic action. To lienal empty the person that jalf congealed, stomach feeds the little, inadequacy that enrage blood infirmly, most appropriate often takes big jujube.

Cherry: The gender is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, can fill lienal beneficial is angry. Cherry treats all empty disease, can big filling vigour, moist skin.

Gorgon fruit: The gender is smooth, flavour pleasant is acerbity, enter classics of lienal, kidney, have fill the action of difficult choice of kidney of lienal beneficial gas, solid. Especially lienal empty and defecate have loose bowels, or morbid of lienal empty woman person, feed most appropriate.

Water chestnut: Ripe person Gan Ping, bright person Gan Liang, thoroughly cook take feed, have be good at the action that lienal beneficial enrages. Make with old water chestnut take starch to call water chestnut pink, also have fill lienal action.

2, move be good at lienal

Motion is all-purpose method! Those who rely on proper motion to help us " disposition " the activity rises, can enhance lienal carry to change a function so.

Like us busy people can use such office the method of sit-ups, do before get up everyday and falling asleep 20 to 40 situp.

Also can use " rub celiac result " massage, lie on his back at the bed namely, it is a center with hilum, suitable hour hand rotates with the palm massage about 20 times. This little movement, exchange is moved " disposition " can be to have very powerful effect!

3, assure good Morpheus

To solving pouch problem, the most crucial is suit the remedy to the case of course. And the pouch problem that poses to Morpheus inadequacy, assure oneself Morpheus time and Morpheus quality the most first and foremost namely. Think the eye that lets oneself does not have a flaw, had maintained even whole face ministry, need us as far as possible nurturance sleeps early early rise good convention oh!

4, cold compress detumescence

Microtherm conduces to week of Shu delay eye flimsy skin, remove bloated condition, small cucumber still has the effect of composed skin.

If be not worth and caused pouch because of Morpheus, the method that can adopt cold compress tries to alleviate. With last paper has wrapped bead of 3 two ice, towel 50% discount lid is on eyelid, next ice cube superpose. The makeup that crosses aspic milk with refrigerant tea bag or dip cotton, also have subsidence of a swelling composed action.

5, drink enough water

The formation of pouch may follow body dropsy, Tibet to overmuch salinity is concerned.

Before resembling one evening has cried greatly, or was to eat too salty heavy taste food, lie between a day to get up metropolis discovery appeared pouch, because the water portion accumulation inside salinity general body is in,basically be the position below the eye. Drink water to conduce to more eliminate the over salinity inside body, eliminate pouch.

6, little salt food

The accumulation inside body crosses much more needless salinity, cause one of causes of pouch namely, try reduce salinity to absorb from inside ferial food, especially dinner, because arrived delay of hasten of night body metabolization, let salinity remain more easily be inside body.

Little drinking also is one of methods, stay up late in the evening after drinking, lie between a day to discover pouch change is profound not hard, nurturance drinks the habit of the beverage such as water, alcohol less in the evening, can avoid pouch deeper and deeper.

7, the attention is prandial balance

Should notice to often eat the food of and so on of liver of some of colloid, high grade albumen, animal and tomato, potato in diet, note prandial balance, the new life that can organize a cell for this place provides necessary nutrient material, also have profit to eliminating next pouch.

8, the ministry is massaged

The person that produces pouch easily should move more, or often do facial ministry, eye ministry to massage, help local loop.

3, how is channel of pouch companion tear treated

Lachrymal channel is to show next eyelid and nose side, forehead is facial an arc that location of constituent divide with a hyphen at the end of a line forms caves, some but outspread to jugal ministry.

As a result of young when hypodermic and adipose plump, lachrymal channel is not apparent commonly.

Spend gently cave, plastics of optional choose pouch releases the socket of eye to lie between at the same time inside adipose, go to the adipose move that releases cave place, secure place of the periosteum below the socket of eye.

Cave badly to be not accompanied have the skin flabby person, release the socket of eye to lie between the channel of tear of adipose already impossible improvement inside, optional choose from body grain adipose transplanting fill, can very good improvement configuration.