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Catch hair correct skin to there is harm? What to catch a hair to want to notice?

Catch before hair, beautify hair to instruct of division Chang Ding " fasten shampoo before catching 3 days " , scalp excretive grease can form diaphragm, avoid scalp exciting, get hurt. The dermatologist expresses today, light is a few days short, scalp grease cannot be thick to can protect scalp.

Catch hair correct skin to there is harm? What to catch a hair to want to notice? (1)

1, catch hair is harmful to scalp

Dermatological department of hospital of Taipei ancient Chinese name for Venus fastens Huang Yuhui of doctor in charge of a case to suffer today when visitting, express, modern no matter young, old person is used to catch hair, even if did not beautify hair on time the courtyard fills catch a head to go up " flummery " , to sell inn of field, medicine makeup to wait to also can be bought easily acquire hair agent.

Huang Yuhui says, in recent years of High " hubble-bubble is caught " , allege should wipe hubble-bubble to the hair only, catch easily like shampoo hair, bring about partial people to catch hubble-bubble really should wash angel of hair essence, day to use, she appeals must not so do.

Huang Yuhui expresses, majority catchs hair agent to contain what cause allergy easily " to benzene 2 amine " (P-Phenylenediamine, abbreviation is PPD) , even if does not have PPD, also have the excitant material such as hydrogen peroxide solution, once contact skin of in the end to may cause the exciting reaction such as red, itching, can cause allergy even.

To protect scalp, many beautifying hair division suggests " before catching 3 days fasten shampoo " , scalp excretive grease can form diaphragm, can avoid scalp stimulation to reach get hurt, dan Huangyu benefit expresses, light is a few days short, scalp grease is unlikely thick to can protect scalp, it is the view that does not have a basis.

Catch hair correct skin to there is harm? What to catch a hair to want to notice? (2)

2, a few hearsay fasten a letter

Do not think injury scalp is afraid of allergy again, the natural material DIY such as usable coffee, citric, henna, beer catchs talk of in the bookshops hair, whether true feasible?

Huang Yuhui says, hair can chromatically, the wool Zuo that must let a hair first piece open, after decolour, the chemical ability that acquire an agent enters a hair to change color; Natural catch an agent to just add corporeal pigment in hair surface layer, once use water, cleaner to wash,can wash, not only the result is bad to also have allergic risk, the proposal always alleges " pure natural " catch hair agent to be fastened credulous.

Catch hair correct skin to there is harm? What to catch a hair to want to notice? (3)

3, catch send a note

Right glove should be worn in acquiring hair process, should avoid to catch scalp of the contact that send an agent and facial ministry skin as far as possible at the same time, in be like a product to flow into an eye not carefully, answer to rinse; to catch hair hind with clear water instantly, answer to wash hair and scalp clean thoroughly, and catch forcibly in the avoid by all means when rinsing flinch, lest scalp is hurt,be defeated and toxic or infection. Additional, catch hair agent to must not use Yu Ranmei wool or eyelash.

Huang Yuhui appeals, buy the product that when acquiring hair agent, should choose to have name of license of the department that defend blessing and complete designation, before catching, ensure scalp does not have cut, and do skin irritability check, as good as of the skin after 48 hours often is caught again, the agent is caught not to contact scalp as far as possible in caught process, also will not catch hair agent to be used at acquiring the position such as brow, eyelash, mustache, avoid eye of bring into contact with and mouth, cause stimulation.

Deliver a product about how choosing to catch, consumer should choose normal business to exceed or beautify hair the brand product that the orgnaization sells, it is clear that the requirement packs in good condition, label, have manufacturing license, wholesome license, special cosmetic to approve the information such as label of article date and name of executive product level, refuse fake product.

Catch hair correct skin to there is harm? What to catch a hair to want to notice? (4)

4, catch send 5 big principles

(1) do not catch repeatedly inside 3 months send

The person of the hair once had been caught inside 3 months, had better not catch again hair. Because catch,decolorant is contained in hair agent, the wool scale that correct of this kind of composition sends has harm, the wool scale of damage can become flimsy break easily, if be caught repeatedly inside 3 months,send, the wool scale that has been damaged is returning the situation that did not restore to fall to be harmed again, time grows, the healthy state of the hair makes a person can care.

(2) catch skin test must be done before hair

No matter be to undertake self-help is caught,send, still ask person specially assigned for a task to catch to the beauty parlor hair, catch 3 hours before hair to must do skin test. The method is A, B two kinds of drop that acquire an agent are in of artifice inside same on the dot, await nature dry. If appear in this process red, scratchy wait for a phenomenon, this product cannot continue to use.

(3) the skin has claw to be not caught send

Catch before hair, be sure to keep in mind to be not washed hair, it is skin of get on well of scalp excretive oil have protective effect, 2 it is the not careful claw in can avoiding to wash hair process. Scalp is like occurrence cut again bring into contact with acquires hair agent, cause inflammation easily.

(4) catch before hair first besmear latex

Catch before hair should latex of the daub after preexistence delivers border, side, go up in the skin with preventing to catch hair agent to be infected with, cause harm to the skin.

(5) be pregnant reach menses to be not caught send

Pregnant woman does not suit to contact chemistry to acquire the product of the agent, because this pair is fetal and adverse. Menstruation, each respect such as the female's endocrine can produce change, to avoid occurrence problem, also should avoid to catch hair.

Catch hair correct skin to there is harm? What to catch a hair to want to notice? (5)