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Is establish hair reliable now? Is establish hair useful?

Establish hair is a kind of way that settles trichomadesis now, use establish to send a measure, can remove the adverse effect that trichomadesis humanness body brings effectively. But establish sends a lot of people not to understand, do not know its dependability, also worry to after establish is sent, also can be broken away from, so take you to understand establish to send knowledge in detail next.

Is establish hair reliable now? Is establish hair useful? (1)

1, does establish hair rely on chart

Establish sends an operation to be just like is transplant, when establish is sent, cut from afterbrain spoon first take a scalp, detached wool bag leaves in magnifier, the place jab that transplants in need next gives hole, thrust wool bag equably with certain density again among them, finished the transplant of wool bursa. Art hind undertakes nursing appropriately again, can improve hair outward appearance.

2, establish delivers the result

Establish hair is better to the effect of hormone sex lose one's hair, but if be burn of scalp large area, after cut cicatrizations, because of scar the organization offers blood not beautiful and not unripe hair, the wool bursa that this kind of circumstance transplants also survives hard. Hair of the new student after establish of patient of androgen lose one's hair is sent falls off likely also, few and far between, and itself of establish hair technology is only " transplant " unripe hair of and rather than, if establish hair area is larger, the effect is potential also goodish.

3, can establish hair have side effect

Undesirable reaction is little after the art that establish sends, scar of establish hair operation is little also, wool bag survival rate is high, and convalescence is shorter. The face cleanness, machine that reduces correct skin is achieved to stimulate after wanting to notice art only, wool bursa can survive very quickly.

4, be broken for sending area hair to be able to be short of

After establish is sent, break for sending the hair of the area to won't be short of. Because normal hair density is more than the density with person distinguishable eye far, although cut,took partial wool bag, also won't affect " the hair is thick " exterior effect. And the operation cut that establish sends is very small, also won't appear for sending an area apparent scar, won't affect the exterior.

5, what person is OK establish hair

Deliver the result besides the person plant that has large area scar not beautiful, hypertension of other short of, diabetic the person that waits for fundamental disease with cruor function obstacle, and the skin of operation area did not contract sexual disease (tinea reachs all sorts of dermatitis to wait) the crowd is OK establish hair.

6, variant establish is sent

If trichomadesis area is larger, from inadequacy of body hair bursa, can use variant establish hair. What this variant points to is a few natural or artificial fiber (silk, nylon and other staple) insert scalp, but to human body character, these fiber are an eyewinker, can appear to affect and discharge the harmful response of different so. Even if did not produce undesirable reaction, these do not have the wood of the root, put for a long time impossibly also stay, left and right sides of average half an year can fall off.

7, the note before establish is sent

(1) the patient of use pilatory, a month needs pilatory of out of service.

(2) the operation reachs an operation to used shampoo shampoo in the morning that day in the evening before today.

(3) E of vitamin of out of service of a week before the operation and aspirin.

(4) before the operation two days ban the drink that uses spirituosity.

(5) doctor hand should be informed to deny before the operation contract other disease (wait like diabetic, hypertensive, heart disease) .

(6) the medicaments that the doctor should inform to be being taken at present before the operation.

(7) breakfast needed the surgery that day a few taking food.

(8) the turtleneck unlined upper garment that avoids to wear inconvenience or sweater. Normal food wants before art, scarcely wants hollow, avoid alcohol kind beverage and fat food.

8, the note after establish is sent

(1) may appear disgusting, vomiting, lack of power etc unwell, want to rest more.

(2) taller pillow should be used when sleeping.

(3) the beard after art remembers doctor's advice well, carry out by doctor's advice, restore smoothly in order to assure, after reducing art unwell.

(4) art hind does not move inside 5 days, 3 violent campaign avoids inside week, the attention protects operation area.

(5) art hind answers a hospital the 2nd day to check, change medicine, (FUT)

(6) after the operation inside 4 days cannot shampoo, shampoo shampoo can be used after 4 days, establish hair area wants gently knead.

(7) adorn in 7 days of ability after the operation at least hairpiece.

(8) place of hair of the establish after art can appear scab skin, cannot uncover its, should await its to fall off naturally) .

(9) occipitalia of day of the 7-10 after art offers area cut take out stitches

(10) hair of Zhou Xin of the 2-6 after art begins to fall off, 10-20 week begins to grow, hind of half an year can see initial effect, the effect is better after nine month, invite at some convenience in you check to send strange long case newly.

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