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Can establish hair use the wool bag of others? Is establish hair OK the wool bursa of transplanting others?

Establish hair is a kind of method that can solve trichomadesis symptom effectively, establish hair is to pass the body the wool bursa of other position transplants trichomadesis area, can make trichomadesis area grows once more so a hair, solve trichomadesis problem thereby. Do not cross those who have little part person to be able to transplant wool bag is less, can you use the wool bag of someone else so? Detailed knowledge comes below.

Can establish hair use the wool bag of others? Is establish hair OK the wool bursa of transplanting others? (1)

1, can establish hair use the wool bag of others

Establish sends be the wool bursa that does not suggest to use others. The wool bursa that after because the wool bursa of others transplants,coming over, may repel because of variant and makes transplanting good is necrotic the result that the influence delivers to establish.

2, the wool bag that establish hair had better use him

The wool bag that establish hair uses him extracts healthy wool bursa tissue from the occipitalia after the patient, bursa of this part wool has a priori not to suffer the character that human body male sex hormone affects, such property is had likewise after transplanting, the new hair that grows after art and original hair exactly like, very natural.

3, head hair bursa is insufficient how is establish sent

If be inadequacy of head hair bursa, want establish hair to be able to consider to undertake oneself beard establish is sent, but those who want an attention is beard establish hair can cultivate the place in the top of head only, and this cultivates hair manner to suit the man with relatively thick beard to undertake only. The effect after such establish are sent just is met more natural.

4, establish hair is not everybody can

Establish hair can improve the condition such as trichomadesis, bald effectively, improve the distributinging condition of the hair. But if be the word with exiguous bursa of wool of health of position of the occipitalia after oneself head, cannot undertake establish is sent. Should undertake before establish sends an operation effective wool bursa detects so in order to decide whether hotshot art and corresponding remedial program.

5, establish sends a note

(The notice before 1) establish is sent

1, before art 3 months do not accept any vaccine vaccinal

2, need of before art 3 months does hematic routine assay

3, before art 3 days do not drink and contain the beverage of alcohol

4, the external use before art gives birth to hair medicaments to need to shift to an earlier date 3, 5 days of out of service

5, art thereinbefore a day of shampoo, bathe

(2) moves hair that day notice

1, the operation needed to wear cardigan that day the dress

2, the operation needed to have breakfast in the morning that day, not hollow

(The note after 3) establish is sent

1, the attention after art lowers his head to turn head extent, not the content such as window of knock against door, after can pull down after occipitalia bandage art

2, seafood of diet of a week after art, chili, the food such as bovine hotpot

3, on time medicine of diminish inflammation of profess to convinced 3, 5 day

4, in a week especially the height of pillow of before 3 days of Morpheus should be equivalent to at ordinary times 3, 4 pillows height, be helpful for haemal circulation so, in the evening after 9 o'clock drink less water perhaps does not drink water

5, the we carry to prepare if 3 days go out tag after art (prevent dirt, oneself tag can be carried after 3 days)

6, shower of 3 days of usable clear water after art, wash a hair, shampoo shampoo can be used after 5 days, but notice shampoo strength should light

7, the methodological proper motion of 7 days of usable hot compress after art clears hematic scab

8, after art 7, 9 days of take out stitches, FUE need not take out stitches. The attention inside the 48h after take out stitches turns head and lower one's head extent wants small, water cannot be touched inside 2 days.

9, after transplanting hair art 2, 4, 6, 9 months come to a hospital check each, in order to know the newest strange long case of the hair.