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Can establish hair solve trichomadesis? How long can be establish hair maintained?

Trichomadesis, bald is very common in the life, the cause that these trichomadesis symptoms cause has a lot of kinds, after symptom of occurrence lose one's hair, we to maintain image, the way that can choose establish to send commonly will solve. But after establish is sent, we can worry again, can establish hair solve the problem of trichomadesis? How long can be establish hair maintained? Establish understands to send in detail below.

Can establish hair solve trichomadesis? How long can be establish hair maintained? (1)

1, can establish hair solve trichomadesis

Establish hair can be helped solve trichomadesis problem. Establish hair is will healthy wool bursa transplanting to specific place, replace originally damage, necrotic wool bursa, because the hair that grows so newly has what nurture pledges to enter, toxin excretes unobstructed, fall off not easily, originally trichomadesis problem can get settlement.

2, establish is sent cannot permanent solve trichomadesis

Establish is sent and can not assure quite permanent solve trichomadesis problem. The wool bursa of transplanting is in health, this moment hair won't trichomadesis, but if be establish,still cannot be opposite quite after hair the hair of transplanting place undertakes accusing oil, grease is secreted can jam wool bursa, the nutrient supply with influence normal hair and toxin are excreted, occurrence damage of the wool bursa after this time plant is sent or meeting, necrotic circumstance, problem of this moment lose one's hair can appear again.

3, when establish hair effect is good

When establish hair been choosinging healthy wool bag, the result that right establish hair time also can deliver to establish produces main effect, saying establish hair is best commonly is when choosing to be in stability period in trichomadesis, this time can seek the range of bursa of wool of accurate need transplanting correctly, and let wool bursa have stable surviving time, if not be this moment,bring about establish very easily hair is not complete, still have the positional lose one's hair that transplants.

4, nurse correctly establish hair effect is good

After establish is sent, send place correctly to undertake establish sends the effect to ameliorate nursing also can letting to establish, trichomadesis issue is better get settlement. After for instance establish is sent 1 week does not want shampoo, and do not want overweight knead establish send place, if be establish hair place,scabby word should not use a hand to catch, dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, wait for its to fall off naturally, and art hind does not have violent campaign inside 4 days, delicate nutrition should maintain to wait a moment on food.

5, after establish is sent again how does trichomadesis do

After establish is sent if be to appear to send an issue again, if be the word of a few lose one's hair,the likelihood is the normal phenomenon after establish is sent, if be the hair after falling off,did not grow to be able to consider to send operation failure for establish again, this moment needs to undertake check and be remedialed to the hospital.

6, method of precautionary lose one's hair

One, reasonable food is very important. To the person of trichomadesis, the food with reasonable the following complement is very important:

1. compensatory iron is qualitative. Iron often often is short of inside the human body of trichomadesis. Tie Zhifeng's rich food has soya bean, black soya bean, egg kind, hairtail, shrimp, ripe earthnut, spinach, carp, banana, carrot, potato.

Protein of 2. compensatory vegetable. The hair is sere, send tip fission, can eat the food such as soja, black sesame seed, corn more.

3. eats the fresh vegetable that contains basic material and fruit more. Because there is acidity toxin in blood,one of elements that trichomadesis and hair become yellow are, the reason is physical strength and spirit excessive exhaustion, long-term surfeit pure saccharide and adipose kind of food, make acerbity toxin produces in process of the metabolization inside body. Liver kind, the flesh kind, the acidity material in the food such as onion causes the sick at heart in blood easily toxin is overmuch, want to eat less so.

4. compensatory iodine is qualitative. The burnish of the hair and thyroid action are concerned, filling iodine can enhance thyroid exudation function, be helpful for a hair strong and handsome. Can eat the food such as kelp, laver, oyster more.

E of 5. compensatory vitamin. Vitamin E can resist hair is anile, stimulative segmentation, make hair grows. Can eat bright lettuce, cabbage, black sesame seed to wait more.

2, proper motion, assure Morpheus. Motion is helpful for slow pressure, enhance oneself immunity power, and enough sleep can promote the metabolism with the skin and normal hair, and metabolization period basically happens in the late evening, especially in the evening 10 when to before dawn 2 when between, sleep of this period of time is enough, can make hair normal metabolic. Conversely, the metabolization of hair and nutrient overbalance are met trichomadesis. Proposal: Accomplish as far as possible everyday Morpheus 6 not less than hours, nurturance is time the habit of Morpheus.

3, optimistic state of mind. Modern actuating pressure big, study is nervous, with the head excessive, be fond of Yi Bei easily, these often can cause trichomadesis. The person uses a brain excessive, or often worry is heavy, be worried, perhaps encountered what thing, spirit is too nervous, make brain got very big stimulation, supply and grow what also can affect hair nutrition occasionally. Because all activities of human body belong to cerebrum canal, cerebrum sufferred stimulation, the activity became random footstep, cannot produce effect normally, certainly will should make the nutrition of the body is stimulated, the circumstance that appears to send. Suggest everybody is in so at ordinary times in the job and study, want to maintain a hopeful and gentle state of mind, when anything crops up not excited, job, study should strike a proper balance between work and rest.

4, avoid a hair to get as far as possible environmental harm. Strong light, foul air, chemical toxin, catch the metropolis such as hair to cause very great harm to the hair, the growth that destroys wool bursa environment, bring about trichomadesis thereby, want to endeavor to avoid so.

5, diligent shampoo and do up one's hair. Everyday morning and evening combs each send 100 times, can exciting scalp, improvement between the hair ventilated. Because scalp is to perspire easily flyblown place, comb shampoo, frequently frequently hair conduce to prevent bald-headed the happening with dander.

6, should have hope to treating trichomadesis, maintain active state of mind. As the development of science and technology, the method of a few advanced cure lose one's hair has been thrown in be applied actually, had obtained the result of surprise making a person, believe as the further development that understands to trichomadesis pathology, the mankind is last it is certain can overcome trichomadesis thoroughly of this one cosmopolitan difficult problem!