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What harm does adipose breast enhancement have from body? What item should adipose breast enhancement notice from body?

From body adipose grand bosom is in recent years very suffer female gay operation of bosom of a kind of grand, because its are to use oneself,adipose organization comes as material breast enhancement, won't produce the condition that discharge different so, security is more opposite than art of other grand bosom taller. A lot of females are right from body method of this kind of breast enhancement is interested in adipose grand bosom quite, but fear the meeting is right again the body has adverse effect, the place with adverse what does adipose grand bosom have to the body from body then?

What harm does adipose breast enhancement have from body? What item should adipose breast enhancement notice from body? (1)

1, from body principle of art of adipose breast enhancement

From body principle of art of adipose breast enhancement is, the body inject of transplanting of redundant and adipose cell reachs other position bosom, adipose cell leans all round the organization obtains nutrient to grow afresh, organize be in harmony to be an organic whole with oneself bosom, make a breast plump and corporeal. After adipose cell infuse, blood offers rebuilding is survived key, must control infuse amount of every bits, otherwise operation effect can sell at a discount greatly.

2, from body adipose breast enhancement is dangerous

Put in safe risk, and transplanting is adipose windier risk is bigger.

The share may be caused after transplanting adipose calcify, or form the sequela such as cyst, nugget, and transplanting is adipose the capacity is more, the probability of occurrence sequela is higher. In addition, operation appliance was not disinfected reach the designated position, adipose infection also may appear in taking out embedded course.

3, does from body adipose breast enhancement have nugget

Transplanting capacity appears how possibly bosom nugget

Inject every time a few adipose arrive inside body, adipose surviving rate is a few higher. But many transplanting, cannot have supplied nutrition of metabolization of greasily fat cell as a result of the capillary of bosom, what be transplanted partly only is adipose can lean all round the organization obtains nutrient and survive, other those who cannot get nutrient is adipose can be absorbed to metabolize by human body, serious can cause adipose and necrotic and bring about inflammation pus sore and fiber are changed or calcification, pathological changes, from body accordingly adipose breast enhancement may appear nugget.

4, from body there is nugget how to do after adipose breast enhancement

If scleroma is small or it is adipose inject time longer person, the adipose organization by the side of here is completely liquefacient already, pump of puncture of injector classics skin, can achieve the goal that eliminates nugget. The possibility of callous and natural molten is very little, if do not affect feel to be able to not be in charge of it temporarily, art excises a callous and serious hotshot.

5, what does other harm have from body breast enhancement


From body the disinfection in operation of adipose breast enhancement is not strict, suck fat, rinse adipose or infuse is adipose pollute from time to tome, rinse adipose when did not handle with medicines and chemical reagents, or accept the position such as the area for the area local before having chronic inflammation method, did not discover etc, inflammation infection appears after the likelihood causes an operation.

6, adipose calcify

The adipose cell that infuse misses work is overmuch, or infuse is adipose inhomogenous, same arrangement is same place is adipose note a person overmuch, adipose fail to be contacted extensively with transplanting bed, and gather by oneself agglomerate, the likelihood is caused from body adipose calcify forms fiber tubercle after adipose breast enhancement, occurrence bosom nugget.

7, bleed

From body process of operation of adipose breast enhancement, because the injury when inject and breast are petty hemal or obstacle of mechanism of cruor of the person that accept method, from body the pressurization after art of adipose breast enhancement wraps up undeserved etc, the likelihood causes operation massive haemorrhage.

8, breast enhancement effect not beautiful

Bosom is too compressed person itself capillary circulates not beautiful, if odd adipose transplanting amount is overmuch, adipose cell surviving rate is low the likelihood brings about breast enhancement not to succeed.

9, note

1, from body adipose grand the note before pectoral art

Careful anthology the means that smoke fat

Many people like to smoke fat and grand bosom two operations undertake at the same time, but in this process, ten million wants those who notice the doctor is used to take fat kind. If use the means smoking fat such as resonance, supersonic, electron, laser, adipose cell surviving sex is almost 0. Accordingly, if the doctor was used already,destroy the adipose kind that smoke fat, claim to use again from body adipose undertake grand bosom, then he can use a person probably to make adipose be there just to make up the number

2, transplanting is adipose quantity cannot too much

Many adipose cell transplanting arrives after bosom, it is to be able to achieve plump result, but cause adipose cell easily necrotic, occurrence inflammation or nugget, feeling feels similar each small breast tumor. This kind of situation can need a surgery possibly again cleared and adipose nugget, affect operation result instead.

3, mature be clear about again operation

What do not decide expectation is too tall, grand bosom is the cover cup that can increase you apparently, but not anticipate those who decide is too tall, beforehand all result expect, decide again after balance advantages and disadvantages whether operation.

4, from body art of adipose grand bosom hind note

Avoid cut infection

Cut cleanness should maintain after art dry, special attention bathing shampoo when, do not touch water, lest cause an injury,the mouth affects inflammation.

5, avoid to oppress cut

From the underwear that body wants to wear softness after art of adipose breast enhancement, avoid violent campaign, avoid to be pressed with the hand press bosom, when sleeping, lie on his back as far as possible, lest oppress bosom, the influence finalizes the design and restore.

6, press doctor's advice to take drug

Operation hind is affected to avoid, quicken strut subsidise, the doctor can open a few antiphlogistic medicine, antibiotic to wait, must follow the doctor's advice sincerely, time check kimono medicine, hour attention restores a situation.

7, attention food

Before restoring completely, want wine of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade, hemp hot the food that waits for acrimony stimulation, in addition hair content, for instance the unfavorable also edible such as seafood, hotpot, lest affect cut,recover from an illness.