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What actor drawback does art of adipose breast enhancement have from body? What note does adipose grand bosom have from body?

From body adipose grand bosom is suffer female gay quite in recent years method of a kind of breast enhancement, basically be to use female waist coxal perhaps and adipose more adipose organization makes material, inject arrives breast, method of this kind of operation compares safety relatively, the body won't have the reaction that discharge different. From body then this plants adipose grand bosom breast enhancement method basically has what actor drawback, what to do this kind of operation to need to notice?

What actor drawback does art of adipose breast enhancement have from body? What note does adipose grand bosom have from body? (1)

1, from body the advantage of adipose breast enhancement

Won't appear platoon different reacts

From body adipose breast enhancement is used from body adipose organization makes material, human body itself won't be right of infuse from body adipose organization produces the reaction that discharge different, because there won't be eyewinker feeling commonly after this art.

2, do not affect lactation

From body adipose breast enhancement won't change endocrine environment, do not affect the physiology function of mammary gland, accordingly operation hind won't affect lactation

With mammary gland development.

3, natural and feel is good

With oneself adipose transplanting undertakes breast enhancement, adipose cell can blend in adipose organization slowly, on the appearance more natural, feel feels softer beauty exquisite, it is better that sense of reality suffers bosom of grand of relatively false body.

4, breast enhancement returns can thin body at the same time

Adipose breast enhancement needs oneself draw-out and fat part is spare adipose, in breast enhancement while still can rise to reduce weight the action of thin body. Comfortable fit capable person is obese but the schoolgirl with compressed bosom.

5, safe scar is little

From body cut of art of adipose breast enhancement is average 3-5mm, the scar after heal is little and be located in alar concealment place. Implant is organize from body, its biology is characteristic far excel any false body material, because this is avirulent to oneself harmless.

6, from body the defect of adipose breast enhancement

Do not suit the female with too compressed bosom

From body adipose breast enhancement is more comfortable have at body other place enough redundant and adipose, mammary itself has certain volume, but not quite big or have spend mammary baggy circumstance gently, not quite comfortable at bosom too evenness and body cut poor woman. Because bosom is too compressed person, itself bust is tiny hemal loop is undesirable, cannot satisfy the nutrient requirement with adipose transplanting, surviving rate is very low, cause adipose tissue easily necrotic, cause the side effect of inflammation or adipose calcify.

7, adipose cell absorptivity is tall

The adipose cell absorptivity of inject is very tall, what should transplant is adipose and many when be being absorbed, the operation cannot have apparent breast enhancement effect, this also is the difficulty that from body adipose breast enhancement still does not have a homework at present.

8, easy form adipose nugget

Of death from body adipose cell stays in the breast to form cyst easily, cause a bacterium to affect and bring about a breast red, heat bilges, the symptom such as ache.

9, operation process may appear infection

Because operation appliance disinfection is not complete, or the cut after art is polluted etc, cause inflammation infection possibly, after this kind of circumstance can adopt the hospital with normal choice and reasonable method, nurse avoid.

10, note

1, from body adipose grand the note before pectoral art

Careful anthology the means that smoke fat

Many people like to smoke fat and grand bosom two operations undertake at the same time, but in this process, ten million wants those who notice the doctor is used to take fat kind. If use the means smoking fat such as resonance, supersonic, electron, laser, adipose cell surviving sex is almost 0. Accordingly, if the doctor was used already,destroy the adipose kind that smoke fat, claim to use again from body adipose undertake grand bosom, then he can use a person probably to make adipose be there just to make up the number

2, transplanting is adipose quantity cannot too much

Many adipose cell transplanting arrives after bosom, it is to be able to achieve plump result, but cause adipose cell easily necrotic, occurrence inflammation or nugget, feeling feels similar each small breast tumor. This kind of situation can need a surgery possibly again cleared and adipose nugget, affect operation result instead.

3, mature be clear about again operation

What do not decide expectation is too tall, grand bosom is the cover cup that can increase you apparently, but not anticipate those who decide is too tall, beforehand all result expect, decide again after balance advantages and disadvantages whether operation.

4, from body art of adipose grand bosom hind note

Avoid cut infection

Cut cleanness should maintain after art dry, special attention bathing shampoo when, do not touch water, lest cause an injury,the mouth affects inflammation.

5, avoid to oppress cut

From the underwear that body wants to wear softness after art of adipose breast enhancement, avoid violent campaign, avoid to be pressed with the hand press bosom, when sleeping, lie on his back as far as possible, lest oppress bosom, the influence finalizes the design and restore.

6, press doctor's advice to take drug

Operation hind is affected to avoid, quicken strut subsidise, the doctor can open a few antiphlogistic medicine, antibiotic to wait, must follow the doctor's advice sincerely, time check kimono medicine, hour attention restores a situation.

7, attention food

Before restoring completely, want wine of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade, hemp hot the food that waits for acrimony stimulation, in addition hair content, for instance the unfavorable also edible such as seafood, hotpot, lest affect cut,recover from an illness.