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Have royal jelly can breast enhancement? How does royal jelly take breast enhancement?

We often may be met in daily life use honey, we are not to eat honey directly certainly, likely we drink a beverage to perhaps eat a sweetmeats, have inside add honey, it is very close that so honey and our life can say. And one kind royal jelly also is honey, royal jelly someone says to have the effect of breast enhancement, so, is royal jelly OK Where is breast enhancement?

Have royal jelly can breast enhancement? How does royal jelly take breast enhancement? (1)

1, royal jelly can breast enhancement

Royal jelly has breast enhancement effect.

Royal jelly is worker bee excretive gland fluid, basically use feed bee larva and for queen bee edible, contain many estrogen, estrogen has certain stimulative effect to the development of human body mammary gland, accordingly, edible royal jelly has certain breast enhancement effect.

2, it how eat is OK to how eat breast enhancement

(Edible of 1) morning and evening

Breast enhancement of edible royal jelly had better be in edible of morning and evening, in the morning edible but embellish bowel is aperient, compensatory estrogen, edible basically is to use breast enhancement night, every time edible 10g left and right sides, contain below the tongue directly, contain 3~5 minute can swallow.

(2) long-term edible

Effect of royal jelly breast enhancement is not very beautiful, especially the estrogen content of royal jelly is not very tall, accordingly, method of this kind of breast enhancement needs to hold to for a long time, general need holds to edible 3 months are right and left can appear the effect.

3, when to take breast enhancement

Effect of breast enhancement of the edible after the classics before classics is best.

The female is in the hormone level inside the around body of period is not very stable, complement at that time time of first-rate of effect of estrogen breast enhancement, the proposal is mixed in day of the 2~3 before classics 2 days of many compensatory edible after classics, at ordinary times edible 2, these days edible 3~5 second, breast enhancement effect is optimal.

4, attention of royal jelly breast enhancement

1. royal jelly has certain breast enhancement effect, but do not suit to be inside period time edible, avoid the estrogen inside body overmuch, extend period, increase classics blood amount.

Certain candy component still is contained in 2. royal jelly, do not suit many edible, avoid to cause fat.

5, edible royal jelly is no-no

When edible royal jelly, also have contraindication of a few food. Because the opposite sex albumen that comes from pollen and bee venom peptide are contained in royal jelly, certain person is easy to this allergic, the attention answers when taking, the person of allergic constitution wants diet. The person that still have hypoglycemia wants diet. Because there is the material of insulin appearance in royal jelly,basically be, can enhance the insulin inside human body fall blood sugar action, meeting aggravate hypoglycemia reacts. Empty resembling body, jalf congealed, diarrhoea person unfavorable also edible. In addition, the child with normal growth is unfavorable drink royal jelly, because the child takes royal jelly,basically be hind development of easy stimulative sexual organs, sexual precocity; The children of delay of sluggish of hidebound, development everyday 1 gram, can improve apparently to 3 months.

Royal jelly cannot use boiled water or boiled water take medicine with water, because temperature crosses Gao Yi to destroy its active material, the tannic acid in boiled water and iron, can reduce its curative effect. Still a bit must be take for a long time namely, ability gets effective.

The expiration period: Royal jelly asks to leave store in microtherm, store temperature with - 5, - 7 ℃ are advisable. Carry out a proof, below such temperature condition, deposit a year, its composition change is very small, in - several years can be deposited below the condition of 18 ℃ , won't degenerative. Capsule and tablet can fall in normal temperature can save 2 years.

Royal jelly having before sleeping is a kind of wrong food habit. Because,this is, the carbohydrate material content in royal jelly is rich, can make after entering blood-vessel haemal viscosity rises. The person is decelerated in the heartbeat in Morpheus, haemal flow rate puts delay originally, if royal jelly is taken before sleep, the likelihood brings about local blood motivation unusual, create small loop obstacle, easy hurried sends the formation of cerebral thrombus.