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Does breakfast eat banana to reduce weight? Does breakfast eat banana law reducing weight to rely on chart?

Banana is a lot of personages reducing weight seek the food that hold in both hands, because be contained in banana,crude fibre is mixed pectic, have the effect with embellish aperient bowel, can discharge poison to raise not only colour, still can reduce weight thin body. We know, after first-rate discharges poisonous time to get up in the morning namely, so, somebody thinks to eat banana ability to reduce weight in the morning, does the view that takes banana to reduce weight in the morning rely on chart?

Does breakfast eat banana to reduce weight? Does breakfast eat banana law reducing weight to rely on chart? (1)

1, netizen: Reduce weight! Banana full abdomen feels strong, can reduce appetite.

A lot of people think banana contains cellulose, can produce full abdomen move, reduce Chinese meal and dinner to eat an amount. Banana is medium at the same time enzymatic (Japan and Taiwan area are so called " ferment " ) meeting combustion is adipose wait for food component, make thereby lunch dinner can be used up completely.

2, scientific explanation: Breakfast eats banana to reduce weight not to rely on chart

Full abdomen feeling is inferior to great majority vegetables and fruits

A:appellant view looks very rely on chart, feeling of full nevertheless abdomen, banana does not calculate good. Compare the other fruit of coequal weight, content does not consider the cellulose of banana tall, and quantity of heat is very high however. For instance

100 grams banana contains 90 kilocalorie quantity of heat and 2.6 grams fiber.

The apple contains 50 kilocalorie quantity of heat to contain 2.4 grams fiber however only;

Pear contains 50 kilocalorie quantity of heat to contain 3.1 grams fiber however;

Strawberry, only 30 kilocalorie quantity of heat and 2.3 overcome fiber.

Vegetable is more effective even, 100 grams tomato has 20 kilocalorie quantity of heat to contain 1 gram fiber however only;

On the west orchid 30 kilocalorie 2.6 grams fiber;

Cabbage 20 kilocalorie 2.5 grams fiber.

If the fiber in banana is the main reason that restrains weight, so much eat these vegetable and fruit to want to be gotten effectively undoubtedly much.

3, in banana " ferment " active is lost after entering a stomach

As to the food component of the dinner of enzymatic combustion lunch in banana, it is assume sth as a matter of course completely. Any enzymatic it is the protein that has dimensional compose elephant, in abdomen early lost active, can decompose food again far from, also do not have effect reducing weight naturally.

4, when star reduces weight, not be to implement onefold law reducing weight

The star that is Japan without giving thought to reduces weight, big still S reduces weight, just did not try breakfast banana to reduce weight law, still can undertake is on a diet reducing weight at the same time, motion reduces weight will enhance result reducing weight, accordingly, cannot be attributed to these the contribution of breakfast banana law reducing weight.

5, the 3 big contraindication that eat banana

, unfavorable and hollow eat

There is more magnesian element in banana, magnesium is the sensitive element that affects heart function, produce inhibition to the heart and vessels. Hollow the magnesium that eats banana to be able to make human body medium lifts abruptly and the magnesian calcium in blood of broken hellion body is balanced, produce inhibition to the heart and vessels, go against healthy.

2, excessive eats banana to be able to cause microelement scale is maladjusted

Banana is the fruit with sweet goluptious glutinous, have some of person consequently (have function of urgent chronic nephritis, kidney not complete person) many edible banana. The element such as more magnesium, Potassium is contained in banana, although these mineral elements are institute of human body health is indispensible but if be inside short time,absorb at a draught overmuch, content of the magnesium in can causing blood, Potassium increases quickly, the scale that creates the element such as the Potassium inside body, natrium, calcic, magnesium is maladjusted, produce a harm to health. In addition, eat banana to return more because hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted,can decrease greatly and cause gastric bowel function to had fluctuated with the mood mussily big.

3, fully unbaked banana sends constipation easily

Everybody knows, banana crudely when, the cortical green that show blueness, shuck cortical, acerbity cannot issue pharynx. Banana is tropics, semi-tropical fruit, be saved to facilitate and carry, picked banana when, cannot wait for it ripe, have to pick next put in storage when banana skin viridescence however. The acerbity flavour of unripe banana comes from the many tannic acid that contains in banana. Tannic acid has very powerful convergent effect, can form excrement and urine do hard excrement and urine, cause constipation thereby. The most typical is old person, child after eating banana, not only cannot give help aperient, can produce apparent constipation instead.