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It effect of what tea breast enhancement drink is good to effect of what tea breast enhancement drink? What tea was drunk can breast enhancement?

Breast enhancement is a hotter topic all the time, because everybody wants better figure, the way that some people may choose to use plastic goes breast enhancement, but actually the method of breast enhancement has a lot of kinds, and we are in the life, oneself adjust through a few food can accomplish, for instance, some tea drank the effect that has breast enhancement. So, it what tea drank breast enhancement effect is good that what tea drank breast enhancement effect?

It effect of what tea breast enhancement drink is good to effect of what tea breast enhancement drink? (1)

1, it drink what tea is OK to drink what tea breast enhancement

(Tea of 1) Chinese flowering quince

Material: Water of pulp of 30 grams Chinese flowering quince, 10 grams sends tremella.

Develop bubble method: First papaya slice, put into the cup together with moisture tremella next, irruptive and right amount boiling water, frowsty bubble of the cap on the lid after 10 minutes can drinkable.

Effect: It is to contain in papaya 17 kinds of amino acid and of a variety of nutriment, have the effect such as estrogen of exciting and moist skin, ovarian honey; And be to have rich protein and vitamin in tremella, it is nourishing beautiful is tasted, both collocation is used, can have breast enhancement effect not only, return can beautiful white skin.

Applicable crowd: Suit a breast shrivelled, body is angular person drinkable.

Drinkable and no-no: Pregnant woman and allergic constitution crowd are unfavorable and drinkable.

(Tea of Chinese flowering quince of 2) longan red jujube

Material: 5 flesh of 10 grams longan, red jujubes work article, pulp of 20 grams Chinese flowering quince.

Develop bubble method: Put all stuff into the cup together, add boiling water next, frowsty bubble after 8 minutes drinkable.

Effect: It is to contain A of dextrose, protein, vitamin, vitamin in red jujube and longan flesh B, adipose wait for a variety of nutrition element, have the effect of heart of Zhi Ning of better filling gas blood, beneficial, again tie-in Chinese flowering quince, not only can breast enhancement hairdressing, still can fill the heart raises blood.

Applicable crowd: Suit the inadequacy that enrage blood to bring about a breast shrivelled person drinkable, especially the person that appropriate be perturbed, Morpheus owes beautiful.

Drinkable and no-no: Slant hot constitution is unsuited drinkable.

(Tea of 3) carnation breast enhancement

Material: 5 carnation work article, right amount honey.

Develop bubble method: Clean carnation drop to work with cold water, in putting kettle next, develop bubble 3 minutes or so with boiling water, can drinkable, also can add right amount honey according to individual taste.

Effect: Carnation is to filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, take good care of sb enrages spot of skin of blood, strong vigour, beautiful Bai Pi, dispel to divide knit, adjust endocrine, improvement blood circulates. Enhance the effect of airframe metabolism, can promote the growth of mammary gland, long-term and drinkable, have better breast enhancement effect.

Applicable crowd: The breast is shrivelled person.

Drinkable and no-no: Pregnant woman is unfavorable and drinkable.

(Tea of breast enhancement of angelica of wild peach of 4) the five fingers

Material: 2 3 angelica of wild peach of 15 grams the five fingers, 3 grams, roses, red jujubes.

Develop bubble method: Put all stuff into arenaceous boiler inside, add right amount clear water, burn boil with conflagration, next decoction of reoccupy small fire makes an appointment with 20 minutes, filter takes soup juice drinkable.

Effect: This tea can beneficial gas filling empty, filling gas raises blood, still can enrage breast enhancement of skin of Jie Yu, embellish all right.

Applicable crowd: Shrivelled, complexion does not have the breast that the inadequacy that enrage blood brings about China person.

Drinkable and no-no: The constitution slants the person that heat up is unfavorable and drinkable.

2, what does autumn eat to be able to reduce weight

1. yam has exceed strong stomach full feel

Yam is everybody's very familiar food, particularly welcome, its fiber is qualitative loose, be digested the most easily by human body, the effect with aperient poisonous platoon is extremely powerful, have full abdomen feeling again, often be regarded as to reduce weight by people so food comes edible, also somebody lets yam regard as directly staple food, make congee of yam meal, yam, steamed yam, also can make yam and milk collocation yam milk drinkable. The quantity of heat of yam is very low, the in part that measures a steamed bread with divide into equal parts only about is much.

Purify of 2. barley tea adipose

"A lot of people have the habit that drinks tea, and barley tea has the effect with adipose purify again, solve fat, aid digestion, beneficial enrages be good at stomach! " Mr Zhang says, with the barley tea that bakes parched barley is made, not a variety of microelement that contain human body place to need, amino acid, saturated fatty acid and prandial fiber, the content of candy is extremely low also, so can says " sanitarian beverage " . In addition, barley tea still has distinctive prandial thread, dissolve the prandial fiber in boiled water is OK intestines and stomach medium " rubbish " outside taking a put oneself in another's position, make a person relaxed, reduce weight, still won't bring any redundant quantity of heat and burden.

Dish of 3. cold and dressed with sause prevents constipation

Recommend course of two cold and dressed with sause: It is the beauty in heart of cold and dressed with sause (turnip silk) , 2 it is bamboo shoot of agaric of cold and dressed with sause piece.

The turnip contains acrimony composition mustard oil, have promote adipose kind material has metabolic effect better, can avoid adipose rich cellulose and a kind of special plant collagen are contained in black agaric of hypodermic accumulation; , these two kinds of material can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, stimulative bowel path is adipose alimental is excreted, the adipose absorption in reducing food, prevent fat; thereby at the same time, because these two kinds of material can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, prevent constipation, what the toxicant in be helpful for the defecate inside body pledges is seasonable keep clear of and eduction.

4. hawkthorn helps aid digestion

We often are eating much thing, time of not quite good digestive takes bit of haw jelly, because it can help us,digest quickly. The crude fibre that contains in hawkthorn is as high as 20% , can promote alvine peristalsis. Hawkthorn still can increase pepsin active, contains lipase can be promoted adipose decompose, have effect of disappear dyspepsia, aid digestion, in digestive flesh kind field work knowingly follow the example of a wrong-doer its are remarkable. It still has fall the action of hematic fat and blood pressure, reach aggrandizement heart to preventing cardiovascular disease especially beneficial.

Flesh of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married of 5. papaya purify

Papaya contains ferment of a kind of Chinese flowering quince, these papaya ferment not only dissoluble protein, saccharide, more dissoluble adipose, this can say is the characteristic with the biggest Chinese flowering quince, it is adipose and OK to be solved through cent flesh of purify go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married, contractible and corpulent cell, stimulative metabolism, seasonable a body of redundant and adipose eduction outside, achieve the goal that reduce weight thereby. In addition, still have the effect of canceration of digestion of remedial gastroenteritis, dyspeptic, precaution. Conditional friends also can use curiosa of a few preserve one's health to reduce weight!

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