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Is the lip thick can plastic? Is the lip thick can plastic?

Some people are the United States with thin lip, also somebody is the United States with thick lip, everybody is different to beautiful feeling, say to some of person comes the lip is too thick brought a few worries to oneself, think thick lip lets him be done not have it seems that so good-looking, like thin thin lip, the lip that wants to adopt a few method to let his attenuates, is the lip thick can plastic? Is the lip thick can be you changed through plastic?

Is the lip thick can plastic? Is the lip thick can plastic? (1)

1, the lip is thick can plastic

The lip can be helped attenuate if the lip is too thick through plastic. General risk of this kind of plastic surgery is lesser, nurse after art apt word, restore the effect to also can have been compared.

2, the lip is thick how to rectify commonly

The lip is thick if be the word that has plastic, general thick lip attenuates the cut scar of art concealments inside the mouth, effect ideal. Above lip is exemple, below the socket of eye anaesthesia of aperture block sluggish falls (to prevent strut of the labrum in the operation, do not use) of local soak anaesthesia commonly, in labial inside (in oral cavity) do press the cut of form approximately, attenuate for thickening lip the lip of the labrum after art bead apparent; adds lacquer aesthetic feeling, in the design cut correspondence notices radian.

3, labial thick plastics how many money

The lip is thick general if be plastic, need thousands of money commonly. The technology of the dimensions of the means of the ply of oneself lip ministry, choice, hospital, expert has additional and specific cost basis etc close relationship. After undertaking labial thick anaplasty must not covet petty gain is in not normal hospital undergo surgery, lest cause the serious sequela after art.

4, nurse after labial thick plastics

The lip is thick after having plastic, nurse correctly can make plastic effect better, also can reduce the complication after art. For instance the attention should notice food after art, art hind should reduce lip ministry activity, very hot, excellent food has not eaten please inside 3 days; Art hind can use antibiotic to prevent infection. Again, before restoring to cut after art, do not make up, prevent the infection of cut. ; Undertake preventing basking in to the lip, use protect a lipstick, avoid to lick a lip constantly, want to notice to show with forefinger the abdomen undertakes to the lip gentle massage is waited a moment in the evening everyday.

5, how to protect a lip correctly

A, when brushing mouth, do not exert oneself to do sth. with bumf rub, it is good to be pressed gently, avoid rub to hurt a lip.

B, if often the person of labrum makeup, can be before labrum makeup brush the product that protect a lip first, strengthen a lip moist degree.

For a special purpose of department of lip of C, optional choose is prevented bask in things, before go out ministry of lip of half hours of daub is prevented bask in things, wait for after going out, suggest the ministry is wiped two hours every, maintain prevent bask in effectiveness.

D, use without the discharge of special lip ministry with alcohol, gentle composition makeup fluid, avoid cleanness to force is sent too by force and take away labial ministry grease, cause labial stimulation.

E, avoid to lick a lip ceaselessly with the tongue, because moisture evaporates,can cause instead ministry letting the mouth is more dry.

F, much drink water, balanced diet, ensure enough sleep, if the lip appears weather-shack when, avoid to eat to wait for excitant food to cause inflammation aggravation tartly.

The option of G, toothpaste is very important also, meet in the toothpaste when brushing one's teeth when us the labial ministry skin that contacts us directly. If labial ministry is more sensitive,perhaps have the person of cut, optional choose is not bubbly, the component of this kind of toothpaste won't stimulate labial skin quite.