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Grain look line how many money? The price of grain look line

Grain look line is the pattern of a kind of hairdressing that compares trend now, it gets the welcome of a lot of schoolgirls, because it has a lot of advantages, need not remove early bed to represent look line meticulously everyday for instance, the person that won't draw look line also need not carry barpque look line on the head to go out, and grain look line is very natural still, let double eye become have a mind. So, how many money does grain look line want commonly? .

Grain look line how many money? The price of grain look line (1)

1, grain eye thread is common how many money

The price of grain look line is in commonly 1000~2000 or so yuan.

Grain look line basically is to pass grain embroider technology to expect color thorough skin is deep-seated, it is a kind of permanent hairdressing shift, grain look line can make the eye becomes more stereo, have administrative levels feeling more.

2, thread of Han Shiwen eye is common how many money

The price of line of look of Han type grain is average a bit expensive, be in basically 2000 yuan of above.

Line of look of Han type grain is means of a kind of half permanent grain look line, can maintain 5~10 commonly year. Of the Korea that uses technically because of its calm makeup instrument and too lubricious makings, the grain look line that compares a tradition more natural and fluent, and still can prevent the situation such as paly decolour.

3, element of price of line of influence grain look

As a whole, the price element of grain look line gets the influence of the following respects:

1. hospital difference: The aptitude of medical treatment hairdressing of the hospital, level, famous degree, the advanced travel of instrument equipment waits metropolis influence price a moment;

Difference of 2. color makings: Grain look line when use lubricious material and grain eyebrow machine also can cause an effect to the price;

The means of line of 3. grain look: It is a few cheaper that if be a choice,value of traditional grain look line is met, if be Han Shiwen look line price is a few higher.

4, it is good that grain look line is not Yue Guiyue

Grain look line does not say the alternative is the costliest, the effect is best. What line of our grain look values is level of the hospital of the choice, doctor. Want to choose the normal hospital, doctor undergo surgery that has experience only, the means of grain look line that differs according to choose of reelection of individual be fond of next, material can.

5, grain look line note

(1) should notice to choose lubricious makings, color of skin mixes main basis to love and be decided, basically be to if color of skin is whiter,choose as identical as hair color lubricious makings; , ; of appropriate choosing coffee is like color of skin to slant black, appropriate is chosen pure black.

(2) should notice disinfection is strict, unless grain is gotten,; is affected after shunning technique not ideal, uglier even, do not want to be revised easily otherwise.

(3) has urgent chronic inflammation to the eye, the near future has become eye department operation, eye much tear, allergic constitution, scar constitution, spirit is het-up the person that wait for a circumstance, had better not grain look line.

(One part person is in 4) day of the 5-8 after grain look line, local take off scab and appear decolour phenomenon, can use complementary color to make up for commonly. To partial color not all place, can be in weak point complementary color. The time of complementary color undertakes later in 2 weeks commonly.

(The person that line of 5) grain look makes up at needing everyday aptly only. If look line is only bright outstanding, and place of facial ministry other do not go up makeup, have a kind of maladjusted feeling, that is not beautiful.