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What sequela does cheekbone bend operation have? Sequela is pushed inside cheekbone bend

Push inside alleged cheekbone bend, it is actually make the zygomatic cheekbone an old unit of length for measuring land of ministry of human body face half cover a retreat inward elapse, can make so big face becomes little face, the operation is being turned inside Zuo bend actually accordingly is a kind of common plastic surgery, basically be to let a female become the little face that long for day and night, but any plastic surgery are to have certain sequela, so zygomatic inside what does the sequela that turns an operation have? We look together.

What sequela does cheekbone bend operation have? Sequela is pushed inside cheekbone bend (1)

1, aching move is sharp

The zygomatic body that is will facial ahead and rear zygomatic Gong Qie are pushed to break inside cheekbone bend, make whole and zygomatic move upcountry, reset, reduce cheek width effectively. This kind of pattern that breaks spirit solves facial problem, although use anaesthetic to be fond of keenly feel to also won't disappear completely, need bigger ache to suffer capacity.

2, bone may cicatrization hard

Cheekbone bend is cut off inside inside after pushing, with titanium the hammer is secured, the risk is very big, if operation failure is possible zygomatic do not close with cheekbone bend, need to urge fixed face ministry with titanium all one's life so, everybody can not stand such risk rise, careful consideration is so zygomatic inside choose art.

3, zygomatic inside the haematoma after pushing

Zygomatic inside push involve a large number of blood-vessel, nerve, even if is sufficient and hemostatic, appear very easily also the sequela such as ooze blood. To avoid the generation of this kind of circumstance, when the operation oversews the doctor can put valve of a drainage, derive the gore inside cut.

4, or so asymmetry

Be in zygomatic inside in the operation course that choose, the doctor is calculated accurately very hard the width that excises bone, and facial itself of the person is not complete semmetry. If doctor technology level does not pass,close or neglectful, can bring about degree of asymmetry of both sides width to increase. At that time we can solve the problem of asymmetry only through 2 cure.

5, facial coma

Be opposite when jawbone operation, very easy injury reachs next mental nerve, this nerve controls the consciousness of tooth issueing a platoon and lip directly, bring about facial coma. Appear want to go to a hospital in time accepting professional treatment when this kind of circumstance.

6, facial muscle easy prolapse

Outstanding meeting lets cheekbone bend the person has the age to feel, but the flesh is bone of leech on to go up, cheekbone bend is equivalent to " link up with " , meeting bear hold facial flesh in the palm, because this is not easy flagging. After be being pushed inside cheekbone bend, the flesh on the face is not hanged, as the left and right sides of time and gravity, bring about facial muscle prolapse.

7, grain of easy generation law

Full malic flesh can let us look young have energy again, laugh the person beside very easy infection. Zygomatic and forward bulgy be equivalent to flesh of facial bone sex apple, although young when show maturity, but old backsight becomes aware on resemble having full malic flesh. Zygomatic inside after pushing facial hang the flesh without bone, because this produces decretal grain very easily.

8, should note

Break off partly the operation is turned inside bend of not fixed and zygomatic cheekbone, advantage safety injures Xiaodu absolutely buccal prolapse. The person that the United States is begged after requirement art does not allow magnify opening inside 3 months, its purpose is to prevent to break off partly clear branch fracture rebounds go back, this is the note with must be explained clear to the person that beg the United States before art, if did not listen to an advice to turn over the person that the United States is begged after playing the art that go back, before zygomatic appearance won't return art, former position may affect semmetry. If again inside push must half an year later