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How many money does grain eyebrow want? Is the price of grain eyebrow average how many money?

Grain eyebrow is the pattern that compares popularity at present, a lot of brow are few and far between, or camber unseemly schoolgirl can choose grain eyebrow. Grain eyebrow permeates a kind of idiosyncratic dye derma to fall namely, grain eyebrow has permanent and half permanent two kinds, a lot of schoolgirls are caring the price, the grain eyebrow with too cheap prevailing prices is incredibly, it is harmful to human body. So, is grain eyebrow general Where is how many money? .

How many money does grain eyebrow want? Is the price of grain eyebrow average how many money? (1)

1, grain eyebrow how many money

Grain eyebrow is in commonly 300 yuan of ~1000 yuan differ. Grain eyebrow basically is to use mobile sheet needle to form layer of pigment infuse skin new brow form. This kind of means is had permanent, can help decorate brow effectively.

2, the factor that affects grain eyebrow price

The price of grain eyebrow can be put in difference, the means that basically is the instrument with grain eyebrow and grain eyebrow is having close connection. Say commonly, the instrument that grain eyebrow uses is relatively advanced, the lubricious material that place of eyebrow of more, grain uses the number of grain eyebrow is different wait to be able to make the value of grain eyebrow relative on the high side.

3, it is good that grain eyebrow is not Yue Guiyue

The result that the price that many person existence errors think grain eyebrow place is spent exceeds Gao Wenmei is better. Of course this is incorrect. The effect of grain eyebrow has very big concern with handlers very much, say commonly, grain eyebrow has in normal medical establishment, after the disinfection in the eyebrow before art design, art, art track nurse wait for a respect to have assure, can better assurance the effect of grain eyebrow, and not normal local grain eyebrow causes asymmetry of infection, eyebrow improper, brow very easily to wait for a problem.

4, grain eyebrow has a risk to want discretion

Understood grain eyebrow general after how many money, we should know is not everybody can get very good grain eyebrow result after spending bigger price. Namely the result that the price that grain eyebrow costs can not follow grain the top margin of a page shows direct ratio. But we go up in the foundation of beautiful money, the orgnaization with normal choice, art hind is correct and effective nursing is the result that can ensure grain eyebrow as far as possible.

5, after grain eyebrow how long to restore

Hairdressing hospital expert points out, grain eyebrow operation is general the following day scabby, 5, 7 days of scabby nature fall off, the comparison that after dropping scab, can restore is natural. Must notice to nurse the job, prevent eyebrow ministry to touch issue of water occurrence infection, still have even if should not use hand cut scabby, affect the result of grain eyebrow in case.

After grain eyebrow after how long restoring to need the body circumstance according to the individual and grain eyebrow surgery nurse and decide. Need 1~3 possibly also of course lunar time, this time differs those who follow an individual to restore, absorb the concern with have particular. General after a month, if the skin is colored wait for inadequacy to be able to undertake through complementary color repair is adjusted, let brow become more natural. Accordingly, after everybody should want pair of grain eyebrow nurse have certain knowledge, in order to facilitate after grain eyebrow restore time faster.

The eyebrow that grain eyebrow can improve a person of course, but not be everybody there is a good effect after grain eyebrow, after this follows the technology of individual condition and grain eyebrow division to concern grain eyebrow technique, restore the mainest is to notice cleanness, if what cleanness does is good, the comparison that the operation also can restore is fast, ointment of diminish inflammation of besmear put on the skin. Cuticular meeting is automatic and scabby after grain eyebrow, the nature after several days falls off, not usable hand goes paring, can form scar otherwise, after still having grain eyebrow seafood cannot eat inside short time, drink, in case allergic and red. The note after the operation is important all the more, if operation hind recuperates the good word that become, the time that grain eyebrow restores also is met short all the more.