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How many years can grand bosom maintain? How long can grand bosom maintain?

Grand bosom has false body grand bosom and from body adipose grand bosom, method of bosom of these two kinds of grand can make bosom of evenness, unseemly becomes plump and handsome, it is to suffer major female gay so grand bosom means. Although grand bosom is not the operation with very big risk, but, a lot of females did not notice conserve after grand bosom and bring about bosom to be out of shape. Can much girl hold after grand bosom? .

How many years can grand bosom maintain? How long can grand bosom maintain? (1)

1, grand bosom can maintain how many years

Grand bosom can maintain a few years to differ to a few years commonly.

Grand bosom because means is more, the expiration period of all sorts of grand bosom methods is different. Besides the expiration period that can affect bosom besides grand bosom means, still get the influence of a lot of elements, general grand can maintain a few years to arrive a few years after the bosom is successful.

2, grand bosom expiration period suffers what element effect

Grand bosom can maintain how long basically is with these the element concerns: After equipment of the clinical experience of doctor of the constitution of the quality stand or fall of grand bosom material, individual, operation, operation and art nurse maintain etc. Want to notice to choose a normal hospital to have grand bosom operation additionally, also be a method that can lengthen art aftereffect fruit.

3, bosom of false body grand can maintain how long

Bosom of false body grand especially bosom of grand of silica gel false body is theoretic it is OK lifetime. If be the bosom after art,nurse of course the job is undeserved or the expiration period that the body encounters bigger disease, aged cutaneous to wait for an element to also can affect bosom of grand of silica gel false body flabbily.

4, from body bosom of adipose transplanting grand maintains how long

From body bosom of adipose transplanting grand can maintain 3~10 commonly year, if was to appear,bosom has change, for instance asymmetry, decrescent it is OK to wait come through undertaking from body adipose transplanting injects again repair. Of course from body bosom of adipose transplanting grand provides physical ability to be maintained how to long having immediate concern with the unit process of cargo bandling of the operation quite, must go to normal hospital undergo surgery.

5, what to eat after art of bosom of false body grand

Nut - contain a lot ofzinc

The meeting that be short of zinc makes fiber cell function drops. Zinc can be united in wedlock with vitamin C, participate in the synthesis of albumen of the collagen inside body, increase strength, stimulative cut cicatrizations. Zincic food has liver of corn, turnip, dawdle, nut, animal, agaric, kelp, egg, flesh kind, complete corn, firm fruit.

Fruit - complement dextrose

Candy is human body is offerred basically can person, the energy with ample supply is cut heal is indispensable. In cut heal period can eat the fruit that contains candy to abound more, add candy cent already, can absorb the vitamin of full amount again.

Fish oil - compensatory vitamin A is mixed fatty acid

Vitamin A can promote cut heal. It is main in the food such as consist in fish oil, carrot, tomato. Rich fatty acid is contained in fish oil additionally, have fight phlogistic action, to cut heal has certain profit.

Big jujube - vitamin C treasury

Vitamin C can make cut heal. Consist in in all sorts of vegetable, fruit, basically be green vegetables, orange, red jujube, yangtao, orange and grapefruit. Big jujube is the treasury of vitamin C.

Corn - contain a lot ofvitamin E

E of vitamin of; of heal of function of reproduction of animal of vitamin E tenability, stimulative cut and vitamin C are amalgamative use, both can supplement each other, enhance action. The provision that contains vitamin E has vegetable of corn, greenery, yoke, firm fruit, flesh and dairy produce. If economic condition allows, still can eat " collagen albumen " , it is particularly big also to cut heal help.