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How much is photon depilates the price? Does photon depilate need how many money?

Photon is depilated is now a commonly used kind permanent depilate hairdressing technology, basically use smooth can penetrable skin, form high temperature environment, destroy the wool bursa of skin interior thereby, achieve thereby depilate, and organize hair of wool bursa second birth, achieve thereby permanent depilation action, so what price is photon is depilated commonly? By what element does the price that photon depilates affect a decision? We look together.

How much is photon depilates the price? Does photon depilate need how many money? (1)

1, photon depilates the price

The principle that photon depilates is to pass smooth to skin scatheless illuminate to change the melanin in wool bursa into heat energy, after making wool bursa structure is destroyed, hair and wool bursa are in natural physiology process by purify. The price that undertakes photon depilates commonly is: A period of treatment needs 2000~4000 probably yuan, chancizhi the price of cure is 400~2500 yuan / place.

2, depilation position affects the price

Generally speaking different price also meets place different, because of the body the hair limits of each place is different. Compare e.g. the place hair limits such as cheek wool, hand wool, bikini wool, lip wool small, the charge of need is compared naturally also low; The hair range that waits for place e.g. leg wool, arm wool is bigger, the charge of need can be compared much.

3, depilation number affects the price

The growth of hair is periodic can divide for growth period, excessive period, silent period 3 period. About 1/3 is in growth period to the hair of 2/3, be in other grow melanin is not contained in periodic wool bursa, so the hair of growth period can be depilated through photon by effectively purify. To be not the wool bursa of growth period we undertake with respect to need photon treats ability to achieve the result that depilate for many times. Clinical experience makes clear, most person needs 4~6 second ability to achieve the result that depilates thoroughly.

4, the thick density of hair affects the price

The hair thick density of everybody is different, this is decision of genetic gene place. The number that the person with thick hair sheds relative to the photon that hair needs for few and far between person or technical level requirement also is met a few taller, the cost that produces in treating a process also is met a few morer.

5, instrument equipment affects the price

Photon depilates what appearance uses is the technology of strong pulse light that has developed maturity now, nature of distinct curative effect also has facility difference, treat the stand or fall of the instrument, cause the stand or fall that treats the effect directly. The property that has the circumstance in bursa of sufficient understanding wool and hair, instrument only, and the action that the instrument sends to wool of different degree of finish, the produces an instrument effect of ability utmost. The price also meets the instrument nature of different function discriminating.

6, the choice of the hospital affects the price

Photon is depilated is technology of photon tender skin is applied in what depilate a domain, different area is opposite with the hospital of the type the standard that this technology asks also is different. Can compare small hospital in normal medical plastics hospital commonly or beauty parlour cost is higher, but the technical level of these small hospitals or beauty parlour follows normal hospital cannot place on a par, medical treatment environment and wholesome and safe problem also cannot get assuring, answer to choose to treat a hospital carefully so.

7, the doctor's choice affects the price

Be in which hospital to undertake photon depilates the process that can the doctor helps you complete this treatment no matter, so the fee of the doctor that chooses to also can affect you to be treated this and effect. The doctor with professional higher level is opposite for the remedial charge of generation also can be jumped over tall, it is better that remedial effect also is met.

8, the note after photon is depilated

1, after photon is depilated, the patient is not used inside 24 hours excitant protect skin, cosmetic, the proposal uses cold water or face of clean of cool boiled water only.

2, if photon depilates cure the area is apparently aglow, explain the skin may become very flimsy, do not make up right now, do not want attrition operation area, but proper cold compress (not be) glacial apply.

3, after photon is depilated, specific place may form petty scab hard surface, the attention does not use hand claw.

4, the response after photon of few number patient is depilated may be more serious (be like red or blister) , answer to avoid abrade as far as possible, if have damaged but daub antibiotic ointment is affected with preventing.

5, during process of Zhou Yi and the at least 3 whole cure after photon is depilated, should avoid sunlight to insolate. UV umbrella and broadbrim must be used when going out, with the sunshine with point-blank keep out.

6, no matter summer of Yin Qing, winter, whether to go out to all should be used prevent bask in frost. Prevent those who bask in frost bask in coefficient (SPF) is not gotten under 15, can at the same time block breaks UVA and UVB, have water proofing property. The patient after photon is depilated is prevented bask in frost to be brushed surely every morning, fill midday brush, when outdoors activity every 2, 3h fills brush; nightly can use protect Shi Shuang.

7, the patient after photon is depilated must not use the remedy that adds photosensitive touch, wait for; little edible like acid of A of dimension of sulphanilamide, tetracycline, different photosensitive vegetable, wait like 9 caraway, celery, mint, towers, fig, asparagus, carrot.